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Sun Dawu is the founder of Hebei Dawujituan and is currently a member of Dawujituan Board of Supervisors. He is Senior Researcher of China Agricultural University Institute of Peasant Issues; as well as, a Special Researcher at the Private Economic Research Institute.

                       Kiowa Trail

We came up the trail from Texas
in the spring of '74,

and bedded our herd on the short grass
beyond the railroad.

We cleaned our guns and washed our necks
and dusted our hats for town,

riding fifteen strong to the hitching rail
and standing fifteen strong to the bar.

Louis L'Amour

Louis L'Amour, Kiowa Trail, Bantom Books Inc., New York: 1964.

孙大午:今天我们不聊信任 只谈职责


Sun Dawu: Today, we do not talk only
about  responsibilities of trust

Hebei Province

The incumbent may at the beginning of work rely on gratitude of trust for thanks to the gratitude of return to work conscientiously. However, this reliance on the supervision of the people can not be long since people are in a dynamic state of change. The incumbent cannot forever maintain the heart of gratitude when the sensibility of the people to promote the role is getting smaller and smaller. With the lack of rational constraints the power has become a runaway mustang. East and West are in a sudden rampage. A wounding injury means that trust has become a necessity to live up to.

At present, our society emphasizes responsibility, rather than pay attention to trust. People's general psychology is that responsibility has a business-like meaning, but there is a human touch to trust.

In enterprise, especially regarding the employment problem, the employer always upholds the principle that only trusted people will be promoted to appointments and only confidants will be entrusted with the task, the result is what? The result is often that trust is disappointed.The reason is that the employer gives power based on trust, but not on clear responsibilities. The responsibilities are not fulfilled.  

Leadership is surrounded by subordinates all day long who compliment. They are full of eyeful singing and dancing Sheng. They are full of praises of songs for the ears. They do not see the real situation. They can not hear the real voice. There is no real basis for doing and making the right decision. Over time, the entire enterprise will consist of bad habits which erode into evil. There is no emphasis on duty, but trust is stressed on the individual and leadership. This is bad for the entire enterprise.

This trust-based employment thinking has led directly to the "eyes staring at the leadership look" style of work. Because the power is based on the leadership of trust given to them and since trust is a mysterious psychological state that can at any time change then the incumbent will feel ill at ease without end at any time so that fear of leadership is also to trust not themselves.

Eyes staring at the leadership at work will not let go of hands and feet. Leadership is always thinking about how I would like to do the work of leadership?  I do the work of leadership, but am not satisfied with it? Time and effort are wasted in the "speculation on the meaning of", in accordance with the wink of leadership is to act on their own without thinking and will ignore the improvement of their work.

Our private corporate constitutional system focuses on responsibility and not trust.

Take the board of directors who are elected of the group with me or other leaders who do not trust them as  trust does not matter. At this time, human sensibility is not always a disadvantage since attention is paid to responsibilities. For directors to trust a few people alone is not possible, and every year hundreds of cadres and workers vote and not everyone knows you or  trusts you. They vote on the basis of performance. The work performance is to see if you are not doing their own work. It is possible to be elected as a director only if there is a result.

After the election of directors the issue is not how to please a few leaders, but to let hundreds of voters recognize themselves so that they make achievements in their work in order to stay. If there are no results then in the next election the candidate  is unsuccessful. Not only the appointment and removal of directors takes place, but the appointment of cadres and their dismissal is the case. If cadres of Afternoon Group do not do a good job on promotion then changes are volatile. Meteoric promotions will not appear because a big leader trusts and value you, but rather with performance. Do not always think at work of how the leader will see you as long as you do your own good work. Based on consumer satisfaction leaders cannot withdraw such cadres.

This requires clear responsibilities of the various units of the Group which are clearly defined in two ways: one is clear responsibility to the individual and the second is the scope of public duties. With regard to clear responsibilities to individuals it means they know their own terms of reference and can remind themselves to do their jobs. This role means that he can play a supervisory role by working on a problem and finding the direct responsibility of the people. This supervision is not just to trace responsibility, but more importantly to fill the deficiencies in the work by improving work methods through lessons learned.

Dawu Group allows employees to make mistakes, but is also willing to pay tuition fees to employees. However, employees should learn something through  tuition. If the tuition is paid but there are no results then it means the responsibility is not a clear cause.

Open and transparent responsibilities mean that people know who do something should not take the long way to go, but rather go directly to the responsible person to solve the problem. This will greatly improve work efficiency. The name, contact information, photos and other contents of the members of the Group are open to the public. The content of this announcement needs to be supplemented, and the scope of duties needs to be open and transparent. Open and transparent responsibilities can also involve the role of supervision which can act as  a spur to a responsible person.

Enterprises should focus on responsibilities rather than trust.

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                               DAWUJITUAN GROUP STRUCTURE


Dawujituan is a private enterprise, the "clear property rights, sound system," the level of corporate governance in the Group's first private constitutional system, the implementation of ownership, decision-making power, the right to operate the separation of powers, side by side in parallel, mutual restraint. Group board of supervisors, boards and councils, three will be the chairman of the board, elected by the general manager, the Board of Supervisors election to implement family inheritance system, enterprises will be the highest authority is the three Joint.


2016-5-17 青年干部骨干培训班——学员发言及点评

Backbone young cadres training - students speak and reviews


Product quality cannot achieve 100 percent qualified? Certainly you can do it. It is said that during World War II, an American production of military parachute manufacturers, product qualification rate has been 99%. General requirements for manufacturers to continue to enhance the quality, the boss thought impossible, impossible. So the generals got the boss, the boss instead of pilots, carrying their own production parachute jumped from the plane to test the quality of products, the results of the company's rate of qualified products was soon raised to 100%. 





We only emphasize quality, emphasizing the dedication, do yourself, not the pursuit of money. But once we really can do yourself, the money will naturally flow to us. In fact, think about it, money is morality, character, and it flows all the time to focus on the hands of a moral person. Some people blindly want to make money chasing money to run, but there is no money to catch up, or catch the moment, but can not keep. How to make money? Keep the money? Only let money chase you run. Take Taiwujituan, we have been "not for profit, but to development as the goal," but we are in profit each subsidiary to build as fast as the pace of development, and why? As we continue to learn and improve, improve facilities, improve service, we are trying to do their best. Therefore, a steady stream of money from all concentrated here.







The Higher Level of Management is to Release

June 23, 2016



At this year's spring training session of  Dawujituan food company, manager Wangxiang Ling has a deep sentiment on this point. She said: "Management is not the true meaning of control, release management is only the team each individual freed himself, in order to stimulate everyone's ability to work with innovative thinking." This is the sentiment of her heart. Management is not only the release of their ability, but to release the team's ability. If we are to achieve a higher level of management then  do not restrict employees to release energy.  From business leaders do not be very close, things are what you say, you are strong, people's ability should be released. At Dawujituan, the reason why so many companies can go hand in hand( it is now 18 subsidiaries and we will soon have another birth of a subsidiary)  is because everyone has a release platform. On this platform, human, financial, material, production, supply, marketing implementation, power to each person, responsibility to the people, by level, each responsible for management was righteous, employee morale is very good. When public opinion is reflected then everyone's energy is released.


I think that the greatest contribution of "public governance" is the internal management of democratic elections, to overcome the traditional family business and two types of joint stock companies from the Capital founder the final say, "the concept of aging," the owners of capital are not interested in posterity in the relevant field or lack of talent discovery related to vision as a result of "tunnel vision", "successors" and other issues, the broader line employees and line managers direct election of senior management, to ensure that enterprises are open to a greater extent and advancing a variety of ideas.






In order to solve the private financing some experts suggested the establishment of small and medium sized banks and other financial services organizations. I believe that the establishment of special SME-oriented small and medium banks, if the government is still to do has little maneuverability. I believe that fundamentally the financial problem is a system problem, or a system design problem.


"Great afternoon Inheritance Code: Taiwujituan" private, public governance, shared "practice" book "Private Dawujituan Constitutional Decade 

250,000 word book recently published

First, in my opinion, Chinese entrepreneurs can be grouped into two categories, one run commercial nature of the enterprise, such as Ma Alibaba do, focus on meeting the social demand for remote trading services, he can do the business great; the second is to do with a social nature of the enterprise, for example, I run Dawujituan addition you said Ren Zhengfei, Huawei offered.

What to do with the social nature of the enterprise? We look at how to spell the word "Enterprise": Enterprise, by the people, only two words constituted a good understanding of the industry, is specific cause, the family business. An entrepreneur, of course, to meet the social needs of their own discovery and to meet this demand in a time of reproduction is completed, and to achieve the purpose of creating profits; otherwise, he would not do sustainable business development.

However, one does not know when to stop the idea of ​​the company's future, and what role the social enterprise, he is a business entrepreneur, not a social entrepreneur. As a social entrepreneur, he is not only in the creation of value and profit to meet market demand, but also to his own business when a society treat, corporate staff will be oriented so that the growth of enterprises with employees generate height of the feeling of belonging fit, long-term staff turnover Dawujituan less than 3%, that is, when proven benefit our business community to manage.

August 23, 2016

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