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Who cares about Polls?



Most Canadians ‘uncomfortable’ with prospect
of free trade with China

China Watch Canada

By Levon Sevunts 

April 11, 2017

Almost nine out of 10 Canadians are uncomfortable with the idea of deepening economic ties with China, and two-thirds want the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to tie any future trade deal with Beijing to progress in human rights, according to a new public opinion survey.

Chinese officials are also vehemently opposed to linking any free-trade deal to human rights performance.

However, the Nanos poll shows that 66 per cent of those surveyed believe Canada should link human rights to free-trade negotiations. Only 21 per cent said human rights should not be linked.



Who Cares About Nanos Polls?

Government surveys are what is important, aren't they?

Eighty-eight percent is not a lucky number for the Liberal government, but it certainly is a lucky number for the Communist Party. A free-trade deal does not serve Canadians except to serve their heads on a platter, but it does serve the same liberal interests who supported the now imprisoned Bo Xilai and his Mafia-like lieutenant and the current autocrats, plutocrats and Communist Party of the PRC. It would not be surprising that those individuals and organizations in Canada which are familiar with China and its human rights violations show a significantly higher disapproval rating than 88% on free-trade with China. It appears that Trudeau's populism is a veneer and if recognized it may eventually degrade his popularity if not corrected. 

It has been understood by most economists that one can only have free-trade with the liberalizing of economies. It is true that the nascent marijuana industry will be liberalized in our country.  However, liberalizing other industries such as lumber and dairy products in Canada may only be achieved if it is forced upon Canada by American protectionist policies. The establishment of an infrastructure bank whose proposed structure in an omnibus bill cannot be considered part of economic liberalization since it cannot be adequately debated and it preempts the Bank of Canada's social responsibility to fund zero interest loans for infrastructure.

Obviously, the Chinese economy has not liberalized. In January, the website of UNIRULE and the blogs of Mao Yushi (China's foremost liberal economist) have been shut-down with the implication that they are pornographic. There is no evidence to suggest that state-owned enterprises are declining in size or importance. On the contrary, the Chinese ambassador's recent comments on non-interference in state-owned takeovers of Canadian industry suggest state-owned enterprises and state-friendly enterprises such as Huaxia are thriving.

To me when I see that I can buy an all steel shovel in Dollarama for only $4.00 it can mean only one thing--dumping of steel products in Canada by a state-owned Chinese enterprise. This hurts our domestic steel industry and its workers which the author was a part of as a member of the United Steel Workers. It also hurts our forestry industry and its workers since the handle is usually made of Canadian hickory.

However, if the Canadian government were to solely categorize this as trade protectionism then it is mistaken. It is a resistance to free-trade with a China that stomps on human rights in its own country and which will bring that attitude and approach to Canada. It will ride roughshod over our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, our environment, our native peoples, our provinces and municipalities, our labour laws, our women's rights, our religion, our sovereignty and our protection. It will overwhelm Canadians and Canada with numbers as it has done so in Xinjiang Province, Hong Kong and Tibet.

Canada was not overwhelmed with Syrians and welcomed them.
However, China is different. It may be an apocryphal or real story, but it is said that a foreigner criticized the Chinese leadership for its human rights' record. To paraphrase the response it was something like "Would you like to take in a million Chinese to save them?". Do not think you are saving the Chinese because the first to come will be sympathetic to the Party. Think about saving Canada and Canadians. The Canadian government set an exact target for Syrians. What are your exact targets for Chinese students, workers, immigrants and visitors?  Let Canadians decide how many is too many?  Will Canada balance its trade deficit with China before it enters into free-trade negotiations with China? Will Canada balance state-owned Chinese enterprise in Canada with private enterprise investment in Canada just as it should balance its trade deficit? 

D.卡尔顿 罗西