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Hong Kong Coronavirus


Exclusive: Beijing completely broke their promise on Hong Kong, says veteran democrat Martin Lee


Verna Yu

April 19, 2020

Things took a dramatic turn over the past week. Lee was one of the 15 prominent pro-democracy figures arrested by police on Saturday on charges of illegal assembly for their involvement in unapproved protests last year. The arrests took place just hours after China’s Liaison Office declared it is not bound by the Basic Law, which bars the Chinese government from interfering in local affairs. Earlier in the week, Liaison Office’s chief, Luo Huining, called for national security legislation to be urgently passed amid accusations of overreach by Beijing into the city’s legislative council and judiciary.

After he was released on bail on Saturday, Lee told reporters that he felt “relieved” and had “no regrets”. “After months of witnessing youths being arrested and prosecuted while I stayed out of it, I actually felt guilty… I feel proud to walk the road of democracy with these outstanding youths in Hong Kong.”

In his interview with HKFP, Lee urged young people to put their hopes in the Legco election in September and endeavour to fight for the “best results” to rebalance the seesaw of power.



Hong Kong GDP

April 19, 2020

Mr. Jekielek: Kyle, I’m thinking of something that Alan Leung, one of the perennial pro-democracy people in Hong Kong, said. He said in Hong Kong they have a saying, “if we burn, you’ll burn with us”, i.e., if Hong Kong burns, China will burn as well. You recently showed me your Q1 report for Hong Kong, and honestly, my mouth was wide open. I was kind of feeling the fear. What is the reality around Hong Kong that you can talk about economically right now?

Mr. Bass: So you already have a significant uprising of the Hong Kongers. You saw a massive part of their population peacefully protest in the streets of Hong Kong this last summer, and what did you see happen? You saw their economy in the third and fourth quarter of last year drop north of a 10% real rate of GDP. It was clocking at the end of the fourth quarter down more than 15% of GDP. For those of you that aren’t economists, when you’re down 10% real GDP, that is not a recession, that is a depression. They are the most levered economy in the world. Their banks are 850% of their GDP and assets, and so when you think back to the European crisis, you had Iceland, Ireland and Cyprus. Remember how those dominoes fell? They fell in order of the size of the banking system. Those banking systems were enormous and they went unchecked. And so at the very first sign of loss, it detonated the entire sovereign.


Hong Kong Protests and Reaction

                                                 during COVID-19

Hong Kong Free Press


Yuen Long’s transport interchange has long been the home of a large pro-democracy Lennon Wall, with messages of support for the anti-extradition law movement.


Messages called protesters “rioters,” took aim at democrat Lam Cheuk-ting, and called for the legislation of the Article 23 national security law. As some protesters attempted to remove the new posters, police officers shouted: “Do not litter.”


At around 9:15pm, Yuen Long District Council Chair Zachary Wong was arrested at Yuen Long MTR station. According to InMedia, he was searched by police officers and was asked to show his ID card. With his arms bent behind his back, the police officer said Wong was resisting so was arrested, InMedia reported


Dr Davison: Hong Kong govt’s use of hotels for Covid-19 quarantine is a recipe for disaster

by Dr Ariane M. Davison

April 30, 2020

Morning arrivals into HKIA would be allowed to wait at the airport for their test results, but afternoon arrivals, regardless of their port of origin, would now to be transported by bus and held overnight at the Regal Oriental Hotel in Kowloon City to await their test results.

Hong Kong was one of the first countries to mandate universal testing for all arrivals, and one of the key factors that supported this was the utilization of AWE, with its unique size, structure, and proximity to the airport.

The facility also allowed for appropriate social distancing, is highly ventilated, and easy to disinfect fully as the key surfaces – plastic and cement – are non-porous.

In contrast, hotels are not suitable for use as quarantine centres. It is highly disturbing that the Government has made this choice, apparently having forgotten the frightening lessons learned during the 2003 SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, when a SARS-infected individual staying in a room of the Metropole Hotel in Kowloon infected seven other people on the same floor of the hotel.


To use an unsuitable hotel seems to be a classic case of feather-bedding.


In Hong Kong, officials work to stop another kind of outbreak: democracy

Michael Bociurkiw

Special to The Globe and Mail

April 20, 2020

But the crackdown appears to be more of an attempt to tamp down dissent ahead of anniversaries in June and July, as well as crucial Legislative Council elections in September.

The roundup – the largest of pro-democracy leaders in Hong Kong in a single day – is a clear signal that Beijing, and its obedient administrators in Hong Kong, will not allow the COVID-19 pandemic to dull its ability to quash dissent, whether in the former British territory, Xinjiang or elsewhere. Since the outbreak of protests last year, police have arrested more than 7,800 people, including many on rioting charges that carry jail terms of up to 10 years.



14 Hong Kong pro-democracy figures arrested in latest police round up, party says

Hong Kong Free Press

Rachel Wong

April 18, 2020

Last year, the police had declared that demonstrations in various districts on China’s National Day were riots. They also warned protesters to evacuate after they had occupied main roads following a large-scale assembly at Causeway Bay’s Victoria Park on August 18. The unrest came during months of “leaderless” demonstrations against a now-axed extradition bill.



Coronavirus: Hong Kong shipping firms under fire as face mask frenzy causes weeks-long delivery backlog


Kelly Ho

March 07, 2020

People who have ordered face masks online are complaining about delays to their parcels, while freight consolidators say they are working flat out to keep up with a huge increase in demand for their services.

The mask-buying frenzy quickly cleared shelves on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon US and Japan, Rakuten Global Market and Gmarket. Since some sellers would only ship their products domestically, or charge expensive rates for international shipping, many people in Hong Kong had to rely on local consolidators to send their face mask orders home in bulk.



Ex-localist leader Edward Leung transferred to maximum-security prison

HKFP March 6, 2020

Rachel Wong

Leung was the spokesperson of the now inactive localist party Hong Kong Indigenous which advocated Hongkongers’ “self-determination” for the city’s future. He ran in the Legislative Council New Territories (East) By-election in 2016 and was convicted of rioting as he campaigned during the unrest in Mong Kok in 2016. During the Lunar New Year festivities, bloody clashes broke out between protesters and police, triggered by the authorities’ attempts to clear street hawkers.

The news of his transfer first emerged on Wednesday as opposition lawmaker Cheng Chung-tai, chair of Civic Passion, said on Facebook that an inmate had received enough letters and Christmas cards to fill a suitcase. He speculated as to the reason for the transfer: “Maybe there was sensitive content, maybe some maniacs said they would break into the prison, maybe the Communists set him up, maybe the Department made a great deal out of it… To conclude, after receiving these cards the inmate was transferred to a Category A prison with maximum security…”

有一位在囚人士,在聖誕期間收到了一堆如行李喼大小的書信及聖誕卡。可能內裡有一些敏感內容;可能有人瘋狂地說要劫獄;可能是土共借機��佢一鑊;可能是署方玩嘢小題大做⋯⋯結論是,這位囚友在收到這些卡後,被調柙至最高設防級別的 Cat….