D.卡尔顿 罗西
D. Carlton Rossi

Poems B



                          La Lune 


Selene, qui est un professeur d’allemand,

attend de recevoir un poste pour

la vie à l’Universität Leipzig.


Le poète philosophique lui dit que la plupart

des professeurs de langue sont réellement philosophes.


Leur amour bat d’ondes sonores,

cependant une complication survient.


Le philosophe Démocritique croit qu’il l’aime aussi.


Elle est exaltée par son attention.


La lumière du soleil—composée de deux faces—

éclaire le visage de la lune méniscale.


Elle est baignée dans une averse laiteuse de rayons réfléchis.







Le poète est la lumière qui paraît se coucher.


Le philosophe est la lumière qui paraît lever.


La vie satisfait un poète.


Peut-être que le soleil ne se lèvera pas demain.


La logique contente un philosophe.


Le soleil semble toujours se lever comme il se lèvera demain.


Un poète regarde un argument logique et demande « Pourquoi pas? »


Un philosophe écoute un son de la vie et interroge « Pourquoi? ».


Partout où les sentiments sont intenses,

la logique est insuffisante.


Partout où il y a une logique froide,

il ya peu d’amour.






Elle examine les caractéristiques de la lumière

se réfractant prismatiquement et

se réfléchissant paraboliquement sur ses lunettes.


En jumelle elle pense qu’elle doit choisir entre la particule et l’onde.


Comment sont-ils drift rift-rent?


Est-il un choix entre Apollonian Recht und Dionysian Rausch?


L’ œil de son esprit opte pour la particule

qui rencontre le cratère concave de Démocrite

car l’onde apparait changer par hazard.


En effet, quand elle s’approche de celle ci,

elle n’observe pas que la vague se transforme encore une fois.


L’onde lui murmure que la particule est également dynamique.


Et lui chuchote tendrement que le soleil

a peut- être déjà cessé de briller.


Elle n’écoute que d’une oreille se chauds mots modules.


Est-ce mon imagination ou est-ce que je ressens petit frisson?


Dedicated to Frank A. Kretschmer

(July 19, 1936 – November 16, 2003)

Lady Ladybug

Time is a lovely ladybug,
so much to another--and me.

Now left lifeless on windshield,
her short existence shortened still.

Lady Ladybug, your span measures
in days not, but generations.

They generate in constant flux
transferring from gene to gene to gene.

The rain beads on surface glass
forming separate shapes and sizes.

Droplet drips zigzaggedly
accreting from drop to drop to drop.

Its course begins to straighten
as flood tide tears downward.

Finally, I perceive an other one
whose compound image inverts in beads.

Dedicated to LI Pei

                    Lost Fragment Found


             River-ocean Akheloios of Poseidon

             made Leuke Nesos from alluvial deposits

             of rivers Borysthenes and Istros silts;

             as well as, sands of cold Thermodon.


             Delta shaped Insula Leuke

             in inhospitable Akheloios is east

             of fir pine delta called Peuke

             on Keras Okeanoio in west.


             On Isle of Leuke is born Latona

             who was also known as Lykania

             or revered and renowned Leukaina

             who bore Apollo Lykios by Cygne.


             Pelasgian Hyperborean Apollo

             was worshipped under names

             Lykeisos, Lykios and Lykegenes

             on Leuke by those who follow.


                            Low Down                             

                               You who lay here

                               under polished granite,

                               now own nothing,

                               now won no thing.


                               You who once were

                               above the others,

                               now rank equally,

                               now sank similarly.


                                You who saw life

                                as mirrored pool,

                                now found in Hades,

                                now bound as shade.


                                 You who were there

                                 at the centre stage,

                                 now made your exit,

                                 now bid bad-bye.


                                 You who walked where

                                 green grass grows,

                                 now are below sod,

                                 now aren’t upon trod?





            me name am MACmal.

                   we came from line age.

                   me we are manimal maCHINE.

                   we me ERAD mENIACal.


                    me no breathe and we no breathe.

                    me we bash it and we me mash it!

                    me no talk and we no talk.

                    me we crash it and we me trash it! 


                    me no eat and we no eat.

                    me we fire it and we me mire it!

                    me no drink and we no drink.

                    me we bang it and we me wang it!


             me no dream and we no dream.

                     me we clash it and we me slash it!

                     me no stargaze and we no stargaze.

                     me we bend it and we me rend it!


                     me no procreate and we no procreate.

                     me we ravage it and we me savage it!

                     me no replicate and we no replicate.

                     me we buck it and we me *uck it!


inner sanctum
Mare Tranquillitatis

outward bound
stream of consciousness

playful pastime
ebb tide

sonorous waves

Artemis protectress
fortress flooded

Apollo Mission
Age of Aquarius

placid marina

My Grandparents

There they're tinctured --my grandparents--
Frank and Floss Armstrong in name.

Their monochrome images pressed
like fossilized fish on muddy shale.

Theirs was the first military marriage
held in the rebuilt Anglican Church.

It had taken four years of engagement
for her to cross the street from her house.

The union was l'Église et l'État

or Saint George and King George V.

The year was nineteen hundred and eighteen
while month May and day after Victoria.

By coincidence, Floss' middle name was Mae
and they lived their twenty-fifth year.

They had started in same one-room school:
they were lifemates more than classmates.

The two's four honeymoon hour
was counted by floral clock at the Falls.

The Lord's Day followed with Old
and New Testament seemingly at odds.

From cannon mouth replied shot,
form morf canon relied shout.

As Ludendorff advanced on Chemin des Dames,
Frank waved good-bye to his one-day Mae.

He had sworn to his Lord, sworn to his King,
sworn to his wife and finally just swore.

He sailed to Midland (in merry-old England)
where he served his regiment as mess Sergeant.

Oh, as an Ollie Hardy might have quipped,
what a fine mess this is ho, ho!

For Frank was a total teetotaller,
but his father and father's father were drinkers.

The Sergt. though was put in charge of the liquor
or rather it took charge of him.

The Sgt. returned to Canada
without having fired a single shot.

The Conservative Party rewarded his loyalty
with pat-on-back job at the LCBO.

It was all downhill from there as my grandpa
fell deadpall at age four two.

On other hand, Floss was a remarkable woman
who surmounted many and any problem.

She was born Florence Mae Johnson
on the fourth of June 1893.

It seems strange referring to it
as the 19th century from our 21st.

Her father's name was Jeremiah Johnson
and her mother's was Annie Crowe.

Annie died giving birth to little Annie,
so Floss was left motherless at four.

Her mother's sister looked after her
in the tourist town of Niagara falls.

Her father's brother cared for her
sibling whose name was Arr Dee.

If Arr gave given names to people,
he was told his initials were not enough.

Floss returned home to Port after
father found wife and step-mother.

How did she feel about a step-mother
who was step away from her real mother?

She could neither hold past nor own future,
but simply live mom to mom.

When Floss was fourteen then Arr was fifteen;
so former number equals latter and reverse.

The seconds, months, years passed or
shrt, shrtr and shrtst times.

On Armistice anniversary, Floss Armstrong
was to become a mother herself.

There were two minutes of eerie silence
followed by a baby's clarion call.

Baby Jack was wrenched from his mother,
born, bewailed and buried the same day.

He was unlucky to have been named after
J.C. who was Frank's befriendead.

A blood clot formed in Floss' leg
due to the doctor's malpractice.

Gangrene spread in the right leg
forming a line below the knee.

For two months she lay in bed
with the disease eating flesh to bone.

She was doped with morphine and
drank straight alcohol to kill the pain.

The leg was then surgically removed
by saw -- leaving remnant stump.

Floss so close to death that sister-in-law
declared her demise to town's people.

But the announcement was premature
for Floss confounded the doctors and death.

She lived for more than a century
and she begot two kind child.

My Parents

O, he she they marry:
Joseph joins Jean.

A press clipping photocopy
records the one wedding image.

How would the black and white differ
if it were in Kodak colour?

The bride wears crepe de Chine dress
accented with white laced peplum.

A white picture hat graces her head,
but brim trimmed to reduce its size.

The objected projected rim removed
and crown worn later by her mother.

The groom dons black suit of amour
with white shirt and tied tie.

However, their attire is more notable
for what is absent than present.

The groom hasn't tuxedo or uniform
while the bride misses wedding gown.

Nevertheless, they marry on Labour Day
and remember September 2, 1950.

It may be said in marriage that
he labers er evre ev sins.

Their world is seen in terms of b and w;
while their vows are kept for b or w.

The honeymoon lasts four twenty-four
hour in City of Brotherly Love.

My father was born on Colborne Street
in Port Colborne ycleped after Sir Colborne.

At font, he was b and c'd Joseph Rossi,
but he chose Anthony as middle name.

Joseph wanted an acronym to write,
so what he became was JAR.

Joe was OEldest of four bros.
whose names were Erno, Gerald and Keith.

Frank father and Irene mother
served homefront in WWII.

Joe enlisted as an army volunteer
in summer of '42 at eighteen in the 2nd.

The corporal taught -- --- .-. ... ./-.-. --- -... --. .--
then the do's and don'ts of tanks.

He received a glowing commendation
for saving life of fallen flyer.

"Further delay undoubtedly
would have caused his death."

At war's end the industrious student
completed high school and higher university.

My mother was born baby at home
on the twentieth of August 1927.

Jean and Joe attended same school
for a whole year without meeting.

She led the air and army and sea cadets
as a baton twirler in local parades.

Jean and Grandma Johnson knit
scores of scarves for troops--maybe Joe's?

Joe fell for his future wife
when he lifted up the fallen skater.

J & J both worked at MLM
where her dad's counter counted.

Some years
Union made one by 1.

In her final term, she will injure herself
by carrying child up fifteen steps.

Jean Marie will tear the womb
which bears her child and hope.

The doctor tells husband that clot
will end life of baby or wife.

Tolstoy wrote aptly in War and Peace
"God is merciful, doctors aren't needed."

It is an outworld wonder that mother
and Dennis Carlton Francis survive.

He's born on sixth day of April
or what's known as Palm Sunday.

World's word "Carlton" stands for
"settlement of free peasants".


Nineteen hundred and fifty-two

and I am born under water dragon.

Dragon stands fifth as he waits
to bid his farewell to Buddha.

Water is the second element
of the mutual conquest order.

Sun enters Pisces in Qing Ming
or period of serene clarity.

This time span is fifth among
list of twenty-four solar terms.

Date of birth is second day
of what is called first pentad.

Period ends on nineteenth
(day before grain rain in Hong Kong)

On sixth of April, I wait to see
where I am, have been and will be.

D/1952 B1 periodic comet
is in inner solar system.

Mercury Venus, Earth and Mars
line up by design or by chance.

Banded Jupiter joins Saturn
ringed and far away Neptune.

Fifty to seventy five UFOs
fly in formation over Temple.

Holy Palm Sunday heralds
his entry into Jerusalem. 

    Neon Notel                                                                           

Neon Notel quick key love

Red light distract stoop

Lighter flicker warmer upper

Uppers down and bottoms up


Booze some revealed revelry

She feeds grape Felliniesque

Black lip lines white cup curves

Tempt dress undress tit I’ll ate


Wore low-cut Pan try please sure

Pull-tab panty throwaway

Horn-of-plenty’s hole-of-plenty

Can I balls tasty treat?


Meet me at half-way house

Comings goings ins and outs

1 second love you love me

Crest end does ride big surf


 Not Quite Quiet


chirk chirt

the whi stl ing sounds

chink clink


the chis el ing strikes

neither hears other

One Long Night

There is no artist nor hand's sketch

Without or within latticed windows;

Nonetheless, cold glass is etched

With delicately brushed ice flows.

Frozen wonderfalls cascade in

Locked-in close embrace with sky.

Stilled crystallite stalactite pin

Stalled fallout in midway why?

Devonian fronds of fern adorned

By light (against background dark)

From dim dimension they're borne

By wind driven divine spark.

One Two

Why worry about hypothetical happenings?
You have little leeway.
You have less life.

Why leave it for later?
You live for the known now.
Ye eat, drink and merry be.

Why challenge change?
You invite it as inevitable.
You relish to relinquish.

Why not negate the negative?
You affirm your arrival.
You celebrate your certainty.

Why do you care what others consider?
You realize that they rarely think of you.
You are indifferent to compliment or criticism.

Why do you follow fame?
You know fame flies with time.
You hear the wind whisper your mortality.

Why do you pursue possessions?
You go father with a lighter load.
You understand your possessions possess you.

Why does the subject project self onto object?
You and me be we.
You fall in love if you fall out of love with yourself.

Why do you only perceive with your eyes?
You delight in the moon hidden by the mist.
You sense her warm breast in the darkness.


Certains poèmes sont

très certainement perdus

dans certains pays,

sur certains jours

à certaines heures,

pour certaines raisons

avant certains événements.


Purpose is to UNify

in totalized harmony

with the UNiverse,

but when and where

harmony isn’t won

by peaceful means

then harmful ways

totally annihilhate

opposition per OPS

into smaller UNits

which may in time

bind into NOtopia



Nature                 Shape            Form

Image                   Idea             Ideal

Matter               Substance         Unity

Quantity               Quality         Measure

Quality and/or Quantity



D.R. of first-water Dragon is to merry-go wheel as
d.r. of first-ring ram is to pseudo-astro constellationis.

Red dragon undulates through sea as
it spews forth words palm-gum out of bitter belly.

Dolomite-white ram treads upon earth as
it speaks with silver-sliver Wort of horned-hilt.

The sun is without and within the earth as
the moon is outside and inside the earth.

The sizeable sphere of the sun is as
the same size of the diminutive moon.

In out-of-body, I see Marie dye her hair as
zinc-white strands turn auburn coloured.

Then, molten mass erupts and as
it meets the sea there ascends cloud of steam.

No confusion when Jan us sun tops astral goldy as
it stretches immeasurably and lasts forever.

The snow transforms to hue of pink as
crimson sun sets and rose moon rises.

Behold, there are 3hree, freeze, pilllared supports as
forehead of rainbow, face of sun and feet of fire.

Lo, three are there: unequalled,unexcelled and unique as
is seen, was heard and altogether will be known.

Sunlight is: starlight was: enlightenment will be as
reflection was and moonlight is not. 

The alpha is, was, and altogether will be 16, 17, 18 as
beta was 15 and is not 51.

Sixty-six year old black hen strutted herself as
cock crowed thrice ekhe ekho echo.

Lewd-lust lure of scarlet starlet as
not real,but dead-ended and damned.

Rams arms mars held swore-sword as
hrutr hurtled bloodcurdling howl.

A candlewick wickedly spluttered as
tallow combusted in hold's hollow bowels.

The pitch hull fell 77 counts on roller waver as
its body heaved twice times in extent.

Twenty-twenty eyeslighted by lunar shadedown as
white plate Chang E to copperish sphere.

Ram moulted, forsake lamb that stands on sea sand as
prayer wheels will wheel and bells will peel?

Sethree will bring bountiful rain as
will fill full the dam basin and empty dragon.

Mare Fecunditatis will turn pastel blue as
the eyelid openeth and the pupil shutteth.

Cottontail rabbit will mix elixir of life as
it leaps forward toward intercalary day.

The white sail will weather wind as
much as 98 times and twofold with wind.

Burning heat will be dispelled from heart as
man's son shall rise from flesh to father.

Quake-shake base to totter like a double pair-of-stilts as
the wall of twelve foundations to stand upright.

Multiplicity of 1610001000 be numberallcalendric unit as
the unity of the Word be alphabeticoded sign.

Same or Similar

That which is similar is dissimilar to the same.

That which is similar is a copy and not the same.

The original is the same, but not what is similar.

Two or more things are to some degree similar.

There is no material thing that is the same.

The original is not a copy: it is unique or same.

Matter varies over time; so, it is for other similar.

No matter is the same: matter is similar.

Sand and rain

Sandal sank in waterless desert
stirring up dust carried east
past the Great and Forbidden Wall
where washed away by heavy rain.

Sound is Cicala

sound is cicala
ear is drum

wing is humming-bird

huā  shì  huāyuán

spark is lightning
head is sphere

stick is man
hole is woman

stroke is ladder
spoke is wheel

poet is poetry
singer is songs

The Bird People

left fling lows
right swing riser
lift cling left
reset sling right

ever rhyme ease
treat thigh heart
sync chime ears
reach highs steer

hill trill bill
jumps romps pumps
tang songs sung
harks larks parks





                  The fish image sees me as I seize it.

                  It leaps free to break bonds that hold.

                  A bold bound upward does unfold.

                  Gold drops fall off of scales sunlit.

                          Traditional Chinese  魚之樂 = The Fish is Happy

                The Jar

For years sits jar on window sill

Seemingly defying age until

Someone sometime should decide

To toss crystal glass vessel aside.

Yet, sealed jar does far from nothing,

As cyclic process unseen by cast eye;

Whereinsoever, a crystal iced something

Turns viscous then does gasify.

From one, to other, to another:

Transform and change and alter;

One, then two together,

They're there three gather.

Poems C