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Director Zhao Zhiguo make a presentation to Mr. Sun Dawu  of construction materials

The third stop is to visit the Afternoon Group

After the visit, Mr. Sun Dawu personally received our people to build a line of 30 people. The meeting was presided over by Yao Chaoyang. At the meeting, the director of the Municipal Committee of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee of the People's Republic of China, on behalf of the Municipal Committee, presented the information to Mr. Sun Dawu.


Ms. Liu said that the Group is a private enterprise with "clear property rights and sound system". At the corporate governance level it is the first private enterprise constitutional system with implementation of ownership, decision-making power, the right to operate and parallel, mutual restraint. The board of directors and the board of supervisors as well as the chairman and general manager of the three committees are elected by election. The supervisor of the board shall adopt the system of family election succession. At the meeting, we all expressed our admiration for the private entrepreneurs who took root in rural areas. In particular, the system was designed over 12 years with the independence of the private enterprises and the family business tradition. It has "private, public rule and sharing"


                                                   Dawu Group Conference




Sun Dawu: Challenge and Choice


Sun Dawu, founder of Hebei Dawu Group, is the current Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. He is known as a worried thinker for the fate of Chinese peasants, and even some people call him "the conscience of Chinese entrepreneurs," and the media called him "the hero of the Chinese peasant".

Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau once asked a native leader how many people he represents. It may be said that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau represents the middle-class of Canada. It may comprise 15 million Canadians which by our standards seems alot of people. However, Sun Dawu stands up for the peasant class of China. It may comprise 700 million people. He began the private enterprise constitutional system in 2004 with elections every 2 years to date.



"From today,dare to speak to the people; from today, dare to roar to the people; from today, dare to confront injustice." In addition, everyone encourage each other.


As a cadre, to dare to let subordinates write questions and expose the contradictions by allowing tears to fall on the summary. If everyone's summary is the development of the future-- a better future with no doubts and conflicts--and if you see the problem and/or are dissatisfied with the company and work and just complain privately then leadership will never hear them. What does that mean?

Of course, Sun Dawu is referring specifically to the required practice of writing a summary of performance (which includes himself as an employee). However, it does not take much imagination to apply it to accountability in the more general situation of China.




                                                            Fu Shan

The above picture is copyrighted by D. Carlton Rossi since it is a digital enhancement of the original. It shows the fish-face of the Yellow Emperor Huangdi who united the tribes at Fushan and drew the totem. On the right is the fish and in the middle is the crocodile. Together they make up the face of Emperor Huangdi in the poet's opinion. It is a place where heaven and earth meet. Fu Shan is the most sacred place in China. The mountain is under the custodianship of its official protector--SUN Dawu.


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                         SUN Dawu 孙大午    Mao Yushi  茅于轼 

Beijing Tianzheng Economic Research Institute:

Forward microblogging

Mao Yushi: All power needs to be supervised. The state's set up a safety committee concentrates a lot of power. The security of the country is more secure, but is personal security affected? The freedom of the individual has been so damaged. The concentration of power must be supervised accordingly; otherwise, the power of non-supervision is terrible to all--especially for those involved in political struggle.


                                   Mao Yushi (middle)  Sun Dawu (right)



December 29, 2016


The evolution of the Private Entrepreneurs Constitutional System along with its practical application in the Dawu Group and its subsidiaries over the last thirty-two years provides a way to transition from the model of State Capitalism to Market Economy. Sun Dawu establishes an ideal city through Confucian values based on the family.

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