D.卡尔顿 罗西
D. Carlton Rossi

Today I went postal

                           Today, I went postal

Yesterday, I sent a money gram by express post at the post office. Today, I learned the payment was not allowed to be given to the recipient. Now, I have sent money all over the world by Western Union with no problem. This was a money gram within the province--not to another province or country. It did not exceed the limits of a money gram. Anyway, I went back to the post office.

When I initially purchased the money gram from the federal post office I noticed something unusual. I was asked to provide my provincial driver's licence. In my opinion, that is unconstitutional and hence illegal. There is a clear distribution of powers with respect to the division of legislative powers and responsibilities between the two orders of government — federal and provincial — outlined in the Constitution Act, 1867. Transportation is a provincial responsibility. The federal government is using a provincial driver's licence for a purpose for which it is not intended to be used. A driver's licence gives a driver the right with responsibility to drive and not the right to purchase or receive a money gram from the federal post office.

Secondly, I believe that my Charter rights under Section 8 and those of the recipient who also has to furnish a driver's licence for the money gram have been violated. This section guarantees a reasonable expectation of privacy. It is not reasonable for the federal government to request my provincial driver's licence in order for me to purchase a money gram. The information on my driver's licence is personal. It should not be used or recorded for any other purpose outside of provincial transportation. I have no guarantee that my personal information on my driver's licence is secured by the federal government. The demand that I furnish a driver's licence is unreasonable search and seizure. Therefore, to request my driver's licence is illegal.

What set me off though was the implication that I or the recipient was doing something illegal. When I told the postal employee that my money gram was not validated at the delivery point she was kind enough to make the call to express post on her phone. I do not have a smart phone. An agent wanted to talk to me. Who actually was this agent and whom does he represent? Was it the RCMP?  Don't I have a right to know whom I am talking to other than someone with the name "Alex".

The usual identification questions were asked of me. Then, things started to morph into the twilight zone. I felt more rights and freedoms were violated with these intrusive and invasive questions. "How old are you?" My answer "X". "And how old is the recipient" I said "X" minus one year. "And how old is that? I said "Y". "To what city did you want to send the money?" I told him "A". He said that "it was in the Indian reservation area". I responded in the negative. It is not in the Indian reservation area. Are you implying that I am sending money as part of a drug deal. He replied that "the destination is in the reservation area". No, it's not I said. Redraw your maps.

He then proceeded to ask me "why I was sending the money?" I told him that your form gave me the choice of a number of options or "other." I chose other. "And what reason did you give in the other category?" I said "taxes". He then asked me "if I were paying my taxes". My response was a rhetorical question. "It is illegal to not pay one's taxes, isn't it?" In other words, I am not a drug dealer. I am legally and indirectly trying to pay federal taxes through a federal government institution known as the Post Office.

It was quite busy in the post office because of the Xmas rush and everyone was aware of my particular problem. He asked "Who is the recipient of the money gram?" The recipient of the money gram is my sister. "When was the last time you talked to your sister?" My answer was two months ago. He wanted clarification so I responded that I saw my sister at my mom's funeral. Now that reply caught everybody's attention. I said to him that I am not convinced that the reason you want more information is that you believe the destination is within the Indian reservation area. He said something about how we are not discriminatory with respect to Indians. Oh yeah, you are discriminating against me and her if you include the destination of the recipient in the Indian reservation area. "Well, he said there are other reasons such as possible scams". I replied to him that you have given me two different reasons for all these questions and neither one has convinced me.

He then came back to me and asked "whose taxes I was paying?" I replied "my mother's". I am paying my mother's estate taxes. Everyone turned when they heard that one. He agreed to validate the transaction. Then, I said to him that initially he had informed me that the conversation was recorded. I told him that I want the tape of the conversation to be played to his supervisor.

It is legal to send pot by mail. You can "share" 30 grams. That word "share" is interesting. It is not "sell". I did not ship any pot by mail. I've never shipped, sent, shared or sold any pot by mail. The post office cannot match my money gram with any shipment of pot. I have never used pot in my life when it was illegal or when it became legal. I have never been arrested for using pot. I would never accept a shipment of pot. Why is the federal government through the federal post office targeting me? Target the fentanyl shipments from China. Deal with the vaping crisis.

To put it bluntly, I don't need the government to protect me from myself or from others for that matter. I can protect myself. Stay out of my business. Mind your own business. Read this. Don't tread on me. If you are having trouble with Indian reservations, drug transactions or scams then get out of the money transfer business. Leave it up to the private sector. Sell stamps. Deliver parcels. The post office is not a bank or should it be a wanna be bank. It is not a judge who determines what is legal or not legal. It is not a policeman who enforces the law. It is not an information gathering service which tramples on rights and freedoms guaranteed by our Charter. If you want to be "tops" then "post" it and don't "stop it". Get out of the money transfer business.

With respect to the country, don't pretend the government can protect me or its citizens. You have lost our trust. We don't want to hear you from ad nauseum to ad nauseum how you are going to stand on guard for me or thee. Our government is selling out our country. It has compromised on a grand scale our security and sovereignty in multiple areas. It is comprised of fools!

Our former Canadian ambassador to China thought he was the Chinese ambassador to Canada. The current Chinese ambassador to Canada thinks he is the Canadian ambassador to China who gives advice to our government. Then, who is our current Canadian ambassador to China if he doesn't counter what the Chinese ambassador to Canada says?