D.卡尔顿 罗西
D. Carlton Rossi

Bo Xilai (薄熙来)


Deeping Ties with the Bo Dynasty

It may be that the author was the first Canadian to realize the possible connection between Buttigieg and the domestic Bread Scandal. However, he didn't report it as he is not a reporter. Furthermore, it seems that Buttigieg had second thoughts because he may have felt queasy about the sleazy. Finally, the issue only dealt peripherally with Canada-China relations upon which the author's interest is focused. At any rate, isn't it much more utilitarian to see forwards than backwards?

Speaking of Canada-China relations, BO Xilai falls directly under that category. Bo Xilai was charged on July 25, 2013 with corruption, bribery and abuse of power. That's the same Bo Xilai (薄熙来) whom former Canadian liberal and conservative governments as well as business interests had such close ties. They viewed him as a reformer who fought corruption while they overlooked thuggish methods used which abused rule of law. It may be said that Bo Xilai wanted power above all else and Canadian politicians and businessmen held onto his coattails. They all made a massive miscalculation.

It is surprising therefore to hear in the news about Power Corporation's deepening ties with the Bo dynasty through the princely son--Bo Guagua. It becomes more poignant when one realizes that the Desmaris brothers have stepped down as co-Ceos and the first non-family member takes over as CEO. However, the bow-tie has not returned to fashion and may never. To maintain mutual loyalty of families over three generations is positively feudal. It suggests that power is an end unto itself.

The issue though is why mention and emphasize Bo Guagua now? He has been a business analyst for Power Corporation for thirty months. He has quietly been doing his job out of the political spotlight.

Bo Xilai is yesterday's news. He was charged and sentenced to prison. He remains in prison. He will remain there as he potentially poses a threat to one thought one leader. However, what if Bo Xilai could be useful to the Party? That circumstance is highly improbable but not impossible.

Meng Wanzhou is today's news. She's also in prison. One might speculate that Spavor and Kovrig were arrested in response to her arrest. Of course, it is officially denied. No one is supposed to be able to see the obvious. The Chinese government has hinted that a trial may be imminent. So, what is the possible relationship between yesterday's and today's news?

It is only this. What if someone were trying to facilitate a trade of prisoners? Bo Xilai could be portrayed as a person who challenged the authority of Xi Jinping as opposed to a person who sought power at any cost through a return to the Maoist era. If you haven't noticed there is a return to the Maoist era anyway. One could also propagate the myth that Bo is a reformed man through a re-education program pf torture which seems to be the Party's flavour of the month.

For whom might Bo Xilai be traded? Of course, it is not Meng Wanzhou. While the Chinese government wants Mdme Meng the Canadian minority government does not have even a nostalgic affinity to a former rising star of the ruling Communist Party. One might not say the same thing of either Chretien or Harper.

One could conceive that someone might want to trade Bo Xilai for Spavor and Kovrig. It would be a kind of perverse trade whose basis would be immoral. The crimes of Bo Xilai are well known whereas Spavor and Kovrig were two innocents in red China. However, if Spavor and Kovrig were returned (after so-called re-education) then it might be conceived that a major impediment to the return of Mdme Meng had been removed. This would achieve the Party's goal. From the perspective of Canadians, though, this kind of convoluted logic if it were employed would be a twisted kind of machination and miscalculation. It would only confirm that calcified, ossified business interests are controlling Canadian policy and strategy along with the Communist Party.