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A board decision-making body is not a diplomatic occasion. At voting time, policymakers are not allowed to abstain! That is, a decision-maker must take responsibility. Abstaining also shows an attitude, but it is non-participatory, noncommittal and irresponsible.

The Civil Rights Movement in China and the Total Lunar Eclipse Tetrad of 2003-2004

It may be said that the civil rights movement in the United States gained impetus with the arrest and conviction of Martin Luther King for participation in anti-segregation mass-meetings, protests and sit-ins in Birmingham Alabama which began in April 1963. In the “Letter from Birmingham Jail” he argued that individuals have a moral duty through non-violence to disobey unjust laws.

However, it took four decades or rather eight five-year plans for the civil rights movement to begin in China. The year 2003 marked its emergence and one remarkable man came to the forefront–-Sun Dawu. The self-educated farmer and Confucian philosopher and poet  was on the verge of establishing Dawu Red Deer College through legal contracts which had been signed  to complement Dawu Group's school of 2000 students at a model village. Agreements were also signed with several universities as well as a Dalian hotel management school and a Japanese nanny training institute while the final stages of an agreement through a member of the Youth Communist League representing a chain of Mongolian schools was forthcoming.   There was only one more thing to do. The self-educated farmer was invited to give a key-note address at Peking University in the capital. One man was listened to by many on his Confucian views held by millions of Chinese throughout the ages.  He struck a chord. 

However, local officials in Xushui, Hebei were appalled by what they considered to be unorthodox ideas and ideals in a post-modernist world of which they had little understanding.  He was admonished for having spoken publicly about issues that should have remained private. This reaction was rather perplexing to some since the word “private” did not seem to exist in China. 

It was not long afterwards that Sun Dawu was arrested on the seemingly unrelated charge of illegal fund-raising. This charge according to his defense lawyer, Dr. Xu Zhiyong (who is currently serving a four year sentence for expression of civil rights’ issues) and Dean of Law Professor Jiang Ping could “theoretically forbid all borrowing and lending outside of official channels”. 

The Great Noon Sun received unprecedented support from all quarters. They included the peasants, scholars, entrepreneurs, and net citizens. International news organizations were quick to pick up the story by labelling him as a Confucian entrepreneur and Robin Hood. As a result, the court favored him with probation as a sentence. It should be noted though that he spent 160 days in jail without bail while his businesses fell apart.

There is a complementarity of events and timelines with those in the celestial sphere. The first tetrad of lunar eclipses began in 2003.  To be specific, it was the first tetrad of four consecutive total lunar eclipses of the 21st century. On May 16, 2003 a total lunar eclipse lasting 53 minutes was viewed.  

Less than two weeks later, on May 27th 2003, Sun Dawu was arrested at a dinner party given by Party officials. Two brothers were arrested, too. The poet D. Carlton Rossi was put under house arrest without the ability to contact a lawyer.  

To highlight matters though there was another celestial phenomenon which pertained to Sun. It was an annular solar eclipse on May 31st.  As a consequence there was an extraordinary geometry displayed according to NASA. The path of the annularity ran from east to west instead of vice versa. 

The second, Total Lunar Eclipse (TLE) took place on November 09, 2003. It may well do now to define a TLE. It is where the moon traverses the Earth’s penumbral and umbral shadows. This eclipse followed Sun’s conviction and release on probation which took place on November 03, 2003.

The third, Total Lunar Eclipse took place on May 04, 2004. Prior to this date, Sun Dawu was commenting on the concept of “Original Sin” in terms of the proposed amendment to the Constitution.  He said “I can see the aim of the document is to provide a better policy environment, but I can’t see the specific benefit, at least for now”.

The final, Total Lunar Eclipse took place on Oct. 28th 2004. At this time, Sun was formulating his own far-reaching constitutional system based on models in ancient China, Great Britain and the United States. In November, the Family Based Constitution with Republican overtones was implemented on a trial basis. It was perfected over time. Five elections have ensued so far at the village level. 

The first tetrad of Total Lunar Eclipses of the 21st century which is mentioned above covers the period 2003-2004. The second tetrad which is mentioned further on covers the years 2014-2015. Only one Total Lunar Eclipse remains.  It is projected to take place on September 28th, 2015.  Recent events of tumultuous turmoil in China seem to presage a momentous occasion. To say the least there is unharmonious nous between the celestial and terrestrial. The countdown app which counts time toward that date (which is traditionally recognized as Confucius’ birthday) gets closer. 

To put it into perspective, it will be the last Total Lunar Eclipse of a double set of tetrads.  They comprise a total of eight Total Lunar Eclipses. Traditionally, September 28th marks the birth of Confucius.  An eclipse about 2500 years ago marked his birth and this year a total lunar eclipse marks his birthday.  


Super Moon over Canada on September 27-28, 2015

The significance of the 8th Total Lunar Eclipse

The significance of the 8th Total Lunar Eclipse of the set of Tetrads involving the years 2003-2004 and 2014-2015 is becoming more evident.  On September 27-28, 2015 there was a Super Moon. The moon was at its perigree.   Therefore, it was 14% larger and 30% brighter than an ordinary Moon. 

There were significant human events that related to that time period.  Most notably were the visits to America of the President of the People’s Republic of China whose name is President Xi Jinping.  The President visited Seattle, Washington and New York.  In New York, he gave a speech to the General Assembly at its 70th opening session.

In Washington, President Obama welcomed two significant world leaders; namely, President Xi Jinping and Pope Francis who is more popularly known as Papa Francisco.  In New York, President Obama who represents the host of the UN and is President of the United States gave a comprehensive speech to representatives of about 200 countries. 

There was the extraordinary visit of Pope Francis to three American cities.  In Washington, ceremonies were held on the back lawn of the White House for about 15,000 people.  In New York, he visited the site of the fountain honoring those who lost their lives in the fall of the World Trade Center and held Mass.  Finally, in Philadelphia or the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, he celebrated a Mass to Masses to over 1,000,000. 


The Total Lunar Eclipse on September 27-28 as seen from Canada.

On the author’s website there was posted a short tract entitled The Year of the Two Suns.  It looked at the year of 2OO3 or the beginning of the first Tetrad of Total Lunar Eclipses.  It reiterated the view of the civil rights’ activist and defender, Dr. Xu Zhiyong, that 2OO3 marked the beginning of the civil rights’ movement in the People’s Republic of China.  There were two sons of China who were crucial to its inception;   namely, Sun Zhigang (孙志刚) and Sun Dawu (孙大午).

On September 14, 2015 a road near Dawu Village was blocked bandits. The Dawu Group reacted by petitioning the Xushui government for free movement. Then, a peaceful demonstration and march was organized on September 24, 2015 by 1000 villagers. It was not opposed by either police or authorities. 

                                          The Moon of Sun

The moon is very beautiful, very bright, very lonely! The stars are gone?


Sun Dawu September 28 2015

The Total Lunar Eclipse coincided with the birthday of an important philosopher and teacher.  It was the birthday of Confucius who is known in China by the name of Kongzi.  Last year, at this time, there was an important state recognition of Confucius at his hometown which the author observed. 

For the poet, this date represented the beginning of a new poem called Poetic Analytic Imagery through the synthesis of 山上山 and 山过山 in an analysis called Poetic Analytics of Imagery through Stream of Consciousness and Unconsciousness. 

Despite the importance of all these events there was something that eclipsed them all in the heavens. It began with the Total Lunar Eclipse at the time of a Super Moon. The Moon turned a copperish-reddish color.  It was reflecting sunrises and sunsets all over the world.  While this spectacular event was transpiring the author noticed the red planet Mars which was basically facing it.  It was rather ordinary and no match for the bright Venus the night before. 

However, the color of the Moon at the moment of the Total Lunar Eclipse was coinciding with the red color of the planet Mars.  It was a harbinger of a momentous event in human history. This was the discovery of water on the planet Mars. The discovery of water is not so important to determine whether or not there was life on Mars. The discovery of water is not so important to determine whether or not there is life on Mars.  However, the discovery of water by NASA is important because it will mean that Mars is a habitable planet.  It may help to preserve the human race and life on this planet which is reaching a tipping point in terms of climate change. 



                              NASA image of water on Mars
                              Credits: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

D. Carlton Rossi

September 28, 2015

                                  The Eclipses

Confucius recorded thirty-seven eclipses of the sun as seen from the state of Lu (lat. 35” 40 N and 117 E.)  It should be noted that the philosopher himself was born on the 20th day after the eclipse of the sun. The Julian Date of the eclipse would have been August 31st 552 B.C.  “In the year Wu-shin (45th of the cycle), being the 20th of Sian Kung, in winter, the day of the 10th moon being Ping-chin (the 53d of the cycle of days), the sun was eclipsed”.  Records provided by NASA confirm this date.

 03463 -552 August 31 11:01:31  17893 -31556  55   A   nn -0.0767 0.9391   7N  88E  86  227  07m59s  2.NASA

It is necessary though to convert the Julian day to a Gregorian one. First, twenty days is added to August 31st to bring it to September 20th. This Julian date can be converted to 15197088.5 which is September 26th, 2015 (Gregorian). By the way, Sun Yat-sen was the first to introduce the Gregorian system to China after the fall of the Qing Dynasty.  

This means that Confucius was born about September 26th; although, a slight adjustment is made for Dawu Village time. The anniversary of his birth date is traditionally celebrated on September 28th.

It so happens that there was a partial eclipse of the sun on September 13, 2015. However, the anniversary of the birth date is most remarkably highlighted by a total eclipse of the moon. This is especially notable because it will be the last lunar eclipse in a series of four which include total eclipses of the moon on the following dates in reverse chronological order: September 28 2015, April 04, 2015, October 08, 2014, and April 15, 2014. The time lapse photography shows the lunar eclipse over North Amerciaca.  It could also be seen in western China.


The most remarkable coincidence though seems to be that there was an eclipse of the moon which was visible throughout China on another important date or Tomb Sweeping day on April 04, 2015 when ancestors are revered. The duration of the eclipse as seen from Shanghai was five hours and fifty-eight minutes. One might consider that these two dates are linked in terms of the heavens where the emphasis is on Confucius and ancestors. 


                       April 04, 2015 Lunar Eclipse 5. 

It may be that the Confucian poet and philosopher SUN Dawu who recently built several temples to his ancestors accords with the will of heaven. Those temples were completed at the time of the October 8th 2014 total lunar eclipse. There were certainly many offerings made to not only the ancestors of the Sun family, but also to Buddha and to Huangdi and Yandi. This period also corresponded to the 30th anniversary of the Dawu Group.

In relation to the first of the series of lunar eclipses which began on April 15th, 2014, it was at this time that Sun Dawu strongly criticized former head of public security Zhou Yongkang. Zhou was arrested for corruption. Sun said that “If Zhou Yongkang was involved in mafia groups he should be treated as a head of a gang to be punished.”  

In times past, the Chinese paid attention to unusual occurrences in the sky. Solar and lunar eclipses were of particular importance.  It was thought by the superstitious that the sun was being consumed by a dragon and the moon by a toad. These calamitous events presaged famine and disease.

However, at least one poet of China interpreted these occurrences in terms of complementarity. They highlighted the fact that even though both the sun and moon were of different masses and distances from the earth that they nevertheless appeared to the observer to be almost the same size in the sky. 

The sun is without and within the earth as
the moon is outside and inside the earth.

The sizeable sphere of the sun is as
the same size of the diminutive moon.

Revelation  D. Carlton Rossi  copyright  2015)

In the poem called Golden Sol, a harmonious dance is described between a static and dynamic pattern of stars. They form a new asterism or constellation called 至聖 星座
or Kong Greatest Sage Constellation. (D. Carlton Rossi  trademark  2007-15).  This joins stars from two different constellations on both sides of the Milky Way. In the painting called 和谐 or Harmony by the Russian painter Sasha Burka, the constellation becomes visible during the daytime at a particular time and space. This unusual circumstance is manifested because there is an eclipse of our sun which becomes the eighth star of the constellation. Its arc is representative of the horn of the Qilin of the skies whose counterpart is mirrored in the dorsal fin of the Orca of seas pointed to by the horned Narwhale.


(D. Carlton Rossi  trademark  2007-15)  Painter Sasha Burka of Linyi University, Shandong Province


                                         Poem 7

The complementarity of eclipses is also expressed in an I’mage poem of the Banpo poetry series called Poem 7  The eclipses represent a rejuvenation and rebirth.  On the left is an eclipse of the moon. The bullfrog bellows its mating call and then swallows the moon. The astronomer Chang Hêng has written that Chang-ngo, who drank the liquor of immortality, ascended to the moon, where she was transformed into a toad, still to be traced in its face. The following quote from "Revelation" depicts Chang. 

Twenty-twenty eyeslighted by lunar shadedown as

white plate Chang E to copperish sphere.

On the right side of I’mage is depicted an eclipse of the sun.  It is the Ouroboros cyclically circling the sun. It eats its own tail and therein recreates itself in an eternal return.  On the left side is the frog that eats the moon.

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D. Carlton Rossi  copyright 2015

 Prediction of Eclipses

As an historian, Confucius recorded the dates of eclipses; however, it is unknown if he could have predicted them.  It was though, of importance to astronomers and emperors to be able to predict them. Prediction suggested harmonization with the heavens.

The inability to predict certain eclipses might imply “moral imperfection in the emperor’s person, for it was his virtue that allowed him to keep in harmony with the rhythms of the cosmos”.1 For example, about 2300 B.C.E. or the reign of Emperor Shun, the astronomers Hi and Ho may have been lackadaisical or to have neglected their duties. Therefore, they were commanded to build a dome of the sky divided into degrees with earth at the center.2   Apparently, their descendants whose names were also Hi and Ho were beheaded for failing to predict an eclipse of the sun. The emperor had been unable to make preparations to ward off the evil influences which threatened harmony.

Today, one might humorously think of the song of the seven dwarfs.  The dwarfs were miners. They used to sing “Heigh ho, Heigh ho, it’s off to work we go”. The dwarfs were mining for diamonds and rubies.  Figuratively speaking, though, they might be considered to be mining the stars from the seven stars of the Big Dipper.                                      

Two of those stars of the dipper have spent their fuel. They don’t work so hard at mining. Perhaps they are the descendants of Hi and Ho. There is Megrez which is a white sequence main dwarf. This star is the dimmest of the seven. In the thigh of the bear is Phecda or Phad which has the same classification.  Actually, there are five A dwarfs in the Big Dipper which include Merek-A1, Phecda-A0, Megrez-A3, Alioth-A0, and Mizar-A2.3

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Access and egress roads are blocked with berms which created chaos for four hours.  There was little official reaction by authorities to the crisis which took place just prior to the Total Lunar Eclipse on September 28, 2016.


A seemingly stricken woman who blocks the road is consoled by medical staff of Dawu Group.  This adds to the confusion and four hour delay in opening the road on September 14, 2015. 


Traffic chaos ensues with the blockage of roads. It leads to a financial loss of roughly 170,000 yuan to Dawu Group.  Emergency access to the hospital is blocked. Freedom of movement and commerce is denied.  Oz-like omnipotent officials from the local government seem impotent in dealing legally and expeditiously with the crisis. 


Organizers instruct participants in how to conduct an effective and peaceful march.


Protesters are bounded by corn fields on one side and development at Dawu subsidiary on the other side. 


Protesters implement The Art of Protest by Sun in a two hour march which might be termed The Short March to demand police protection from bandits interfering with freedom of movement and commerce.


Demonstrators travel down the five kilometer road built by the Dawu Group in cooperation with local farmers to provide better access to the village. The road had to be private because there was no local government support for the project. Yet a toll gate at the entrance rakes in millions for the government.  


Sun Dawu who is leading the  protest is flanked by his two brothers in white on the five kilometer protest. 


Wife of Sun Dawu carries red and yellow sign next to her husband on her right side. 


Protesters reach underpass near Toll Booths at entrance of highway to Tianjin. Dawu Village is at a critical juncture between Tianjin and Baoding which have recently become important administrative centers.  Tianjin is the fourth largest city in China, too. 


This photo of September 24, 2015 reminds me of the famous picture of The Beatles at Abbey Road zebra crossing on September 25, 1969. The marchers though are many in number. They are out of step, but with a single voice. They are unified. In a sense, they are non-conformists because they are about to walk across the zebra crossing. It is not a government road though--it is Sun's road. At heart, they are expressing Sun's philosophy of self-governance on The Way. Here Comes the Sun.


The Beatles are walking with the zebra crossing. This picture is within the genre of satire because it satirized conformism. They are waking in step, but away from EMI Studios where they had recorded their songs for seven years. Lennon is leading the revolt in his angelic looking suit. He had privately left the group before the album's release. Paul wears a suit, but wears no shoes on a hot pavement. George appears in denim. The basic form of the their bodies represents four peace symbols, but the four pieces are to break-up from The Beatles in the coming year.


This petition was submitted by Dawu Group to the Xushui government on September 23, 2015 regarding the events of September 14, 2015.

PEACEFUL MARCH            

Dawu Group reacts to road closure with petition to Xushui government. On the following day of September 24, 2015, one thousand villagers conduct a peaceful demonstration demanding freedom of movement and commerce.

                                            The Sun Flag                          

                                    Peaceful Demonstration

Mr. Zhang Shuguang said that the presence of state-owned enterprises to suppress the growth of private enterprise. When private enterprises encounter difficulties, the local government does not act, is itself a kind of act, this attitude condone people against private enterprises. It is difficult for private enterprises to get fair treatment.

张曙光先生表示,国企的存在压制了民营企业的成长。当民营企业遭遇困难时,地方政府的不作为,本身也是一种作为,这种态度纵容了侵害民企的人,民企很难得到公正待遇。 October 6, 2015



Sun Dawu: An Enterprise Board System needs to be established

January 24, 2016        (translated excerpts)

The first edition of Robert's Rules was published in February 1876 by then U.S. Army Major Henry Martyn Robert ((1837-1923) with the short title Robert's Rules of Order.

US politicians have a "Robert's Rules" which involve a detailed insight into human nature. There are conferences devoted to the Chair of the rules, there are rules made and for the expression of different views, there are rules relating to the debate. All of these are very, important, different voting rules. In fact, I think the family business has to have such a meeting on rules.

For example, in order to avoid disputes and ensure a variety of opinions to be fully expressed, the two sides can not talk directly to each other or to interrupt someone midway, and only speak indirectly to a "dumb Speaker" in accordance with the rules. Otherwise, if the disagreement is between two speakers then bickering will ensue and the result will probably be that nothing can be accomplished.

The Way

Hongshan culture epitomizes the Neolithic era in Inner Mongolia as it borders Liaoning and Hebei. Shamans decorated drums with the symbols of Venus and the constellation of the Great Bear. The main tradition of Hongshan culture was the Wu.  It represented the Way of Spirit of the Great Bear.                

A primitive rock carving was discovered by Wu Jiacai in 2006. The Neolithic stone carving was found on Baimiaozi Mountain near Chifeng City in northwest Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It showed an earth sign which meant to flourish. “The Wu character was represented by a spoon or seven with the character for cliff or steep slope or the top of the mountain.” It has been interpreted as showing the seven stars of the Big Dipper.

The poet imaginatively interprets the Wu character as a five star equilateral triangle called The Way.  (D. Carlton Rossi copyright 2015) within The Great Bear Constellation. It resembles a mountain.  At the top of the triangle is a Yellow Giant binary star called Dubhe or the Alpha star of the Bear.  It was also known by the Chinese as the "Pivot" 樞 (sû) or 天樞 Tiān Shū star of the Celestial Pivot. It was also known as 北斗一 or First star of the Big Dipper at the centre of the Purple Forbidden Enclosure.

It, too, may be said to sit on the top and middle of what might be termed The Great Bear Rectangle or GBR (D. Carlton Rossi copyright 2015) This rectangle on the back of the bear resembles to some extent the North Circumpolar Rectangle (NCP) on the back of the Sphinx which is topped by another pivot star known as 11 Draconis and its binary companion 10 Draconis or the pole star(s) in 3000 B.C.E.  It was called the Celestial Nail by the Mongol indigenous people.

There are four more important stars in the triangle called The Way (D. Carlton Rossi copyright 2015).  There is Merak or the Beta star. It was known by the Chinese as "Beautiful jade" (sen). Today, Dubhe and Merak point to the present pole star called Polaris (binary star) in Ursae Majoris or the Little Bear.  However, in the past, they formed a line running to Psi Ursae Majoris (ψ) or Ta Tsun--which sounds like the contemporary pinyin version of Da Sun. One might also say that Ta Tsun points to Merak and then Dubhe.


At the right corner of the equilateral triangle is a star called Theta UM which is on the front leg of the Bear. Further up on the right side of the triangle and parallel with Merak is the star known as Phi UM (φ). One might say that Theta and Phi point to Dubhe or the second brightest star (despite its Alpha designation) in The Great Bear Constellation.

It so happens, too, that a larger rectangle can be drawn which includes the GBR on top. This incorporates two companion triangles in addition to The Way. The left side of the left triangle has three stars. There is Ta Tsun, Phecda (Phad) and Megrez. They point to the pole star of 3000 B.C.E. known as 11 Draconis. In the opposite direction they point to Regulus or the heart of the Leo Constellation or Neo Leo (D. Carlton Rossi copyright 2015).

Recently, a pyramid was discovered on the side of a mountain near Sijiazi Town, Aohan County of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is credited to Hongshan culture about 5000-6000 years ago. Does it correspond to The Way and/or the small equilateral triangle which bears the same name and whose stars are Dubhe and Merak at the GBR and Big Dipper?

Chinese Pyramids and Stepped Pyramids

The role of the pyramids and stepped pyramids is not fully understood.  Both appear to bring heaven and earth together.  However, the method of achieving this goal seems to differ.  The pyramid seems to point to the celestial realm. One might interpret the pyramid discovered at Sijiazi Town, Inner Mongolia in this way.  Its heavenly representation in the form of an equilateral triangle in the Great Bear Constellation points through the Great Bear Rectangle (GBR) to Alpha Ursae Majoris or Dubhe. The star Dubhe, in turn, mirrors the former pole star or Alpha 11 Draconis at the top of the North Circumpolar Rectangle (NCP).      

In contrast, the trapezoid-shaped, stepped pyramid seems to join with heaven. For example, it may have seven levels or six levels and then a platform which meets heaven.  It does not go through the GBR though it meets it.  The platform or top level allows the performance of priestly ceremonies and sacrifices.

An example of a stepped pyramid is Jiangjunfen or the so-called General’s Tomb 军坟 at the foot of Longshan Mountain which is near Jian, Jilin Province.  The base is square. The tomb consists of seven layers of marble stones. It is uncertain why the General’s Tomb has seven levels. On one hand, they may match the seven stars of the Big Dipper.  More probably, they may correspond to the seven ancient planets or Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and the sun and moon.

The trapezoidal form of the General’s Tomb might be represented by the trapezoidal lower half of The Way equilateral triangle in the Great Bear Constellation. Technically, the heavenly quadrilateral is an isosceles trapezoid. This means it has one pair of parallel sides.  It meets the Great Bear Rectangle.

Kong Greatest Sage Constellation