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                                                        Mao Yushi

Outspoken Chinese law professor,
government critic, silenced

Posted On Fri. May 26th, 2017

By : The Courier

BEIJING (AP) — One of the Chinese government’s most vocal critics is finally falling silent.

He Weifang told The Associated Press Friday that he would no longer publish on social media after authorities repeatedly shut down his personal blog, his Weibo microblog and two WeChat accounts.

He, a famed law professor at elite Peking University and key defender of imprisoned Chinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, is the latest public intellectual to throw in the towel in President Xi Jinping’s China. Over the past half-decade, freedom of speech and other civil liberties have been rolled back while a radical movement devoted to the People’s Republic’s authoritarian founder Mao Zedong has flourished.

“I feel utterly helpless,” He said by telephone. “It’s as if I’m not allowed to make a single sound.”

He attracted a massive following in Chinese intellectual circles over the past decade for his prolific writings on everything from social ills to architecture, but especially for his languid but trenchant essays on rule of law and politics. By his own count, He boasted 20 million readers at his peak. When his Weibo account was frozen in March, it had roughly 1.9 million followers.

Over the past five years, however, He has come under relentless attack online from defenders of the ruling Communist Party and even more extreme Maoists who’ve held public demonstrations denouncing He’s liberal views, which are considered “rightist” on China’s political spectrum. His speaking engagements dried up three years ago after the Global Times, a party-run newspaper with a leftist bent, reported critically on a lecture he delivered to retired party cadres in southern China, essentially ruling him out of the lecture circuit.

“In the last 40 years, freedom of speech for intellectuals has never been constricted as severely as it is now,” He said. “It makes you outraged.”

“He is one of the most influential public intellectuals – a spokesman for liberalism,” said Teng Biao, a visiting scholar at New York University who practiced and taught law in Beijing before leaving for the U.S. in 2014. “Scholars with an independent spirit or the courage to criticize will never have a good end.”

He has long been a thorn in the Communist Party’s side and participated in sensitive campaigns, such as the pro-democracy manifesto movement in 2008 that resulted in a brief quasi-exile from his prestigious Beijing university. But until recently, the government has allowed him a degree of freedom to write.

For years, He singled out the lack of judicial independence as a fundamental fault in China’s political system. In January he took aim at China’s top judge, Zhou Qiang, after Zhou dismissed an American-style separation of powers and independent courts as “mistaken Western concepts.”

He spoke out again months later, in March, after China passed a law forbidding the criticism of Communist Party heroes. That essay was the one that seemed to finally land him in trouble irrevocably, He said.

As his decision to stop writing spread among China’s intellectual and dissident circles in recent days, some have urged He to take his writing to Facebook and Twitter, two services that are inaccessible in mainland China without the use of special VPN software – but also beyond the reach of Communist Party censors.

He said he has considered that option but decided against publishing on any platform that would not be accessible to the majority of Chinese readers.

“In my mind, whenever I have written, I have always imagined writing for the audience that lives on this land,” he said.





Mao yushi Compare the Socialist core values and universal values, one main difference is that the former are patriotic, the latter are not. Patriotism may cause conflict between countries. Love does not. Sun Yat-Sen advocates universal fraternity. China is a big country, and should be more caring or loving in the first place, or any other country is not assured.

Sept. 19, 2016




如果实践是检验真理的标准,几何学就没有用了。证明两个三角形相等,实践一下,把两个三角形重合一下,如果三个顶点都重合,肯定是相等的。当时这句话的确 对解放思想起了很大的作用。人是生活在现实中不是在文件中。但是以后对我国科学的发展起了阻碍作用。实践非常重要,真理是从实践中被发现的。

If practice is the standard for testing truth then geometry is useless.To prove through practice that two triangles are equal then overlap them. If the three vertices are coincident then the triangles are certainly the same. These statements do play a great role in emancipating the mind. Man lives in reality and not in a file. However, with the development of China's science this circumstance was hindered. Practice is very important. The truth is found through practice.              

September 09 2016

As I understand it, Professor Mao Yushi has said that "If practice is the standard for testing truth then geometry is useless". However, it seems that the converse may also be said; namely, if geometry is the standard for testing truth then practice is useless. Of course, to test for congruence using geometry, one can use any one of the following:

1.  the side-side-side (SSS) condition


2.  the angle-side-angle (ASA) condition

3.  the angle-angle-side (AAS) condition

Keep in mind though that the purpose of this short analysis is not to contest another person's opinion regarding how to test the truth, but rather to clarify my own point of view. The relationship of a whole to its constituent parts has been of long term interest to the poet.
By definition, a whole must consist of at least two proper parts. Achille Varzi, in his outline of Mereology, concedes that it is possible to construct a model in which a whole can be broken down into several proper parts all of which overlap one another. However, the full meaning of 'proper part" is not met. The reason is that if a proper part is removed then it is unclear what would be left. However, a proper part should be left. According to Varzi a full formulation of the idea that a whole cannot be decomposed into a single part holds that every "proper part must be 'supplemented' by another, disjoint part, and it is this last qualification that captures the notion of a remainder". 

                                       Far side of the moon

                                         Near side of the moon

It seems that a test of truth through practice may be rather complicated. It should be expected that a test of beauty through practice would be equally so. However, it may be that there are rare individuals for whom a test of beauty can be solved instantly and intuitively. The poet once asked Sun Dawu "Why does the moon always show the same face?" He had expected a long answer regarding Tidal Locking or scientific observations deduced from the Russian probe Lunar 3 on October 7, 1959 which showed the far side has a battered, densely cratered appearance with few maria. Instead, he answered in the following way. "It's more beautiful." Oh Ohm

The question for me though is how does one arrive at the ideal of truth or for that matter the highest truth? The poet requires more than three words. The test for truth is based on both material ideas of reality and virtual ideas of reality which can be arrived at through practice. Can a convention center exist with materials alone or does it equally depend on the practical geometry of square, triangle and ellipse? Can a Confucian temple exist without the practical application of geometrical form such as the rectangle? Blueprints expressing geometric forms must be consulted to build these structures whether the usage is secular or sacred. 


Police officers take away a supporter of rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang
near the Beijing Second Intermediate

China rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang's trial ends amid scuffles
14 December 2015

A large group of aggressive plain clothes policemen - many of them wearing yellow smiley-face badges - pushed, punched and harassed reporters, camera crews and diplomats away from the front of the court.

If one bases the test of truth solely on practice then one may err, for example, if the practice is heuristic. Trial by error may describe the proceedings in a civil rights case in China based on the arguments of the prosecution and the final judgement. However, practice does not make perfect a legal process conducted through right by law rather than Right of Law. In other words, if one refers to Confucius' Analects through Rule by Law then the Way of Heaven is lost.

Claims, liabilities, injures and compensation payments of medical malpractice litigation cases in China from 1998 to 2011

In another example, a less than ideal doctor in the moral sense of the Dao still practices at his practice. He learns from his mistakes. However, it is not recommended that a doctor treat himself, but rather that another doctor practices on him. Keep in mind though that every doctor should hold to the Hippocratic Oath. This ideal states "Do no harm".


                       Sun Simiao, King of Medicinals 藥王

                           (courtesy of Paul U. Unschuld)

A doctor that gets closer to the ideal such as Sun Simiao helps to define through the Dao the moral responsibilty of medical professionalism. “凡大醫治病,必當安神定志,無欲無求,先發大慈惻隱之心。誓願普救含靈之苦。
Whenever eminent physicians treat an illness, they must quiet the spirit and settle the will, they must be free of wants and desires, and they must first develop a heart full of great compassion and empathy. They must pledge to devote themselves completely to relieving the suffering of all sentient beings. ”

— Sun Simiao, Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang I.2

What is a material idea? It is based on the practice of material reality. For example, a material idea allows one to reduce complex things or ideas into simple things or ideas. In other words, it is a system that can be understood with respect to its isolated parts--even down to the atomic level. The material idea is quantitative.

The virtual idea serves practical purposes of practicality, pragmatism and utilitarianism, though, neither in name or strict definition. It allows one to construct more complex things or ideas. This idea consists of the attributes or characteristics of the material idea. The virtual idea is qualitative.



                       CAE 7000 Series Full-Flight Simulator

In the distant past, pilots learned through practice. They either flew or they crashed. In the present age, pilots learn on a flight simulator through virtual reality. If they virtually crash they neither hurt themselves nor others. If they fly without crashing then they may learn through practice on a real plane. Experienced pilots with thousands of hours of flying time can also renew or upgrade  their licenses through a flight simulator.

The ideal of truth is created from two ideas. One idea is material reality while the other idea is virtual reality. In order to achieve sameness or congruence they unite.


                                  The Sun     May 16, 2016

Our Sun was undoubtedly the most important archetype of ancient peoples. In terms of material reality, it was composed of one of the basic elements or fire. It warmed the Earth and allowed for seeds to sprout and crops to grow. With respect to virtual reality the Sun as a circle contained the other shapes. When these two realities or parts were fused then the archetype (whole sameness) or wholesomeness in the moral sense was composed. It may be that the archetype fused the material reign and the virtual realm. 

"The Sun is the most perfectly round natural object known in the universe, say scientists who have conducted precise measurements of its dimensions. Now a team led by the University of Hawaii's Dr Jeffrey Kuhn have made the first precise measurement of the sun's equatorial bulge, or its "oblateness". The results were a big surprise. "We were shocked," says Kuhn. The sun doesn't bulge much at all. It is 1.4m kilometres across, but the difference between its diameter at the equator and between the poles is only 10 kilometres."

              Thuban (11 Draconis) and 10 Draconis
           were the polestars five thousand years ago.

The highest material reality of natural order and virtual reality of geometric form are the ancient polestars. In the past, at around the time of Huangdi, the polestars were a binary system which were composed of the stars 11 Draconis and 10 Draconis. They served a practical purpose of natural order since they showed due North for those who were lost or wanted to confirm their position.

Yet, the old polestars also represented a virtual reality with respect to geometric form. John C. Didier observed that the rectangle is not a geometric form found on Earth. It was seen by various civilizations to represent the sacred. As such, the virtual rectangle was  reflected in the shape of altars and temples constructed on Earth.

Professor Didier comments  that the polestars (representing Tàiyī 太一 ("Great Oneness" and Tianyi 天一) were at the top and middle of the North Circumpolar Rectangle. On the left were two stars of the Big Dipper while on the  right were two stars of the Little Dipper. The binary Dipper asterisms revolved around this binary star system.

In actuality, they are a binary system of polestars that revolve around each other in about 51.4 days. It may have appeared to ancients though that the larger polestar revolved around the smaller one as the Sun was believed to have revolved around the Earth in 360 days. Coincidentally, it may have been observed that there would be 7 revolutions of the polestar per Earth year or 51.4 (weeks) X 7 (days) = approximately 360 days. The number of 360 as it pertains to days in a year also corresponded with the number of degrees in a circle.

El Enclavamiento Pirámides Celestes

D. Carlton Rossi  copyright  2014


The Interlocking Celestial Pyramids

Die Himmlischen Fundamente der Pyramiden

D. Carlton Rossi  copyright  2014


The Celestial Foundations of the Pyramids

                                The Cosmic Egg

 "In the myth of Pangu (Pángǔ  盘古), developed by Taoist monks hundreds of years after Lao Zi, the universe began as an egg. A god named Pangu, born inside the egg, broke it into two halves: the upper half became the sky, while the lower half became the earth. As the god grew taller, the sky and the earth grew thicker and were separated further. Finally, Pangu died and his body parts became different parts of the earth." Wikipedia 

                                Pangu (Páng  盘古)    

In a sense, this story corresponds to the practice of the material reality of the natural order of a thing. There is a decomposition of the whole into two parts. This is followed by more differentiation. The earliest chicken was Gallus gallus which was feral. However, 10,000 years ago, in Xushui County, Gallus domesticus emerged. DNA results show that animals found buried beneath a peat bog in China's Xushui County, Hebei (near Kenneth City of Dawu Group and Fushan) are the oldest examples of domesticated chicken by several thousand years according to Professor Michi Hofreiter, a palaeogeneticist at the University of York and the University of Postdam in Germany.


       Philip Pikart   (Male rooster crowing --Gallus gallus)


                  JJ Harrison (Female hen-- Gallus gallus)                               



                     Sun Dawu explains to Professor Jiang Ping
                                 about the chick and egg 

The virtual reality aspect of geometrical form concerns the egg or ellipse. An ellipse is traced by point moving in plane so that the sum of its distances (from two other points) is constant. The domestic chicken of today in Xushui County is Gallus domesticus. The author recalls a promotional program of the poultry and egg subsidiary of Dawu Group.  It was in front of the Sports Complex (convention center). The center itself has an elliptical frontage. Countless generations of the Sun Family have eaten countless generations of Gallus domesticus and their eggs. It seems that the natural order and geometric form correspond to the will of Pangu.


D. Carlton Rossi

D.卡尔顿 罗西      D. Kǎ'ěrdùn Luōxī

October 15, 2016


John C. Didier, Victor Mair , "In and Outside the Square: The Sky and the Power of 
Belief in Ancient China and the World, c. 4500 B.C.—A.D. 200." Sino-Platonic Papers 192 (September 2009) China Review International Vol. 16, No. 4 (2009), pp. 491-493 Published by: University of Hawai'i Press Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/23734291 

Geraint Jones, Sun is the most perfect sphere ever observed in nature, The Guardian Thursday 16 August 2012 

Antonio Rosmini Serbati, Psychology Vol. III, London: 1988, Keagan, Paul, Trench and Company 

Achille Varzi 
Achille Varzi, "Mereology", The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Spring 2016 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), 

URL = 
 Congruence (geometry) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Congruence_(geometry) Theorems for Congruent Triangles



                                                    Mao Yushi  茅于轼   

Censored Blogs of Liberal Economist Mao Yushi  茅于轼 

In January 2017, after his 88th birthday, the website of UNIRULE and the blogs of Mao Yushi were permanently deleted.



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“小城镇 县辖市”——小城市发展课题研讨会:天则所理事长北京航空航天大学秋风教授做研讨会总结,认为改革能否推动的关键在于法律上界定它的关系,“镇设市”概念的提出主要是因为小规模的城镇适合于自治。

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“小城镇 县辖市”——小城市发展课题研讨会:天则所所长盛洪教授认为城市化的基本机理是市场制度,由于行政级别的存在,在小城镇建设中会发生地方发展与地方行政体制的矛盾,可能会造成地方发展的压抑及扭曲。

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南方周末: (国西部牛仔的“土地抗争”) 月,微博纷纷在讲述美国牛仔克莱文·邦迪号召民兵保护牧场、对抗政府强行征地的故事。但他的故事不简单,邦迪不仅已经在国有土地上非法放牧了20年,还拖欠了上百万美元的管理费和罚款。一个违法放牧的牛仔为何能在号召民兵保护时一呼百应

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茅于轼: 经济学是研究如何避免浪费提高效率的。最简单的一条原则就是:供不应求时涨价,供过于求时落价。节假日高速公路免费恰好违背了经济学原理。结果造成堵车40公里,损失巨大。制定这项政策的人或者不懂经济学,或者想讨好百姓。但是事实一再证明结果恰恰相反。类似的错误还不少,值得我们好好总结

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李人庆:温州调研, 企业家提出,对于社会的公共问题的解决有产阶级无能为力。博弈都从个体的利益来考虑很多问题都是无解。

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(言平: 应进一步拷问平度血案的生发土壤)经诸般波折,悬念迭出的平度纵火案终于真相大白——守地村民的帐篷被焚烧,并非“起火”而是“纵火”;村民一死三伤的结局,不是意外发生的悲剧,而是人为制造的惨剧。从警方认定“纵火”,呈现的事实是:这是一起残忍的谋杀。




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北京天则经济研究所:(龚刃韧:中国农村土地征收的宪法困境) 虽然2014年3月21日发生的平度守地村民火灾死亡事件有其自身特点,但也是近年来中国农村征地问题的一个缩影。对此,我们还需要从中国土地征收制度上分析原因。

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北京天则经济研究所:(茅于轼被评为「2014世界思想家」)由英国 Prospect 杂志发起的“2014世界思想家”评选活动,日前公布结果,中国经济学家、天则经济研究所荣誉理事长、人文经济学会理事长茅于轼,成为十位获奖者之一。茅于轼名列第四,其余获奖者包括阿玛蒂亚•森、卡内曼等诺贝尔经济学奖得主。

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北京天则经济研究所V:(学运如何收场 退回服贸如何正解)台北三月太阳花学生运动的核心要求为「退回服贸,重启谈判」和「两岸协诉议,立法审查」,行政院长江宜桦于二十二日周六下午到立法院现场与学生对话,对于两大核心要求,明言拒绝。

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北京天则经济研究所:茅于轼: 中国政治根本问题是权力太集中。因之责任一样集中。为何那么多的上访?因为不到中央解决不了问题。像美国是联邦制。百姓也会有冤情,但绝不会上访去华盛顿,都在当地解决了。反贪一样,光靠中央纪检委反,一定是忙不过来。不但要靠各级政府,更要靠百姓的协助。百姓反贪有很高的积极性,要利用

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北京天则经济研究所://@FT中文网: #本周精彩回顾#(中国人大工农代表的“真相”)北京改革和发展研究会理事邓聿文:中国对工农代表的统计似乎把在企业、产业和农村工作的代表都算在内。但一名村干部同时是企业负责人,他作为代表会替谁说话?#2014中国两会

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北京天则经济研究所://@FT中文网:#本周精彩回顾#(北京没有“纸牌屋”)FT中文网专栏作家 @吴晓波:中国的“两会”,就创办的初衷而言,正是“人们起来监督政府,人人起来负责”,只是我们的监督和负责模式不是“纸牌屋”式的。

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北京天则经济研究所:(乌克兰重提大饥荒 欲与俄罗斯算70年前旧账)据俄罗斯媒体19日报道,乌克兰外交部代表彼得.多岑科在参加联合国大会时,要求联合国承认1932年至1933年发生在乌克兰境内的大饥荒,是针对乌克兰人民的种族灭绝行为。

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北京天则经济研究所:@茅于轼: 彻底解决民族矛盾的根本原则是平等,和谐。可惜的是在两会上听到的是“严打,高压”。用这样的直线型思维想问题太危险了。

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The author has self-censored blogs concerning the Cultural Revolution and the Chinese leader during that period of time. One reason for this self-censorship is the proposed Chinese law regarding defaming heroes of the PRC. One must also be cognizant of the tremendous backlash that MAO Yushi suffered as a result of previous public comments on these most important and germane topics.

北京天则经济研究所:南方周末:#来论# (不妨从世界来看中国)我们常说中国有个“屈辱百年”,但“从世界来看国家”,屈辱的又何止中国?在那个时代,谁都有战败屈辱的时刻。就是美国,独立之后,因为通商纠纷,还在1814年被入侵的英国军队烧掉了白宫总统府。别以为列强只烧圆明园。

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北京天则经济研究所:秋风论道:如何让北京周边的小市镇发挥作用,这是一个大问题。//金矢:早上的闭门会议,讨论城市发展模式和未来,现在是伦敦巿长Boris Johnson发言。他重点讲如何发挥伦敦周边小城镇的作用。

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北京天则经济研究所:茅于轼: 百年一遇的事在一亿年内会发生一百万次。光线的速度最快。但是从宇宙的一头到另一头要走130亿年。似乎比蜗牛还慢。人类的历史不过几百万年,往前看能不能再有几百万年很没有把握。人类的存在在宇宙的历史中只不过是一瞬间。宇宙中大概会有别的智慧生物,但是其存在也不过几百万年,也是一瞬间

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北京天则经济研究所: (司法体制改革需要走向司法独立)童之伟:很荣幸应邀与秦前红教授一起谈司法体制改革。我先陈述一下自己在这个方面的主要观点。我给自己的谈话拟的标题是《中国必须有独立的司法》,这个标题直接反映我今天接受访谈的核心论点。

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北京天则经济研究所:  盛洪:那些非法强拆并从中渔利的官员,就应受到法律的严厉制裁。只是这个结果来得太晚。如果中央政府对强拆有迅速反应,将当地党政一把手免职,并绳之以法,强拆现象就会很快灭绝。吉林“最狠拆迁女市长”被双开 曾称有尚方宝剑

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北京天则经济研究所:茅于轼 网易选出今年最有影响力的经济学家是张维迎。他在获奖感言中解释为什么需要经济学家。因为经济事务的复杂性表象往往和本质不同。他举的例子是百年前全球十几亿人选择了公有制和计划经济,造成巨大的生命财产的损失。这也是为什么我反对18亿亩红线,经济适用房,主张延迟退休年龄

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北京天则经济研究所:人文经济学会:(张维迎:经济学家须有真正独立的精神)张维迎荣获网易年度最具影响力经济学家奖。在颁奖礼上,张维迎发表了精彩的获奖感言,但这篇感言在微博上已经被删除,请大家扫描添加@人文经济学会 微信,并回复“WY”二字查看张维迎获奖感言。看全文>>
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北京天则经济研究所:“天则-茅于轼学术思想传授班”(第二期)招生报名中!四大特色,六门课程,最后一期。六个月,成为茅先生亲授弟子。名额有限,请速报名!招生简章:茅于轼 @盛洪 @秋风论道 @冯兴元 @陈志武 @李炜光 @巴曙松 @雷颐 @任志强 @段绍译 @张千帆pku @法律人王建勋

2013年12月03日 10:30

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北京天则经济研究所:“天则-茅于轼学术思想传授班”(第二期)招生报名中!四大特色,六门课程,最后一期。六个月,成为茅先生亲授弟子。名额有限,请速报名!招生简章:@茅于轼 @盛洪 @秋风论道 @冯兴元 @陈志武 @李炜光 @巴曙松 @雷颐 @任志强 @段绍译 @张千帆pku @法律人王建勋 @党国英查看全文

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北京天则经济研究所:“天则-茅于轼学术思想传授班”(第二期)招生报名中!四大特色,六门课程,最后一期。六个月,成为茅先生亲授弟子。名额有限,请速报名!招生简章: @茅于轼 @盛洪 @秋风论道 @冯兴元 @陈志武 @李炜光 @巴曙松 @雷颐 @任志强 @段绍译 @张千帆pku @法律人王建勋 @党国英

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北京天则经济研究所:“天则-茅于轼学术思想传授班”(第二期)招生报名中!四大特色,六门课程,最后一期。六个月,成为茅先生亲授弟子。名额有限,请速报名!招生简章: @茅于轼 @盛洪 @秋风论道 @冯兴元 @陈志武 @李炜光 @巴曙松 @雷颐 @任志强 @段绍译 @张千帆pku @法律人王建勋 @党国英

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北京天则经济研究所:(@茅于轼 :人民的利益,国家的利益,政治家的利益)大家往往十分忽视这个重要区别,而掌权者又故意把这三者混为一谈,好像政治家总是代表人民利益的,国家利益更不用说,它就是人民的利益.这种故意的混淆模糊了许多问题的是非,误导了许多人的看法.

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北京天则经济研究所:(加藤嘉一 :我眼里的薄熙来)公开审理的确有利于让社会从法律而非政治斗争的角度看待薄熙来事件,不过,法律的渗透并不等于法治的进步。法治不可能是单方面推动的,需要言论自由、人权保障、民主政治、机会均等制度配套才能实现

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北京天则经济研究所:(张千帆 :网络言论如何“寻衅滋事”?)如果要强加一种什么秩序,尤其是通过国家机器的高压,那才真的可怕。如果网络言论损害了谁的名誉,那么“冤有头、债有主”,谁受伤害谁出面。总之一句话,国家靠边站;一旦政府插手网络,那么我们很快会发现,政府才是最大的造谣者。

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北京天则经济研究所:( 赵 楚:薄熙来的垮台与当代政治)文革和历史未能彻底清算的政治环境、法治阙如和监督声音被强力打压的专政手法、权威丧失和小政阀割据的大局,这是产生薄的丰盛理论和现实土壤。薄是个2012年的中国现实,也是现实的中国。

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北京天则经济研究所:#天则书品#@秋风论道 我们习惯于用阶级的眼镜看一个人,但这种思考方式容易引发一种特别暴力的心情。这是这个社会语言的败坏,思维方式的败坏。

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北京天则经济研究所:#天则书品#读书会间,郑也夫先生谈起初识@茅于轼 先生,评价茅先生是“最后的绅士"!

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