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February 08, 2020

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Speaking the truth is guts, listening to the truth is weight!



Painful sleepless nights, resentment and grief interweave, mourn and pay tribute to heroes! Learn heroes to tell the truth and receive admonitions to get to the front!

——Sun Dawu


                                 Cantonese Opera  Hong Kong

February 09, 2020

The author has today made a personal commitment to Sun Dawu of the private enterprise company called Dawu Group. He volunteers to accompany any medical team sent to Hong Kong to treat patients during the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia crisis. He will apply his experience learned at ground zero in Beijing during the SARS crisis of 2003. He stands by the right to free speech and the people of Hong Kong in their time of trial and tribulation.

D. Carlton Rossi






[Anti-epidemic situation of Noonday Hospital] More than 200 medical staff are invited to fight-willing to go to the epidemic area!

"All medical staff in the emergency department are willing to go to the front line to fight with comrades-in-arms in Wuhan, obey arrangements, obey orders, and fight the epidemic!

The Department of Emergency Medicine of Dawu Hospital wrote a "competition letter" to support medical care in Wuhan. It was later learned that such a written application had received 41 copies of the office of Dawu Hospital, involving more than 200 people from 26 departments.


With the development of the new crown pneumonia virus pneumonia epidemic, on February 4th, Noon Hospital set up an "emergency medical team" to respond to the emergency work of the epidemic and various future emergencies.






Someone asked: There are many forms of challenge. You can stick to your post and fulfill your duties; you can go to the front line of prevention and control to do your best; you can also support local hospitals nearby ... why can the medical staff of Dawu Hospital apply for the front line ? Why dare to give up in front of an epidemic?

This is because Dawu Hospital relies on the Dawu Group to run a doctor with good heart, dares to invest and pays the doctor. The hospital requires doctors to fulfill the "Sincerity of the Great Doctor", "If you are in distress to ask for help, you must not ask the rich, the poor, the rich or the poor, the young and the young, the grieving relatives, the good friends, and the Chinese people. "Go for help." In this way, the doctor has dignity, and Dawu Hospital creates a new style in the medical industry. Not only does the best hospital be built in the countryside, but it also leads the industry. This is the pursuit of Dawu Hospital.

Dawu Hospital is a clean and pure team of cadres who do not receive red envelopes and no rebates. Therefore, in the face of patients, we can go to the rescue; in the face of the epidemic, we dare to move forward!

-Mobilizing speech at Dawu Hospital

In Coronavirus Fight, China Sidelines an Ally: Its Own People

The outbreak has exposed the powerlessness of private charities, civic groups and others who could help the effort but whom the Communist Party considers rivals.

The New York Times

Li Yuan

February 18, 2020

“The traditional management mechanism of ‘big government’ is no longer efficient, and is even failing,” Duan Zhanjiang, a management consultant, wrote in an article about managing the epidemic. “The government is very busy but not effective. The social forces aren’t being utilized because they can only stand on the sideline, watching anxiously.”

Mr. Duan suggested the government restrain its urge to be in charge of everything and focus more on supervision.

The Communist Party has never liked or trusted civil society. It is suspicious of any organization that could potentially pose challenge to its rule, including big private enterprises. It has cracked down on nongovernment organizations like rights groups and charities as well as churches and mosques. The party wants nothing to stand between its government and China’s 1.4 billion people.

That “big black hole” is the Red Cross Society of China. Unaffiliated with the Red Cross elsewhere, the Red Cross Society is one of two government-controlled organizations through which Beijing monopolizes philanthropy. The Wuhan government has insisted that all donations go through the local chapter.

The Red Cross Society is notorious for corruption and inefficiency. The Chinese media have reported on many of its scandals, including one nine years ago when a person who reportedly held a senior position there shared pictures of her opulent lifestyle online.











































我们站在一起,万众一心, 齐声喊:送瘟神!

Sending the Plague God

Sun Dawu

I pray every day,

Pray for God to visit Huaxia;

I curse every day,

Curse the plague god who made the coronavirus!

Yes, you have not infected my family.

I am far away from Wuhan and I am in the countryside,

But my family, loved ones, and fellow citizens,

Are scared and afraid of you,

You hateful plague god!

For more than ten days, I stared at my phone all the time, forgetting to eat and sleep!

Time is slow, my heart is beating, every minute per second.

Watching you raging wildly, sweeping the world,

Fengcheng, Fengxian, Fengcun.

Yes, you are great! You made thousands of patients!

Yes, people are afraid of you—

But I have to say, I'm not afraid of you!

You abominable plague god!

Your evil is just bullying honest people!

Come to me if you have the ability!

I challenge you, dare you take me away?

Can't take me away, you don't want to take someone around me.

I can do it:

If you infect my family,

I will kiss them

If you infect my loved ones,

I assume the responsibility of never giving up!

You're attacking my countrymen now,

I want to say aloud, get away, God of Plague!

There is no place for you between heaven and earth!

Let me know, please walk away quietly, we will give you a tribute!

I don't know how to beat you.

Because God is the heart, mankind will last forever!

Heaven and hell I have passed, I am not afraid of you,

I am qualified to die with you!

Let go of my compatriots, my loved ones,

Billions of pigs and chickens have become your sacrifice.

The paper boat candles are all burned to you, God of Plague!

God will bless us!

We stand together, with one heart,

Shout in unison: Send God of Plague!