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Lost Opportunity

                        Another Lost Opportunity for Canada

This report will be my last on this website. Therefore, I'll be brief. Canada has said that it wants trade with China and that it also values human and civil rights. However, in the past, only lip service has been paid to rights. In my opinion, having worked and lived in China since 1992, Canada could have found a balance with the Dawu Group--particularly after 2004. That was the year Dawu Group introduced the Private Entrepreneurial Constitutional System. It was the first in China and one of the first in the world to introduce and develop "ethical capitalism". It places people ahead of profit; yet, it is a highly profitable model. How many private enterprises or state-owned enterprises in China are debt free? One may ask the same question about private and public companies in Canada.

While I initially worked and lived in the city (Beijing) and in many other cities I did not ignore the countryside. Most Canadian and Americans though only want to live in the cities. About 15 years ago, I met an American businessman who came to Dawu Group. He was new to China. He came to Dawu Group to sell and he sold. I suggested to him that he establish his base at Dawu Group because Sun Dawu was one of the few Chinese he would be able to trust in business. Also, Sun could introduce him to like minded entrepreneurs. Instead, he chose Shanghai as his base. He was far removed from the poultry farming business and the farmers.

Canadians have either been unaware of Dawu Group or have totally ignored it. They certainly don't understand it. How could a farmer who is practical and down to earth also have developed a theoretical framework for an enterprise and city as a model for China in part through the guidance of UNIRULE which has been one of the leading, private think-tanks in China. It is impossible for Canadians even to imagine it let alone accept it.

Canadians understand Confucius as a philosopher who is famous for his aphorisms. They are generally unaware of how Confucianism based on the family and ancestor worship is the essence of China and has been that way for thousands of years. They would be baffled how Confucianism could be applied to a business model. That is exactly what Dawu Group has successfully done. At the heart of Dawu City and Group is the Confucian temple--as well as a Buddhist temple.

Farming is a kind of down to earth business. Therefore, Sun Dawu's outlook is quite practical. As a matter of fact, he defines "justice" as common sense. For example, he is looking to the courts to render a decision based on common sense in the plagarism or theft of the Group's intellectual property with respect to the Jinfeng strain of hen. However, his philosophy is surprisingly in harmony with the views of a leading private, economic think-tank called Unirule which argues that growth in the economy is based on private enterprise as opposed to state-owned enterprise.   

Personally, I admit that I can't keep up with the growth of Dawu Group. For example, its whole swine herd of 15,000 was devasted by swine flu in January 2019. It is now planning to raise 25,000 swine at a new facility in the countryside under a new enterprise. I am surprised to learn in the article below that Dawu Group has 9000 employees. That's half the size of my hometown. They will be expanding their enterprises in several areas. The Group has primary, secondary and tertiary industries. However, Canadians and Canadian businesses will not be part of any of it. That is because Canada does not have a cogent, coherent policy and strategy regarding China.

General Manager Liu Ping was invited to attend the 19th Fourth Plenary Session of Xushui District Party and the Forum of Entrepreneurs

On the morning of November 23, at 9:00 am, the "Presentation of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Xushui District Party of Baoding City and the Forum for Entrepreneurs" was held in the conference room on the sixth floor of the Xushui District Government.

Dawu Group has integrated the development of one, two, and three industries. It has been 35 years since 1984. It has more than 9,000 employees and an increase of 1,000 employees per year. The sub-industry breeding poultry, breeding pigs, and feed are all tax-exempt companies. Therefore, the government gives priority to industrial enterprises to the land index issue, which leads to almost no land use index. We hope that the government at all levels of land regulation will give strong support in 2020.

Great Wall, Juli, and Chenyang have undertaken a lot of taxation tasks, and correspondingly reduced the burden on agricultural and pastoral enterprises. On behalf of the agricultural and pastoral enterprises, I would like to thank the industrial enterprises that pay more taxes. In the next few years, our group will cultivate 2 to 3 companies that pay more than 10 million in taxes, such as hot springs and food industrial parks.

The "Large noon golden phoenix" independently cultivated by noon breeding poultry is the world's first. It won the first prize of provincial scientific and technological progress last year. Wang Dongfeng, the secretary of the provincial party committee, personally presented the award to me. Companies have dignity, and government leaders are also caring and recognizing us for tax-exempt companies; now the group does not have a penny loan, relying solely on its own funds to develop in a rolling way, and the way forward is very stable. Some of them are getting along with friends from all walks of life.

Everyone else feels that our group personnel are not good at speaking. In fact, we just say everything is true and serious. In the future, we hope that everyone will give us more valuable opinions. Some units have irregularities. Please ask government departments to help regulate and improve. I believe that under the leadership and supervision of Xushui District Party Committee and government at all levels, the development of Dawu Group will become better.




Let me ask you a simple question. Were you aware of the "Fifth Global Social Enterpreneur Ecology Forum? It was held in Beijing from November 2-3. One of the keynote speakers was Sun Dawu. I don't remember seeing it in the Western press--particularly of Canada, but also of United States and Great Britain. I don't believe that Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders who might be classified as socialists mentioned it as they prepared for Iowa. However, former Prime Minister of Australia--Kevin Rudd--was there. Yes, that's the same Kevin Rudd who accompanied Kissinger to meet President Xi Jinping five days later.

Did Canadians participate in the forum? Did our Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade (such a long designation) attend the forum? Did our new ambassador attend the forum? Was our new foreign minister in attendance? Whatever their titles they understand big SOE or state-owned enterprise. Can they see  "SEE" or Social Entrepreneurial Enterprise or "SEEE" Social Entrepreneurial Ecological Enterprise? Now, that extra "E" for Ecology is not just a symbolic affectation for Dawu Group because an important part of its business model is ecological and sustainable tourism.

Supervisor Sun Dawu was invited to participate in the Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum


November 5, 2019

        From November 2nd to 3rd, the "Fifth Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum" initiated by the Global Social Entrepreneurs Alliance in conjunction with Business Media Group, AirMedia Group, Beijing Huaxia School of Management, Shihua Group and other units was held in Beijing. The theme of this forum is "bearing the mission of the times and leading ecological growth". More than 1,400 guests including international and domestic influential guests, experts, scholars and social entrepreneurs participated. Supervisor Sun Dawu was invited to participate. Jin Fengyu, deputy chief of the group, Ji Weilian, assistant to the chairman of the board of supervisors, Li Qingpeng, deputy manager of Chuancheng Company, and Dong Yan, deputy manager of Chuancheng's comprehensive business department, accompanied the participants.

        On November 2nd, the guests shared the theme of social entrepreneurship. People's mind management, profit model, corporate heritage, social responsibility and other issues have now received widespread attention from entrepreneurs.


        On November 3rd, the forum shared themes: ecological growth, core competitiveness, sustainable operation. Supervisor Sun Dawu gave a keynote speech on “Constitution of Private Enterprises Labor-Management Republic”

        1. The "Constitution of Private Enterprises" system aims to blur ownership, consolidate the right to use, and share labor results. The system is not governed, but the constitutionalist sets limits. The group has a board of supervisors, a board of directors, and a council. The three powers of ownership, decision-making, and management are separated and coordinated and restricted. The "private enterprise constitution" system is easy to graft and manage for other systems.

        2. Dawu Group does not rely on the market economy and planned economy and independently develops "social economy". Its essence is "the society is an immortal enterprise, and the enterprise is an immortal society."

        3. The social responsibility of entrepreneurs is not to do good deeds,but to provide employees with better benefits and a better life for the local people. Entrepreneurs are responsible for employees and society.

        4. People's property, production, supply and marketing only exist at the same time in what is called the enterprise form. The enterprise is the sum of the relationships between people, including the relationship between the company and employees, between the company and the family, between the company and the society. It is harmonious, and such entrepreneurs are social entrepreneurs.

        After the meeting, the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors was interviewed by the business media. The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors pointed out that the fate must be in their own hands, and the company must operate with people's hearts internally and products outside. The "private enterprise constitution" system is applicable to other enterprises, but the difficulty lies in changing the thinking of the first generation. The future development of Dawu Group has no concept of making money, and the goal is to build Dawu City. Regarding the "private enterprise constitution" of private ownership, public governance, and sharing, it is actually the essence of socialism. The foundation of socialism is private, the essence is public governance, and labor results are shared.

        In this forum, the sharing of the Supervisor's Chairman Sun Dawu aroused the sympathy of the participants and the applause continued. After the sharing, the media and participating entrepreneurs took photos and exchanged views with the Supervisor's Chairman. The scene was enthusiastic. Dawu Group visited and studied. The organizer invited the chairman of the board of supervisors to participate in the Global Social Entrepreneur Forum next year.

Important guests at the conference: Former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Former President of San Marino Gian Franco Terenzi, President of Beijing Huaxia School of Management Jiang Lanxin, Chairman of Huatai Insurance Group Wang Zimu, Hangmei Media Ji Lianqiang, Chairman of the Group, Liu Qihui, Chairman of the Business Media Group, Liu Ji, Special Auditor of the State Council, Ding Liguo, Chairman of Delong Iron and Steel Industry Group, Wang Chunyi, Vice Chairman of the China Ecological Civilization and Promotion Association, and Xia, Chairman of Yiwen Group Hua, Li Jiaxiang, former Party Secretary of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Ma Weihua, former President of China Merchants Bank, Jiang Xipei, Chairman of Far East Holding Group, Xue Xiangdong, Chairman of Donghua Software Co., Ltd., Ma Bin, Vice President of Tencent Group, Chen Hong, Chairman of Hanergy Investment Group etc.




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April 14, 2020


If you cant find the source of Peach Blossom, you can build a big city!



Grass delicious, fallen flowers; Crossroad traffic, cocks; Chuitiao yellow hair, and contented from the music ......

--"Land of Peach Blossoms"

The original barren beach was built into a large midday city. There are cultivated fields, mulberry and bamboo, hotel hot springs, and loud books. Here, people's lives are comfortable and not luxurious, everyone is self-sufficient, every family is well-dressed, there is no high and low, and everyone is wealthy; here, no matter what position you do or what you do, you can be respected and play your value.

Many people are keen to pursue a peach blossom-style life, and yearn for harmony between people. In fact, this pleasant scene is not only present in the poems like Yangchun's white snow, but also in the hands of ordinary people. The Dawu people couldn't find the source of peach blossoms, so they built a Dawu city!


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