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D. Carlton Rossi

Total Lunar Eclipse


Super Moon over Canada on September 27-28, 2015

The significance of the 8th Total Lunar Eclipse

The significance of the 8th Total Lunar Eclipse of the set of Tetrads involving the years 2003-2004 and 2014-2015 is becoming more evident.  On September 27-28, 2015 there was a Super Moon. The moon was at its perigree.   Therefore, it was 14% larger and 30% brighter than an ordinary Moon. 

There were significant human events that related to that time period.  Most notably were the visits to America of the President of the People’s Republic of China whose name is President Xi Jinping.  The President visited Seattle, Washington and New York.  In New York, he gave a speech to the General Assembly at its 70th opening session.

In Washington, President Obama welcomed two significant world leaders; namely, President Xi Jinping and Pope Francis who is more popularly known as Papa Francisco.  In New York, President Obama who represents the host of the UN and is President of the United States gave a comprehensive speech to representatives of about 200 countries. 

There was the extraordinary visit of Pope Francis to three American cities.  In Washington, ceremonies were held on the back lawn of the White House for about 15,000 people.  In New York, he visited the site of the fountain honoring those who lost their lives in the fall of the World Trade Center and held Mass.  Finally, in Philadelphia or the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, he celebrated a Mass to Masses to over 1,000,000. 

The Total Lunar Eclipse on September 27-28 as seen from Canada.

On the author’s website there was posted a short tract entitled The Year of the Two Suns.  It looked at the year of 2OO3 or the beginning of the first Tetrad of Total Lunar Eclipses.  It reiterated the view of the civil rights’ activist and defender, Dr. Xu Zhiyong, that 2OO3 marked the beginning of the civil rights’ movement in the People’s Republic of China.  There were two sons of China who were crucial to its inception;   namely, Sun Zhigang (孙志刚) and Sun Dawu (孙大午).

On September 14, 2015 a road near Dawu Village was blocked bandits. The Dawu Group reacted by petitioning the Xushui government for free movement. Then, a peaceful demonstration and march was organized on September 24, 2015 by 1000 villagers. It was not opposed by either police or authorities. 

                                        The Moon of Sun

The moon is very beautiful, very bright, very lonely! The stars are gone?


Sun Dawu September 28 2015

The Total Lunar Eclipse coincided with the birthday of an important philosopher and teacher.  It was the birthday of Confucius who is known in China by the name of Kongzi.  Last year, at this time, there was an important state recognition of Confucius at his hometown which the author observed.   

For the poet, this date represented the beginning of a new poem called Poetic Analytic Imagery through the synthesis of 山上山 and 山过山 in an analysis called Poetic Analytics of Imagery through Stream of Consciousness and Unconsciousness. 

Despite the importance of all these events there was something that eclipsed them all in the heavens. It began with the Total Lunar Eclipse at the time of a Super Moon. The Moon turned a copperish-reddish color.  It was reflecting sunrises and sunsets all over the world.  While this spectacular event was transpiring the author noticed the red planet Mars which was basically facing it.  It was rather ordinary and no match for the bright Venus the night before. 

However, the color of the Moon at the moment of the Total Lunar Eclipse was coinciding with the red color of the planet Mars.  It was a harbinger of a momentous event in human history. This was the discovery of water on the planet Mars. The discovery of water is not so important to determine whether or not there was life on Mars. The discovery of water is not so important to determine whether or not there is life on Mars.  However, the discovery of water by NASA is important because it will mean that Mars is a habitable planet.  It may help to preserve the human race and life on this planet which is reaching a tipping point in terms of climate change. 



                              NASA image of water on Mars
                              Credits: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

D. Carlton Rossi

September 28, 2015