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Womens Issues


                                    Women's Issues

There is a wide divergence between the views of President Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump on women's issues. Both of them though could not have neglected to notice the spontaneous women's march on Washington. Potentially, it could morph into a broader social movement. It was therefore prescient for Ivanka Trump to organize a meeting of women business leaders and CEO's in the Cabinet Room. In attendance also were President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau.

It was a shrewd move on the part of the Prime Minister who is an avowed feminist to accept the invitation in order to promote women's issues, find some common ground with the new Trump administration and to highlight the sunny ways outlook. There is of course a degree of political expediency for both Trump and Trudeau because women constitute a large voting block. However, what will be the position of the liberal government on women's rights in China besides no comment? Let's assume this is a correct approach. Then, what are its implications for women in Canada?

Prime Minister Trudeau has defined his feminism in a rather vague way. “It’s just—if you’re a progressive, you really should be a feminist, because it’s about equality, it’s about respect, it’s about making the best of the world that we have.” It is true that Canada wishes to open its doors to a great number of Chinese students, travellers, workers and immigrants of which many will be women. However, how do we open our doors to women that never existed?


By M Tracy Hunter - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, 


Let's look at the issue of equality. According to census data in 2014 there were an average of nearly 116 men for every 100 women; whereas, the natural population variation is roughly the ratio 105:100. Gender-selective abortions spiked after the introduction of the one-child policy in the late 1970s, and again following the introduction of ultrasound technology. This is more than just women's rights: it is the basic right to live. Gender-selective abortions mean many women will never exist let alone enter Canada.

How do Canadians open their doors to female students who existed but prematurely ceased to exist due to suicide or murder? In the author's first year of teaching a distraught female student of the university jumped off the roof of a building. At another institution a female student killed herself by drowning. In the same school a female student who was studying alone on the sixth floor of the teaching building was raped, killed and set on fire in the classroom. The author is not sure what the six male guards were doing at the time of the incident, but the next day they were playing cards as if nothing had happened. 


                      Female Farm Workers near Zhongning

It is one thing to meet a glamourous executive and entrepreneur who is the President's daughter and speak about women's issues. There were many titters by tweeters about how she looks approvingly at another member of the glitterati. However, what of the unglamourous women who comprise two-thirds of the rural workforce in Zhongning. They have lost out on their rights to land. In another example, a tourist development at Dadun village meant houses were purchased, but only the men received payment.

Neither the rural women nor the women property owners will be on the waiting list for entrance into Canada--in fact, our new consulates will be predominantly if not solely in urban areas. It seems that our silence on women's issues and the broader human rights issues in China will have a profound effect on women's issues and human rights in Canada. Women's rights are human rights.  Our country will know nothing of the missing women because they did not make it here. 

D.卡尔顿 罗西