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Song Xiaolong



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The Crowdfunding of a Cerebral Palsy Case


2016年7月19日 15:17



Verified that Song Xiaolong who lives in Gansu Province Pingliang City Kongtong District Nanshan root 243 Song Xiaolong was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. His family is rural and income is limited, I have donated one thousand dollars for him. Also, I invited the community to enthusiastically help! Thank you all! The specific situation is as follows:




Song Xiaolong of Gansu Province, Kongtong District, Pingliang City was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. His family is rural and his income is limited. Some time ago, I  donated to him and forwarded his letter of help. Due to the cost of treatment of the disease, Song Xiaolong is not yet hospitalized. Again, I also hope that people of all walks of life can help him. Thank you all! Details are as follows.


September 16, 2016

Request from Song Xiaolong 宋小龙  平凉市崆峒区南山根

尊敬各届社会爱心人士,你们好! 我叫宋小龙,男,生于1991年11月,家住甘肃省平凉市崆峒区南山根243号,农民。小时候因一次高烧留下后遗症,父亲离开我们母亲改嫁。2011年高中毕业后,报的自考进行自学,已经通过11门,想通过明年司法考试,作名律师,维护妇女及残疾人权利是我的理想。不幸的是从去年开始感觉身体,走路有些不听使唤,今年五月3日在平凉市第二人民医院被诊断为脑性瘫痪。医生说如果不及时治疗以随后将导致智力下降影响终生。父母非常着急确无能为力,母亲眼睛高度近视在一个餐馆洗碗每月1600元,父亲56岁了,是一个装卸工,收入微薄。今年6月27日我市记者在平凉日报上报道了我的事,引起各届人士关注,尤其茅老得知我的事,第一时间给我捐款,爱心人士纷纷捐款及家人凑借共及七万余元,母亲前几天在西京医院咨询了一个,医生说依我的病情,需要给头颅作手术,花费需要十八万左右。现在家庭确实无能为力,希望社会各届爱心人士伸出你们的援助之手,让我度过难关,好人一生平安,谢谢你们。



 联系电话  13993336065

Respect each session of social love! My name is Song Xiaolong. I am a male born in November 1991 who lives in Gansu Province, Kongtong District, Pingliang City, Root 243, Farmers. As a child, I had a sequela1. of high fever, my father left and our mother remarried. After graduating from high school in 2011, the report of self-study shows Passed 11. I want to pass next year's judicial examination so that as a lawyer I may fulfill my ideal to safeguard the rights of women and the disabled.
Unfortunately, from the beginning of last year, I have lost some feeling in my body and when walking. On May 3rd of this year, in Pingliang City, at the Second People's Hospital, I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Doctors said that if not treated in a timely manner it will subsequently lead to mental decline affecting my life. My parents are indeed very anxious but can do nothing as my mother has serious myopia and works as a dishwasher in a restaurant for only 1,600 yuan per month. My father who is 56 years old is a stevedore whose income is meager.
On June 27th of this year, the Daily newspaper of Pingliang reported on my situation causing concern particularly among seniors. For the first time I received donations from caring people and the Minato family of seven million yuan. A few days ago my mother visited the Xijing Hospital for a consultation. The doctor said that according to my condition there is a need for surgery of the the skull which will cost about about 180,000 yuan. Now, the family really can do nothing. I hope the community sessions of people who love you provide the hands of assistance, lead me through the good times, as well as a good life and peace.

Thank you.

1. Sequelae (pl.)  is a morbid condition or symptom following some disease.

Industrial and Commercial Bank card number:  6222082708000709777

Household: Song Xiaolong

Mobile telephone:  13993336065

This request is passed on by D. Carlton Rossi. The Chinese people have done their duty. An urgent call is made for the Canadian people to do their duty through donations, drugs or voluntary surgical operation by a Canadian surgeon to help this prospective and promising Chinese, human rights lawyer to fulfill his dream and destiny .  

Thank you.



On the left of the poet is his student who was tutored in medical terminology. He is a neurosurgeon. His daughter is in my arms. The doctor was trained by his father who was head of Neurosurgery at Anyang No. 1 Hospital. His mother was head of No. 2 Hospital in Anyang. The Department of Neurosurgery entered into a cooperative arrangement with a hospital in Canada.  I believe it was the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal through a doctor whose first name was Peter. The poet is uncertain where his friend is today--perhaps China or Canada or  both.

Both father and son helped the poet when he had an accident during his martial arts training. There had been a vertical bar suspended by a chain at the 6 foot five level. The poet had kicked the bar thousands of times in both directions to make it swing. However, on one occasion it was hit from the bottom and did not swing. It remained firm. His foot was injured. He was taken to the front of the line by his friend for the surgery with his father and mother in attendance. Of course, the poet jokingly told his friend to deal with the bottom of the foot and not the top of the head.

The poet was given three choices.  1) drill a hole in the nail of the big toe to let out the poison. If that did not work then the toe would have to be removed. 2) remove the nail of the big toe and if that did not work then remove the big toe   3) remove the big toe

The poet decided on the second choice. In front of about 20 spectators and participants the toenail was removed without anaesthetic. The poet made no cry.  He thanks his friend for the professional service. Within a week he was continuing his martial arts training and the tutoring of his special student.