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Sun Dawu 孙大午


Seventeen years ago on May 27, 2003 there were 20 executives of Dawu Group arrested as well as the only foreigner at the location--myself.

On the anniversary of this occasion, Sun Dawu contrasts the telecommunications empire of Huawei which was established in the small fishing village of Shenzhen and the farming group of Dawu Group set up in his hometown of Langwuzhuang village, Hebei. He likens Huawei to the Qin Empire which was one of China's shortest dynasties. It was replaced by a few farmers who revolted establishing the Han Empire which lasted 500 years. He also contrasts his own life coming out of the military and the path that REN chose as he emerged from the military as a young man.

The anniversary of our arrest coincided with the date of a decision in a British Columbia court pertaining to MENG Wanzhou (executive of Huawei and daughter of REN Zhengfei who oversees Huawei). She lost and rule of law prevailed. It is likely now that the two Canadian Michaels languishing in a Chinese jail may now be judged on charges laid through rule by law. Forget the contrast between "rule of law" and "rule by law" at your peril.


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Ants and elephants cannot be compared

In Ren Zhengfei's eyes, it is not important for people to deteriorate, but money is very important! The new-born Huawei was steeped in Shenzhen's alternative culture. Its "wolf culture" reflects the utilitarian values of money as the sole standard in its bones, and its "mat culture" reflects the inherent sense of crisis in the living environment where fish and dragons are over-competitive, and its "grayscale" "Study" reflects its flexibility in playing interest games with all kinds of characters, customers and employees, including its international perspective, which can be traced back to this time, this place and this style.

If I were to choose one side to invest, I would not hesitate to choose Midday (Dawu Group) instead of Huawei. In the eyes of the world, Huawei, which is so powerful in my eyes, is already "the end of a strong crossbow" in my eyes. The telecommunications empire created by Ren Zhengfei is ushering in the last glory of the sunset. It is huge like a dinosaur, mysteriously like a palace, as well as its fierce "wolf culture", life-threatening "mat culture", and mysterious "grayscale". It is suspicious and daunting. The heavy shadow is approaching from the west, unstoppable.

I can't see its future, or has it overdrawn its future? I couldn't help but think of the Great Qin Empire, which swept the world, sweeping the majestic momentum of Liuhe, its majestic palace, the Great Wall of China, and the dense locusts from the strong bow and crossbows in the hands of its iron-blooded warriors galloping the world. Yalin Arrow Rain of the Day.




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The highest level of self-cultivation is probably to know to respect the differences between others and yourself. Confucius said: gentlemen are different from each other, which means gentlemen will maintain harmony with others in interpersonal communication, but they will not seek consistency in specific matters. There are many individuals in life who always love to impose their will on others, and tell others to do things under the banner of good for you, but the truly cultivated individuals understand that there is no absolute correctness in this world, and they can accept others.

On examining the non-governmental think-tank called UNIRULE it appears there were two different kinds of thought in terms of the theoretical. One thought advocated the absoluteness of heaven and the other school, so to speak, talked about pragmatic practicalism. It seems that in abstract matters they had differences of opinion. Both though favoured free market entrepreneurship as opposed to state-owned enterprises with respect to applied economics.

The word "gentlemen" as used by Confucius is an archaic  and anachronistic term which harkens back to the Spring and Autumn Period of the Western Zhou Dynasty with its feudal society stressing ritual through filial piety with little correspondence to modern Chinese society. In Zhou society there was the ruling class followed by the scholar class and at the bottom of the hierarchy was the peasant class. There was little upward mobility. Through education Confucius allowed peasants the opportunity to rise to the scholar class. If one oversimplifies one may construe the scholar class as esoteric thinkers who use deductive or inductive logic while the peasant class are composed of exoteric pragmatists who learn heuristically and pass down their skills from generation to generation.

Confucius was born at the end of the Spring and Autumn Period. His father was a minor aristocrat who served in the army. His mother was a concubine. Nevertheless, as a son of a minor aristocrat he was able to join the scholar class. One suspects, however, that during the Warring States Period which followed the more stable period of the Zhou Dynasty that few peasants rose to the level of the scholar class with the exception of Legalists.

One reason the Qin were successful in warfare is that they disregarded showing gentleman's courtesy to the enemy which was interpreted to be the Mandate of Heaven. Legalism though may have contributed to the short longevity of the Qin Dynasty.

During the Qin Dynasty the government undercut the aristocracy and took direct control of the peasantry. Liu Bang's father was a member of the peasant class. Liu was himself a civil servant. He did not rise to prominence though through education as he was indolent in temperament. Instead, he seized power through military conquest--hardly a contest of gentlemen who agree on civil rules. As a result, he became the first Han emperor. He did adopt Confucianism as an expediency, but rose to power by military efficacy. One may say historically that Chinese dynasties changed either by military conquest or ursurpation.

That is also true of the last dynasty known as the Qing. One might consider Sun Yat-sen as one of those who rose from lower station to more prominent status as a medical doctor (scholar class). However, he gave up this vocation to be a revolutionary thinker (esoteric) with an understanding of Confucianism only through reading Four Books and Five Classics in English. He organized several uprisings supported by lower social classes. Eventually, he participated in the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty. One may say that during this period of upheaval he did not behave as a gentleman toward those with whom he was in disagreement. When he became a philosopher-politician then one might say he acted like a Confucian gentleman toward his opponents, but that doesn't make him a Confucian.

Under the reform and opening up policies of Deng Xiaoping both small and family businesses strove and thrived. For a brief period it was possible for merchants to enter the scholar class whether they were formally educated or self-taught. It was a rare instance though when their private or public businesses were based on Confucian, paternalistic principles.

In these few anomalies, enlightened self-interest was narrowly based on the Confucian concept of "jiaoqing" which involves empathy and trust on an emotional and familial basis. This factor makes it difficult to extend outside the local area unless its definition of family is more expansive to include the greater tribe, but what then of other tribes?

According to a recent paper by Rowley and Oh, "Jiaoqing" represents empathic relations between colleagues or managers and workers based on emotional affection which engenders trust.1  The strength of this organization resides in the relationship of family members or the relationship of individuals in a local setting who are treated as if they were family members. The weakness of this kind of organization is four-fold even if one overcomes succession and governance issues as a few businesses have done.

First, it is difficult to expand it to other areas since it localized in a self reliant way; although, it may be duplicated through hybrid co-operative arrangements. Second, the definition of the family has changed dramatically and is not restricted to a paternal arrangement. Thirdly, the interests of outsiders (whether they be citizens or foreigners whose value system of empathy and trust varies relatively when they are outside of the mainland) are treated differently than the interests of insiders who are emotionally bonded in a familial or familial-like relationship of trust. Finally, to properly establish a business based on the Confucian concept of "jiaoqing" requires several generations. This is difficult in the new environment of Legalism established in 2012 which favours authoritarianism.



1. Chris Rowley & Ingyu Oh (2020) Trends in Chinese management and business: change, Confucianism, leadership, knowledge & innovation, Asia Pacific Business Review, 26:1, 1-8, DOI: 10.1080/13602381.2019.1698707



Sun Dawu:  I'm a waiter!

May 17, 2020

Sun Dawu is very casual in life, but often drinks tea.

"Once water, twice tea, three times and four times are the essence." He often spoke while washing tea with water.

The secretary asked: "We also know that 'one time of water, two times of tea, three times and four times is the essence', but we often forget to wash tea the first time, why do you remember each time?"

"Because I am a person who serves people, you are person who is used to being served."

"Why do you say so?"

"Because you are all scholars, you are used to being used to it from small to large. A person needs to roll around in practice, and it is impossible to understand only by moving in books. You need to know that to be served by others also requires resources. A person who treat themselves with respect and superiority can only be a fool and make people laugh.

"A man who is truly a master is by no means a person of good standing. He is a person who goes to the hall and gets the kitchen. If someone lifts him in a sedan chair, he deliberately turns him over and says that there is a stumbling on the road, the master will say: 'You pretend to be garlic! You should use a whip to pump you!' He could see whether the servant was stumbling or adulterating. But a fool was sitting in the sedan chair, and it was easy for people to tease him. Why could the lord see the servant's heart? The old man lifted the sedan chair.

If you look down on some trivial matters and you say you are not doing this, what are you doing? You do n’t lift the sedan chair. When you don’t have this kind of money, what are you doing? You have to get this level: no one can pour water better than you, then you are qualified to say that I am not a person who pours water.

"I can now say that Sun Dawu is not a person who serves tea and pours water, because I have done everything, and everything will do. Pinch dumplings, stir-fry, drive, plant trees, plant flowers ... I am like Confucius, born poor, 'so many I can’t do anything. ”Last year, Li Changping brought a lot of people to plant trees. I took them and planted them one by one. The so many people in the company planted trees, anyone can plant them? I know them Why can’t you plant it, and if you ’re lucky, you can’t grow it. The trees they planted are too shallow, the cultivation is not true, and the wind blows down. Let them plant trees, you can’t ignore it, you can’t control it too much. Others can't do it. But if they let them do more, they have to pay tuition, and they have to pay tuition.










There are not many people who have worked beside Sun Dawu. The secretaries basically had to be served by Sun Dawu for two years to learn to serve others. Once brought a novice out of the house, Sun Dawu half-jokingly said to him, "I am your driver and secretary as soon as I leave Dawu Group!"

The newbie received guests with Sun Dawu. When the guests left, Sun Dawu called him to the office:

"There was a waiter in the manor. Once I saw us sitting down in the front hall and walked lightly to pour water for us. Without saying a word, I walked away without seeing us. If you say, "please drink water", this glass of water is poured out! Look at people and walk away, frivolous! It ’s all over with a brain!

"The secretary should be like this waiter, if there is nothing, looming, you can be about a meter behind me, so that I can see you. These things are simple to say, but it is not easy to do well! Today, I call you to get it I ordered some materials, you brought them, but I was talking to the guests, and you came over and asked, "Are the materials enough or do I need to get them?" This is like you pouring a glass of water, and go to the training: please drink Water, this water is delicious? Offensive! It's not a time to say something more shallow and look more frivolous!

"As a secretary, you must endure loneliness and endure indifference. You have to let go of yourself first and then find yourself! You need to calm down now before I can use you."

Sun Dawu's feeling was: "It's very easy to sweep the floor by yourself, and it's too difficult to direct the person to sweep the floor! The high school students can do something. The college students can't do anything basically, and it's worthless to pay her such a high salary! I think college graduates should be allocated for graduation. Because they are nationally trained talents, not marketed talents. "

Danish scholar Professor Delman asked Sun Dawu: "What are your criteria for choosing a secretary?

Sun Dawu said: "It's very simple, active, diligent and enthusiastic." So his secretary doesn't ask about age, gender, education, origin, and the composition is very complex, including experienced retired cadres of the government and land. The problem peasant intellectuals, volunteers with a master's degree, ordinary employees with high school degrees, stray freelance writers, and retired military officers.

Almost every secretary has survived Sun Dawu's axe. They often write down bits and pieces of their work and life in "Company Briefs". There is a small article "The President in My Eyes" in the "Company Briefing", which depicts Sun Dawu, who is tortured by his secretary:

"The lion was angry. Because of the procrastination at work, the president was completely irritated. He was angry and scolded at me, so that I was scared to dare to show me. Afterwards, the president patiently helped me analyze the cause of the error and find a solution Way to pave the way for future work. "

"Actually, when I was angry, looking at how scared you were, I was also terrified. I shouted in my heart: Hold on! Hold on! Don't be scared by me, don't be scolded by me! After a while! "Said Sun Dawu," what does 'Prince Prime Minister's Servant Seven-Quality Officer' mean? Only those who can serve others can enter the room! "

Most of the people who have worked by Sun Dawu have stayed at the end, and now most of them can already stand alone in each unit.













I am in the midst of reading Daily Life in China on the eve of the Mongol Invasion by Jacques Gernet. That does not though make me a scholar nor a gentleman, for example, nor do I regard myself as either. There were basically two classes in Hangchau (modern day Hangzhou). The scholar class emphasized ritual and moral education. The peasant class farmed. There was no merchant class, but there were some merchants who became rich and through this means achieved power. The formation of a merchant class though would threaten the Emperor. The merchants were kept in check by state monopolies: salt, tea, liquor and incense as well as government control of public granaries.

The merchant class in China arrived late on the scene in 1979. It is classified by Foreign Policy as comprising parts of four tiers. Tier 4 is The Privileged or owners of medium to large-sized companies; top managers at large corporations. Tier 5 or The Comfortable is made up of successful small to medium-sized business owners; mid-managers of large corporations; owners of multiple real property in large cities. Tier 6 is made up of The Squeezed or modestly successful small business owners. Finally, Tier 7 is made up of owners of mom and pop shops. They are part of the largest tier of 500 million. In recent years, under President Xi, the state has increased the size and power of the state monopolies which has curtailed small business enterprises and upward mobility of merchants.The COVID-19 crisis has also put extreme pressure on Tier 6 and 7 entrepreneurs.

The Party now systematically demands access to the information and systems of private companies. When Huawei says that they are like other private companies they are stating a fact. Article 7 of a 2017 law says "Any organisation and citizen shall,in accordance with the law,support, provide assistance, and co-operate in national intelligence work." In effect, private companies are private in name only nor are there individuals with privacy. Privacy has officially been replaced by piracy either where the government takes from the organization or individual or where either is willingly or unwillingly made to disclose information but never unwittingly forced to support, assist or co-operate with regard to intelligence gathering. Of course, organizations or individuals will say that they have nothing to hide, but they must prove that they have nothing to hide which reflects a culture of guilty until proven innocent or rule by law in a Legalist tradition.



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孙大午谈如何看待“小人” 孙

Sun Dawu

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The villain is greatly affected by the environment! Sun Dawu talks about how to treat "little people"

Sun Dawu talks about how to treat "little people" Grandchildren


People are not immutable, gentlemen and villains are not insurmountable. The villain's flattery and flattery framing only contributed. It is the person with power who really makes the decision. Without a villain, it is impossible to become a society, and a person with a successful career may not be surrounded by villains. The villain can be used, but if you give him a name and a profit, you must grasp a fire.













给小人名利要掌握火候 没有小人,不成社会。事业成功的人身边不一定就没有小人,小人是可以用的。比如大奸臣和珅,有他的用处——他能协调关系,能捧着乾隆,如果世上只有像刘罗锅、纪晓岚这样的人,社会也就变了。




Villain is the antonym of gentleman, there are many related words, I have spoken a lot before.

"A gentleman takes justice, and a villain takes advantage." A gentleman can take advantage of justice, and a villain can only get temporary benefits and limited benefits. People with short-sightedness can't talk about dedication, they can only ask for it. The old hen clucked for the next egg for a long time, hoping to get a handful of grains; some people did a little thing, and they wished that they would know the whole world. In fact, "people who have no long-term concerns must have near worries." People in front of them will suffer long-term losses. Therefore, to deal with problems, we must look farther and proceed from long-term interests.

"Gentlemen are different, but villains are different," we ask for harmony-just like cooking, all flavors are delicious, and what is the taste of fried rice? Everyone has a head, they should have their own views, everyone should have thoughts, everyone's thoughts must be active, speak freely, so that they can live well together. We need to have a personality, which is to adhere to the same attitude towards top-down and inside-out. Being bullied and hard-working and seeing what people say is the common face of villains. Real personality, can not have two faces, not so much hypocrisy and politeness. The commonality is greater, and the personality may be more. Of course, individual and general are related to each other, we can not refer to deer as horses, we must maintain the commonality of people, maintain the personality of the midday people, do not be humble, not sullen.

"Gentlemen are incomparable, villains are incomprehensible", which means gentlemen unite without collusion, villains collude without unity, the latter sentence describes some people colluding together to achieve a certain purpose. This phenomenon also occurs in real life. Some people collude with each other in order to achieve a certain purpose to engage in favoritism and fraud. Once something is revealed, this collusion will collapse. For example: "Quick work, the manager is here!" This kind of words are concerned on the surface, but they are actually a kind of harm to others. This is a kind of collusion. The work should be realistic and the leadership should be the same as the presence of the leader. Work hard and earnestly. If it's just to deal with the leader, and the time is long, the leader will measure who is doing the work and who is lazy. For those who do hard work, the leader will praise and reward; for those who are lazy and slippery, the leader will give criticism and education, let him correct his work attitude, and do his job well.

Gentleman is cautious, meaning that the more a person is in a subtle and subtle place, the more attention should be paid to the image of the person, so "cultivation" simply cannot be seen from the surface-those who speak beautiful things in front of them and scold the street behind are different The villain will not last long. "Don't do evil with small things, don't do good with small things", it also refers to the accumulation of quantity, we never do the bad thing of "knowing you knowingly and knowingly": stealing an apple, taking a pear If you accumulate and accumulate, you may steal money. People may not live great, but they can live noble-because of the real, noble realm, it is very touching to do things.

People are not immutable, gentlemen and villains are not insurmountable. Whether a person is a gentleman or a villain, the key lies in his own cultivation and tempering. Some people will change from gentlemen to villains and transform into power and money when they get a certain status; some snobbish people will also transform into gentlemen through training and education.

The decisive role is the power, not the villain

In history, how did Wu Zixu's tragedy come about? Wu Zixu ’s father was Wu She, and he was the prince ’s teacher. He was called Prince Taifu. He taught Prince Taijian together with Prince Fu Shaofu. Fei Wou-ki was very flattering. On the way to the Qin Kingdom for his prince, he discovered that the prince's big marriage object-Princess Qin Guo was a big beauty, and let King Chuping see it first, and King Chuping really took the fancy. After this incident, Fei Wuji felt that Prince Zijian's attitude towards him was different. He was afraid that Prince Zijian would retaliate against him after becoming king. So, he said to King Chuping that the crown prince had resentment over the matter, and when King Chuping believed, he let the crown prince manage the troops stationed on the side. Fei Wou-ki was still not at ease, and he even said flattery, "The prince is training against the army abroad.

At this point, King Chuping was so concerned that he arrested Wu She and tortured it, and the prince escaped. Wu She ’s two sons, Wu Shang and Wu Zixu, also want to run. Fei Wuji, the villain, lied and said, "Your brothers will come back and let your father go." Wu Zixu saw through this strategy and went to death. Brother Wu Shang insisted on going, thinking that not going is filial piety. He told Wu Zixu, "I'll go, you don't want to go, you will avenge us in the future." Later, Wu She and Wu Shang were killed. As everyone knows, Wu Zixu went to Wu Kingdom. Chu State started civil strife from this incident. Later, Wu Zixu assisted Wu King in defeating Chu State, and also dug out the dead King Chu Ping to whip the corpse.

Judging from this story, the villain has no compassion.When he has done something wrong, he will not confess, he will only be afraid, he will go to the black all the way, so he can only "offend the gentleman, Don't sin against the villain. " But thinking the other way around, is this historical tragedy entirely because of Fei Wuji? Wu Zixu finally dug the grave to whip the corpse, but dug the tomb of King Chuping, not Fei Wuji. The villain's flattery and flattery framing only contributed. It is the person with power who really makes the decision.

The key to corruption is corruption of power. Contacting us to start a business is that if the leadership cannot be fair and equitable, your unit will be in danger; if you take the squad leader and you cannot act according to reason, your team will not be united and conflicts will arise. For workers, you should not raise wages, and wait for others to complain, and then give them solutions, so that the work is very passive. When there is disunity in your team, you as a leader should consider whether dealing with things is fair and fair.

The lyrics of the group's factory song include "Justice, Fairness and Enthusiasm", which is also a basic principle of Dawu people's life. There are two sides to doing things. You are a midday man, but you can't handle things not only on your own side, but also on the other side's stand. "Public health, honesty and integrity"-just because you are fair and equitable, you will not listen to partiality and understand all right and wrong; also because you are honest and law-abiding, you have the power to lead employees and be good cadres.

Give the villain fame and fortune

Without a villain, there is no society. People with successful careers do not necessarily have no villains around them, they can be used. For example, the traitor and Shen have his use-he can coordinate relations and hold Qianlong. If there are only people like Liu Luoguo and Ji Xiaolan in the world, society will change.

Feng Youlan divides the ideological realm of life into four types: the first is the realm of nature. It is common for such people to accept and accept the fate, but it can do nothing. The second is the utilitarian state. Such people have their own pursuits. For example, as long as they can earn more money, I have to go to work regardless of the wind and rain. Such people are a driving force for the advancement of society. The third state is the moral state. This kind of person knows not only the pursuit of personal fame and fortune, but also the harm to society, the way to harm himself, and the morality to others. He can take care of human relations and social roles. The fourth realm is "the realm of heaven and earth". People with this state of mind not only understand human responsibilities, but also understand their position and role in the universe; people with this state of affairs have more than just "righteousness" in their behavior, but "sky". The life of people in this state is the most meaningful life.

The villain is often a utilitarian person. Such a person is capable and competent, depending on how you use it. So we use the villain, but we must guard against the villain. You must give him a name and a profit. In the past, our cadres were mainly promoted and appointed, which made it easy for the villain to come to the top-everyone is willing to listen to flattery, which is also human nature. Later, in democratic elections, flattery and flattery could not be promoted, and the superiors could hear the real voice. When you are a leader, you must always be vigilant about your villain's heart, and you must guard against the villain. People's thoughts are changing, and the devil is tempting at every intersection. If the leadership loses this vigilance, it is very dangerous.



Long song when crying: Old mother, go away!

2013-12-09 19:21







现在回想起来,她这种善良和悲悯可能与她幼年的富裕与出嫁后的贫困引发的感悟有关。我妈妈的亲弟弟,我的老舅舅,因为家庭成分高终身未娶,他的那个“家”是半间土坯房,只有二尺见方的小窗子,屋里又黑又潮湿,满屋子刺鼻的异味。这个当年的富农子弟解放后比贫农更贫农,他常常瘸着一条腿走三里路,到我家讨吃的。我妈妈从不厌弃她的穷弟弟,每次都偷偷地给他带走吃的或衣物。老舅有文化,记忆中的第一首儿歌就是他教我的:“谁会飞?鸟会飞。鸟儿怎样飞?张开翅膀满天飞,飞呀飞……” 我的舅舅和妈妈的经历,或许就是这个时代富人与穷人的命运?所以我坚定地选择了走共同富裕的道路,建设大午城就是我们实现共同富裕的中期目标。

































Long song when crying: Old mother, go away!

My mother is gone and walked very peacefully. Yesterday at noon, my mother seemed to have fallen asleep when she was infusion, and she didn't breathe. About an hour later, my brother and I sorted out the shrouds for her and modified her face. I looked at my mother ’s eyelids and found that my mother ’s pupils hadn’t dilated, and her eyes were still dark and black. She was still so divine ... Not to say that the person died, the pupils would Is it scattered?

My mother was born in Mazhuang Village, Sanlidi, north of Langwuzhuang, and was born into a wealthy upper-middle family. She lost her mother at the age of three. Although the family is rich, she married a poor family, and my father's family is poor. So when she came to our house, she lived in poverty and hardships, and fought against fate all her life.

The old mother has faith in her life. I will eat Zhai and read Buddhism all my life. After she couldn't move, she still reminded her daughter-in-law and others to go to incense on the first and the fifteenth days. She believes that good people have good rewards, and she teaches us to "believe in the world and tread on the ground in the aisle." She educated us that “being a good person is difficult, and being a good person must be a good person; being a good person is difficult, and being a good person must be a good thing”. Three years ago, I specially built a Buddhist monastery for her, which is now the Taiwu State College.

Dawuguo College

My old mother is a kind person. She has always done good things since I remembered. I remember that around 1962, when there was a famine, every family could not eat a full meal, but when they met those Henan people with a very heavy accent to beg, my mother always gave them half a bowl of noodle soup and took out a small piece of glutinous food. I didn't understand it at the time. I said that we were not full, why did we give the meal to outsiders? My mother said: They are bitter than us, we eat less, and may save a person. When I adopted orphans in the midday school, my mother was very supportive. She and my dad supported several orphans with rubbish. She often told me that she earned more points for everyone, and don't take money too seriously.

In retrospect, her kindness and compassion may be related to her childhood prosperity and sentiment caused by poverty after marriage. My mother ’s younger brother, my old uncle, had never married since his family had a high family composition. His “home” was a half-sized adobe room with only two square feet of small windows. The room was dark and damp, full of thorns. Nose odor. After the liberation of the rich peasant boy, he was even poorer than the poor peasant. He often walked three miles with one leg lame and went to my house to beg for food. My mother never loathes her poor brother and secretly takes away food or clothing from him every time. The old uncle has a culture, and the first nursery song in his memory is what he taught me: "Who can fly? Birds can fly. How do birds fly? With wings spread all over the sky, fly and fly ..." My uncle and mother's experience Perhaps it is the fate of the rich and the poor in this era? Therefore, I firmly chose to take the path of common prosperity. Building the midday city is our mid-term goal of achieving common prosperity.

Middle-aged parents

My mother is virtuous and full of wisdom. In the memory, she had quarreled and quarreled with her father. She knew everything and was very kind to her father. Dad was a party member in 1938. She supported Dad's resistance against Japan. To this end, she was thrown into the river by the "pseudo-big township" (the township government during the Japanese-puppet era), when she was hugging my elder sister. The adobe room of my house was blown up by the Japanese with two grenades. Grandpa was captured by the Japanese puppet army. My mother borrowed more than 20 pieces of ocean from her family to redeem grandpa. But in the war of liberation, my father was ordered to go south with the county brigade, but my mother did not agree with her life and death, and no longer let my father contact the organization. Perhaps it was because his father was handsome, not at ease, and worried about going back and forth; perhaps he did not want the Chinese to fight the Chinese; maybe they still had much to say in this war. In all the sports, they had fierce quarrels. Their fights and cold wars were almost the norm in life. In the end, it was mother who prevailed, and father succumbed, but he obeyed. In the land reform in 1948, my family divided the land, but the landlord's food was divided. At night, my mother asked my father to send it back to others. She later said to us: Our family is poor because your grandfather gambled and lost all his family property. The landlord's food is grown by others, and he cannot be arrogant. I'm sure it's because of the integrity of my mother and the hard work of my father. In 1958, we not only had land and ox carts, but also lived a life of food and clothing. But the Great Leap came in, and my father was reluctant to join the club and lost his party membership.

Daddy was "regulated" by his mother all his life, but he was persuasive and he was full of attachment to his mother. A few days ago, my mother was seriously ill. He repeatedly asked us to push the wheelchair to the mother's bed and held her hand for a long time. For several nights in a row, he reminded the guardians: "Move her and see if you are still angry?" After his mother left, he didn't say a word anymore, and there seemed to be no pain or sorrow.

Parents before illness

My mother is very kind. She never had a birthday herself, she said she didn't know when it was. In fact, she knew that she had told my wife that she was born on August 16th, and she did not want to advertise herself. But my dad's birthday, our brother's birthday, and the birthdays of her five grandchildren, I remember very clearly, and I was thinking about giving it to everyone. My father's 66th birthday, she held a big deal. November 10th this year is my father's 94th birthday. She also happily watched us celebrate my father's birthday.

My parents and I (2008)

My mother is very strong. She told us not to cause trouble, but there is nothing to be afraid of. She makes our brother strong. In 2003, our three brothers were jailed together. The old mother sat at the door of the company every day, looking forward to our return home. People in the company commute to work as usual, and no one sees her weeping, but I believe her strength is supported. A reporter once wrote that she knelt down for 158 days, knelt in the yard in the middle of the night, shouted to the gods and God, her tears shed in the night. How much tears are flowing, who knows? In front of the gods, she is the weak, and in life she is the strong. Four years ago, my mother was seriously ill and Xushui County Hospital did not accept it. The caretaker sent it to Baoding Provincial Hospital. Later, I found the dean and finally accepted it. After returning from the hospital, she survived another four years. In the past four years, how many times were critically ill, and the doctor asked for future things, but the old mother stood up firmly. Her vitality is tenacious, you can't see her pain, you can't hear her moan, and she hasn't seen a tear in her death. Medical staff said: The old man is too strong!

Last night, I called out at the memorial service: Old mother, go slowly. Today, your three sons, three daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren are with you to take you on a journey. There are also your grandchildren, granddaughter, relatives of the old grandson's family, and relatives of your natal family. The cadres of Dawu Group are here to send you. Old mother, you go slowly!

Dawu Group has the credit of the old mother today ...

According to rural customs, the old man died and parked for three days before he was buried. Respecting the old mother's wishes, without setting up a hall or making publicity, he was buried in the earth that night.

Long song cry! Today, my mother hasn't gone far, the road to heaven is not easy, old mother, you go well ...

This article is only a sacrifice.

Sun Dawu

December 9, 2013

Attachment: Old mother motto:

There are only days that can't go up, and there are no mountains that can't go.

My heart is flat, higher than the sky!

Faithful and faithful, stepping on the aisle.

The gentleman's turn is light and the sweetheart's turn is sweet.

Pigs arched forward, chickens planed back, and people ate food.

Would rather watch the thief get beaten than watch the thief eat meat.

There are gods in the sky, gods on the ground, and gods in three feet.

It is reasonable to travel all over the world.

Attachment: Eulogy of Dawu Group:

After 96 springs and autumns, you have gone away. For almost a century, you have experienced, embraced, fought, and accepted. You have tasted and experienced all the suffering and happiness in the world. You are generous and fulfilled. You are gone ...

You are a kind and great mother. You have raised three good sons. Under your influence, your sons are hardworking, brave and kind, leading the healthy and orderly development of the enterprise. This is your pride. You take your pride, you are gone ...

You are a great mother with perseverance and courage. In the incident of 2003, your three sons were sentenced to imprisonment. In the face of various journalists, you never shed a tear. You say you have a deep heart, and your sons are doing good things with the big guy. It is you who support all the midday people, and you give the midday people strength. And in the middle of the night, you kneel in the courtyard and tears flow.

You are a great mother full of wisdom, and your famous sayings have been sung by generations of Dawu people. Faced with difficulties, you said, "There are only heavens that can't go, there are no mountains that can't pass. The heart is flat, higher than the sky!" To do good, you say, "There is a god in heaven, there is a god on earth, and there is a god in three feet."

You are gone, ordinary and great old man. Your life is full of hardships and glory. You are Dawuren's eternal spiritual wealth, and Dawuren will always miss you!

Rest in peace, Dawuren's great mother!

May you go all the way!



2003年5月27日,河北大午农牧集团董事长孙大午以“涉嫌非法吸收公众存款罪”为由被河北省徐水县公安局拘捕。孙大午被捕后,得到了国内外经济学界、法学界和新闻界空前一致的强烈声援。2003年10月30日,孙大午被当地法院判处有期徒刑三年,缓刑四年。他选择不再上诉,表示自己“无罪,但服法”,并于当年11月1日出狱回家。 庭审当场,孙大午两次落泪。 应《绿公司》编辑部之邀,孙大午特别撰文回忆六年前法庭上的心路历程,并以此为由头,发表自己对“英雄”话题的见解。


六年前,我在法庭上两次流泪。 开庭前,我本来做了妥协,同意在法庭上保持沉默。但当举证人出示大午集团的“借据”,认定其为非法集资的“存款凭证”时,我忍不住说道:“我打的是借条,不是存款条,大家难道都不识字吗?”



此前的庭审中,检察长曾说:“不能因为你孙大午道德高尚就不审判你,不能因为你为人正派就不处罚你。我们是按法律办事,不是按道德办事……”我觉得很荒唐,因为他们是在用法律审判道德。我是学过法律的,法律是道德的底线,立法的目的是保护讲道德的人,打击不讲道德的人,可恰恰我做的道德的事情,受到了法律的打击,叫人联想起印度电影《流浪者》里的对白: 法官:“法律不承认良心”。





直到今天,我都不认为自己是个真正造福一方百姓的英雄,我只是一名建设者。 我知道自己做的事,也总想夹着尾巴做人。可到一定程度夹不住了,不是自己想翘尾巴,不是我有多么高傲,而是我感觉自己像一只司晨的公鸡,天一亮,就要打鸣,这是公鸡的职责,但是主人想睡懒觉,你一打鸣,惊醒了他的美梦,他就不高兴,就想杀掉你,吃肉。本来公鸡一叫,太阳就可以出来,可人们要想睡懒觉,家里就不需要公鸡,所以势必要杀掉。 有时我会想,倘若这个世界一定要杀掉公鸡,我能不能做一条狗?我们这条东方巨龙好比是一头睡狮,睡梦犹酣,那我就做一条狗,给这头睡狮看门站岗,竖着耳朵,睁着眼睛,等待主人睡醒,行不行?


真正的英雄,是为了理想,可以而且能够做出巨大自我牺牲的人。 所谓英雄,英是英明,是理性,是判断,是选择;雄是雄壮,是力量,是实践,是承担。英是义,雄是力。英雄就是义和力的结合。英雄是为义献身的人,为自己群体的价值观做出牺牲的人。这种牺牲具有悲壮色彩,轻者坐牢,重者就义。有些英雄慷慨一时,这很容易做到,可是我更崇拜从容就义的英雄。慷慨一时易,从容就义难。但是人们常常把慷慨一时者视为英雄。 英雄应该是不朽的,英雄是神,不是人。通情达理为人,尽忠赴义成神。释加牟尼、孔子不是英雄,只能说是哲学家,而甘地、布鲁诺是英雄。













I will do the things that I have identified, and I will carry them to the end of the identified path.

On May 27, 2003, Sun Dawu, chairman of Hebei Dawu Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group, was arrested by the Xushui County Public Security Bureau of Hebei Province on the grounds of “suspicion of illegally absorbing public deposits”. After Sun Dawu's arrest, he received unprecedented strong solidarity from the domestic and foreign economics, law and press circles. On October 30, 2003, Sun Dawu was sentenced by the local court to three years in prison and four years suspended. He chose not to appeal, saying he was "innocent, but served the law", and was sent back to prison on November 1 of that year.

On the spot, Sun Dawu wept twice.

At the invitation of the "Green Company" editorial department, Sun Dawu wrote a special article to recall the mental journey in the court six years ago, and on this basis, published his own views on the topic of "heroes".

Not allowed to roar, can I be a dog?

Six years ago, I wept twice in court.

Before the court, I had made a compromise and agreed to remain silent in the court. But when the witnesses presented Dawu Group's "debit note" and found it to be a "deposit certificate" for illegal fund-raising, I couldn't help but say: "I'm making a debit note, not a deposit note, don't everyone read it?" At this time the Attorney General snapped up: "Sun Dawu! You are still talking! You need to know that your wife is arrested at large, your two younger brothers are still in the detention center, and there are two more than 80-year-olds in your family ..." Hear this When we talked, I wept. Ruthlessness may not be a real hero, I agree with this sentence.

Tears for the second time, when my team of lawyers defended me. They surveyed many villagers, and was surprised that the people embraced an entrepreneur so widely. They told me in the court, "Use the Criminal Law to destroy an excellent private enterprise, destroy a high-quality enterprise without any record of dishonesty, and without any social problems. It is not the purpose of legislation. If you must use the law to try, Punishing such enterprises can only show that there is a problem with the law! "At that time, I was emotional, I heard the voices of the people, and felt the support of my parents and fellow citizens.

In the previous court trial, the Prosecutor General once said: "You cannot judge you because of Sun Dawu's noble morals, and not punish you because you are upright. We are acting according to the law, not morally ..." I think it is ridiculous. Because they are using the law to judge morality. I have studied the law, and the law is the bottom line of morality. The purpose of legislation is to protect moralists and fight against non-ethical people. But it is precisely the moral things I do that have been hit by the law, which reminds people of India. Dialogue in the movie "Rover": Judge: "The law does not recognize conscience".

Lida: "Mr. Judge, so conscience does not recognize the law." I believe many people at that time saw my face crying, maybe also saw my tears, but no one heard my crying. That is not crying, crying is sound, crying is choking, I am crying silently, but not crying, I am crying silently. It was a depressing, sad emotion that was hard to describe.

In the moment of tears in the courtroom, I think the best and the worst people in the world are in prison. There is nothing terrible about the prison. The prison is also a place where people go. I believe that many things are good or bad. People are often not autonomous. Sometimes you want to be a good person but you can't do it. Sometimes a bad person wants to be a good person and you can't do it. For example, many death row inmates in prison want to be good people, and fall into prison, feeling that fate is playing with them, not their human nature. Deng Xiaoping said, "A good system can make bad people good, and a bad system can make good people bad." I believe this sentence.

I was not desperate at the time, but felt a strength. I have never been desperate. The principle of my worship is right and wrong, regardless of success or failure, "Although there are thousands of people, I will go forward". When I was young, I was stubborn. Others said I was a cow. The word "noon" came out. I said that this is not a compliment to me, nor a disparagement to me, but a description of my character. I will do the things that I have identified, and I will carry them to the end of the identified path.

Until today, I don’t think of myself as a hero who really benefits one side of the people. I am just a builder.

I know what I do, and I always want to be a man with a tail in my head. But I can’t catch it to a certain extent. It ’s not that I want to tilt my tail, not how proud I am, but that I feel like a rooster from Si Chen. It ’s the responsibility of the rooster, but the master thinks Lazy sleep, as soon as you croak and wake up his sweet dream, he is not happy and wants to kill you and eat meat. As soon as the rooster crows, the sun can come out, but people do not need a rooster at home if they want to sleep lazy, so they must kill it. Sometimes I think, if the world must kill the cock, can I be a dog? Our eastern dragon is like a sleeping lion, with a sound sleep, then I will be a dog, and watch the sleeping lion stand guard, standing ears, eyes open, waiting for the master to wake up, will it work?

The hero's "righteousness and strength", "breaking and standing"

True heroes are people who can and can make huge self-sacrifice for ideals. The so-called hero, English is wise, rational, judgment, choice; male is majestic, is strength, is practice, is commitment. English is righteousness, force is power. A hero is a combination of righteousness and power. Heroes are people who devote themselves to righteousness and who sacrifice for the values of their own group. This kind of sacrifice has a tragic color, and the prisoner whoever is the lightest is righteous. Some heroes are generous, which is easy to do, but I adore heroes who are calm and righteous. Generosity is easy, but calmness is difficult. But people often regard generosity as heroes.

Heroes should be immortal. Heroes are gods, not humans. Be reasonable, be loyal and be a god. Shakyamuni and Confucius are not heroes, only philosophers, while Gandhi and Bruno are heroes.

Originally, compromise is a virtue, forgiveness of good versus evil, and concession of evil against good. However, when you compromise for a while, people can forgive you, and for compromise I, people will usually not treat you as a hero. That is to say, the wise man teaches this society with a gesture of compromise, but neither will become a hero. Heroes should have a tragic color, knowing that they can't do it. A hero is someone who consciously chooses a difficult path.

Qin Shihuang is a hero, and Jing Ke is also a hero. Both opposing sides can be called heroes. Each group has heroes that they recognize, because the heroes of each group represent the interests and right and wrong of his group, not those of universal value. Therefore, we usually talk about national heroes and group heroes, not world heroes, which are hard to see. A world that does not require heroes may be a peaceful world; a nation that does not require heroes must be a fallen or fallen nation. Fan Li and Zhang Liang in history can be regarded as great heroes, because their purpose is to rest and fight for peace, not to think of themselves as big officials. Chairman Mao said that if you do n’t break, you wo n’t stand. Heroes should be able to break big, but big breaks are easy to break. Breaking but not standing, is still a narrower hero; being able to break the imagination, but not standing, the ideals are not realized, is also a big hero, a tragic hero; talents who can break the standing, breaking the big standing are real big heroes, such as Washington , War is a hero, and governance is also a hero. But since ancient times, too few people have been able to break through.

Don't be a “grieving hero”, don’t be a “hero”

If people want to accomplish one thing, especially the larger ones, they must endure loneliness and endure indifference, and they must be able to bear hardships. Responsibility is easy to complain and there are many people who can endure hardships, but few people do not complain. People often complain that they are aggrieved, complain that others do not understand, and those who are prone to complain can't do big things, they can't be heroes. It is hard to be able to complain.

I think it is best to be able to "report grievance directly" and "repay morality". But if there is no such environment, tolerance is necessary. When I thought of Jesus being nailed to the cross, he begged people for saliva, but someone handed him a rag and dipped in salt water. Jesus looked at the sky with compassion and said, "Forgive them, they don't know what they are doing."

The first sentence of the first chapter of Dao De Jing, people all understand it as "Dao Ke Dao, very Dao", Laozi's earliest article actually has no punctuation, I understand this sentence as: "Dao Ke, Dao Fei, Chang Dao" Similar to yes or no, yes or no, nothing is absolutely necessary. So when you can't complain directly, you must recognize this sentence. Heroes should have no complaints or regrets.

The hero will not retreat in the face of any difficulties, but after success, he will walk away with interest, choose to fade out, and let others go noisy. Heroes must learn to quit silently and must endure grievances, misunderstandings, loneliness and loneliness.

Some heroes become "heroes" after success. Chairman Mao said that we were not knocked down in front of the enemy ’s artillery fire, but we were defeated in front of the enemy ’s sugar-coated shells. Heroes are sad about beauty, and heroes are sad about power and money. When a hero changes, it cannot be said that he was a pseudo-hero at the beginning, but after becoming a hero, he did not think clearly about what he would do after he had fame, profit, money, and power.

I said that the ideal of man is not to be an official, not to make money, or to be a hero, but what to do after being an official, how to use it when you have money, and what to do after you become a hero. The hero is not a rest. After the hero's reputation is obtained, it does not stop abruptly. Only by virtue, meritorious deeds, and eloquence can the reputation be passed down to be a lasting hero.

Go well!