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                                                           Ren Zhengfei

The founder of Huawei says the Chinese tech giant is moving its U.S. research center to Canada due to American sanctions on the company.

In an interview with Toronto’s Global and Mail newspaper, Ren Zhengfei said the move was necessary because Huawei would be blocked from interacting with U.S. employees.

Huawei Technologies Ltd. is the No. 2 global smartphone brand and the biggest maker of network gear for phone carriers. U.S. authorities say the company is a security risk, which Huawei denies, and announced curbs in May on its access to American components and technology.


Markham headquartered Huawei Canada has already invested in 5G Research and Development in Ontario through a Markham Research Lab under the Liberal Wynn government

A new Huawei research center is not welcome in Canada until a decision by Canadians through an immediate, binding referendum is made concerning the Huawei 5G network. The  approach through economic concessions by Huawei to establish a research center while its executive is under arrest in Canada is too obvious a pandering to our Pandaesque minority government which see everything in terms of a black-white, mercantilist-monopolist state reflecting China's State Owned Enterprises. While Huawei is not state-owned it is state controlled which amounts to the same thing.

Intelligent Canadians and the Canadian Intelligence Security Service are quite aware of the risks already posed by Huawei's funding of research centers at Canadian universities. These partnerships could lead to the weaponization of patents. To compound the problem by establishing a new Huawei research center (probably in Vancouver where Mdme Meng is held) is to confound logic.

The incrementalist approach of Huawei takes advantage of the minority government's decision not to make a decision in order to present Canadians with a fait accompli through its own disguised, undercover, piecemeal actions such as floating a trial balloon of a prisoner trade without any moral or legal basis. The government is a minority because it did not listen to Canadians. It does not represent Canadians but rather represents a cabal of vested, Canada-China business interests.


German parliament to decide on Huawei 5G involvement, Merkel's CDU party agrees

2 hours ago

Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) overwhelmingly approved a motion on Saturday to debate in parliament the involvement of controversial tech firm Huawei in building the nation's 5G network.

But high-ranking members within her own party, including former minister Norbert Röttgen and the party's general secretary, Paul Ziemiak, categorically opposed the involvement of Huawei or any other companies tied to foreign-state interests from involvement in the project.

"No Chinese company is an independent company," Röttgen said, adding that Huawei’s involvement is principally "an imminent question of national security."

"Do we want to place that in the hands of a company from a country where completely different laws apply?” she told DW. "I view it critically to allow that to be decided alone by a single ministry and not by the Bundestag," she told DW.

Just days before CDU delegates met in Leipzig this weekend, nine security and foreign-policy experts with the CDU's coalition partners in Berlin, the center-left Social Democrats (SPD), openly called in a policy paper for Germany to exclude "non-trustworthy manufacturers, especially if unconstitutionally controlled interference, manipulation or espionage cannot be ruled out."

Meanwhile, the environmentalist Greens, currently nipping at the heels of Chancellor Merkel's CDU in polls, also categorically rule out Huawei's involvement in Germany's 5G network. That raises the possibility that opposition parties and unruly coalition partners could stop Huawei from bidding on the project, even with Germany's most powerful politician open to the prospect.



No room for communication monopolies in Canada to decide on the Huawei 5G issue. No room for backroom politics in Canada to settle the Huawei issue. No room for an alleged dispute between two Canadian intelligence agencies to delay decisions on the Huawei issue. Finally, no room for a minority government in Canada which got fewer votes than another party to choose or not to choose Huawei's participation in 5G across Canada.

A poll conducted by The Research Co. finds 68 per cent think the federal government should not allow Huawei to participate in the development of Canada’s 5G mobile networks. That should be enough indication that Canadians don't want Huawei 5G. However, to confirm the poll the author calls on the minority government to undertake without delay a binding referendum whether or not to allow Huawei to participate in Canada's 5G mobile networks. Also, the best way to settle a pipeline decision on another kind of infrastructure project is to add the question on the same ballot. Our election dealt with no substantive issues: let the referendum solve that inadequacy and insufficiency. Canadians deserve better than the worst possible outcomes.


                The almost unpronounceable Huawei

This teacher is retired. He does not wish to give a lesson to Liberal politicians (nor would it be welcomed) on how to pronounce the word "Huawei" in Chinese. He does not wish to remind them of the difference between the words "private" and "collective" as it applies to Huawei and, by the way, what is the meaning of the term "State-Owned Enterprise" in China. He regards it as a futile exercise to politely remind politicians that Canada's premier technological and by far its largest company called Northern Telecom was seemingly pillaged and plundered by Chinese agents leading coincidentally and apparently unconnected to the rise of Huawei. 

Do you honestly think that you can control an enterprise like Huawei by allowing them to sponsor testing facilities in Canada? Can you possibly comprehend the amount of data and information that is now being siphoned and sucked off under your noses as this company co-operates with universities and companies on state-of-the-art 5G networks? Surely, you are not naïve enough to believe that its activities are not part of the One Belt and One Road Program whose goal is world domination?
Are you so oblivious to common sense that you ignore how this situation may pose a threat to this nation's security and, in addition, undermine the security of the United States whose defence umbrella you depend on.  Our Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development is obviously oblivious to reality. 

It should be noted that lifting of American tariffs on Canada's steel and aluminum exports to the U.S. was not part of free-trade negotiations. An important reason these tariffs were imposed was because the Americans were particularly concerned about Chinese and Russian steel entering the United States from Canada. Of course, this is not ultra high-tech stuff, but basic manufacturing. 

The Americans claimed their imposition of tariffs was based on national security concerns without explicitly delineating those issues. Canadian Liberal politicians said this was ridiculous. They cited historical instances of how Canadians fought side by side with Americans in several wars. However, they totally ignored and sidestepped takeovers of ITF Technologies and Norsat International by Chinese concerns. Let the author ask a hypothetical question. Wouldn't a company like Huawei or other Chinese concern want to ensure that ITF and Norsat were in control of Chinese hands before it progressed with its 5G network in Canada? 

If one totally banned Huawei from Canada it would assuage American concerns about national security issues. It would allow Canada to remain in the Five Eyes intelligence network. You will remember how the old Northern Telecom building or headquarters of the DND had not met the standard for the Five Eyes Group since 2013 when it was reported that electronic eavesdropping devices were found at the Carling Campus. If the author recalls correctly it was said that DND staff switched from computer to handwritten notes. This is not a remake of Back to the Future but rather a journey to Pellucidar in Back to the Stone Age. 

Finally, with the banning of Huawei, you would see how American tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum would miraculously disappear when proper safeguards were put in place and the arrangements were properly negotiated. By that it is meant, in part, that there would have to be a co-ordination of implementation in both countries of the Magnitsky Act. Currently, it is not being fully applied in Canada with regard to a steel company controlled by a Russian oligarch.  

D.卡尔顿 罗西

D. Carlton Rossi