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D. Carlton Rossi

Be water


                                     Be formless, shapeless like water

David Mulroney

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And while it is heartening to see that he is focused on securing the release of the Michaels, it is worrying that the government appears to have learned nothing from this, and continues to yearn for "friendship" with an unfriendly and, yes, adversarial state

3:09 AM - 25 Nov 2019

                                                          Be water

Champagne wants trade. Barton wants trade. The pair Barton-Champagne want trade. To get what they want they will try to trade prisoners.

Historically, less than a year ago, it was said by the Liberal Party that John McCallum went rogue. That gives the impression of a wooly mammoth of the Pleistocene era running rampant among hunter gatherers in the hamlet of Markham. To be more accurate though McCallum was the equivalent of a flea.

McCallum was like a flea on a Pekinese which originated in western China. Coincidentally, the Pekinese resembles a minature wooly mammoth. The pet was a lapdog of the Chinese Imperial court. The Chinese flea would suck the blood of a Pekinese. The dog had many fleas because it had long hair and was close to the ground. No doubt the sole responsibility of an eunuch appointed as Flea Catcher of the Royal Chamber would be to catch fleas. Another eunuch of higher status would catch fleas on the Emperor.

Let me be clear. McCallum was "like" a flea. He wasn't actually a flea. In a similar way, Barton-Champagne are forming up to be "like" the tail of a Pekinese or lapdog of the Imperial Court. When the Court says "Wag" they wag. However, what resembles a tail of what seems to be a Pekinese may have other ideas.

The tail thinks it could wag what looks like a dog, barks like a dog and is domesticated like a dog. In short, the tail may no longer want to follow, but to lead the dog. That is not as outlandish as it might seem; afterall, Canada has a minority government. Basically, the government has been neutered. The minority government is also tied up in a problem of Gordian knot proportions between a rock and a hard place or the Trump and Xi administrations. The problem can be exemplified with the indecision regarding Huawei 5G or personified with hostages on both sides. Furthermore, the minority government has no China (Hong Kong or Taiwan) policy or strategy. It is worse than a vacuum, but resembles a black hole. It sucks everything into it.

Don't go by appearances or you will be misled. The chain of command no longer goes from Prime Minister to Foreign Minister to our Ambassador in China. The reason is that midshipmen refer to our Prime Minister as Captain Dunsel. The chain of command in regard to China goes from Ambassador Barton along with the Canada China Business Council and other Canadian business executives to Champagne who is a wannabe Chrétien (Ha ha ha ha ha) to the Prime Minister. It is not irreverent to say that our Prime Minister is irrelevant. It is a fact.

A Chinese official remarked to a Canadian delegation that "if you think you are tough then cut trade". That is exactly what Canada should do. In this singular case, follow the advice of the Chinese. No more trade with China. The trade relation is toxic for Canada. We don't gain by it and have everything to lose by it. It is an unbalanced asymmetrical relationship wherein Canada plays by the rules and China plays by no rules. My Sensei once said to me "It is either fight or flight". It is time for Canada to "flea" from free trade or any trade with China. It is time for Canada to become independent and stand up rather than kow-tow to a Pavlovian whistle of a Chinese epistle. The real chain is China.