D.卡尔顿 罗西
D. Carlton Rossi

Model City





                                         Head office of animal feed business


This is the construction site of the hospital.  It is one of several construction sites in Dawu village.  Totally, there are 700  construction workers employed by Dawu Group on various sites.  Actually, there is a labor shortage.


The hospital may be completed in the spring of 2016.  It will be fifteen stories high with a capacity of 500 beds.  Cooperation is welcomed with foreign concerns.


This picture shows part of the Water Park complex.  In recent years the number of visitors has tripled.  It is not uncommon to see at least 10 buses from Beijing in the parking lot.



A second Water Park is under construction.  It will probably double the capacity of the first one.  The Park should be completed before Spring Festival.


This luxury hotel is six stories high.  Together with the Water Park, restaurant and 5000 seat Convention Centre it should attract convention business from Beijing. 


                                                         Water Park Complex



The middle school employs 250 teachers.  The size of the school has grown to about 3500 students.   A kindergarten was added this year which has reached capacity of 500 students.


                               The shape of the library is reminiscent of a ship. 


The cafeteria of the schools is under construction.  Its capacity will be 5000.  Keep in mind that the total population of Dawu village excluding students is under 3000. You see, the students come from all over Hebei Province and further afield. When the cafeteria is finished the construction of a primary school for 1000 students will begin as part of economic development.


The townhouses which feature heated floors give visitors an alternative to the hotel.


Students are invited to the new convention centre for celebrations of the 30th Anniversary of the Dawu Group.


The convention centre was completed to accommodate the 1200 Sun delegates from all over China.  In front of the centre is a large carving that took six cranes to lift it into place.  On the back of the carving is the poem of Sun which has also been carved into the rock.



                                                                Buddhist Monastery

Both Buddhism and Confucianism are found at Dawu Village. The author regards Buddhism as representative of universal love while Confucianism is an expression of family love. This particular monastery is actually larger than pictured because it is U shaped.  It is right next door to the Sun Family Park with its five Confucian temples. 



                           One of five temples at the new Sun Temple Complex.  


Lily Sui-fong Sun  who is the granddaughter of Sun Yat-sen along with Sun Shuo and members of the extended Sun family pay homage to the founder of the Republic of China at a temple built in his honour. 

                                           Lily Sun Sui-fang    孫穗芳  
                               (Lily is the granddaughter of Sun Yat-sen)       



One of thirten new apartment buildings in Dawu village.  The goal is fifty apartment buildings. If this is fulfilled then Dawu and Langwushuang Villages will be joined. quickly.  How many cranes are operating at your village?


The 1200 Sun delegates were invited to the restaurant.  Recently, another 300 seats were added to the restaurant for a total of 1500 seats. During holidays it is filled to capacity.


At six warehouses the Dawu Group operates its animal feed operation.  This provides for the expansion of the village without the necessity for bank loans which are almost negligible. 



                                                          Fu Shan

Sun Dawu has been made protector of Fu Shan by the local government. All mining has now stopped and archaeological diggings were initiated and research supported. This is the site where The Yellow Emperor Huangdi or father of the Chinese civilization fought his battle around 3000 B.C. to unite the tribes. The Dawu Group has negotiated long term leases at five nearby mountains. Two businesses will be moved there. A hotel and restaurant will be built.  Finally, a conservation area will be created to promote eco-tourism.