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(任正非:#华为研发中心将从美国迁至加拿大) 3日,华为创始人任正非在接受加拿大媒体《环球邮报》采访时表示,因为华为目前和美国员工不能打电话、不能发邮件、不能接触,这样的话美国的发展就受到了阻碍,所以华为计划将其研发中心从美国转移至加拿大。你认为华为的研发能力会越来越强吗?

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I hope Ren Zong'an is well! In fact, Ren should have abdicated, it seems a little late now!

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[Ren Zhengfei: #Huawei R & D Center will be relocated from the United States to Canada #] On the 3rd, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said in an interview with Canadian media "Global Post" that Huawei and U.S. employees cannot call, email, or In this way, the development of the United States is hampered, so Huawei plans to transfer its research and development center from the United States to Canada. Do you think Huawei's R & D capabilities will become stronger and stronger?

truncated interview in Chinese with Ren Zhengfei



                                              Screen shot Ren Zhengfei

REN Zong'an (REN Zhengfei) has recently confirmed Meng Wanzhou's position as CFO. However, it is difficult to see how Ren Zhong'an could step down as CEO to be replaced by his daughter. The reason is that his daughter is under arrest and under possible extradition to the United States.

Ren has announced that he will shift research from hostile US to Canada. He says this almost as if it were a fait accompli; yet, no one including the Prime Minister, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Defence Minister or the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness has said boo. Am I to understand that the CEO of Huawei and the Chinese ambassador to Canada are setting policy for the Canadian government?

Can the interview between CEO Ren and a reporter actually have taken place in Canada? More than likely it was in Shenzhen. I'm sure that he would like to see his daughter in Canada, but might not he have some concerns, too? Yet, the research "center" from the United States will become a research "centre" in Canada; so, center becomes centre. It's sort of a back door to the United States, isn't it?

I do too wish Ren Zong'an well. I agree with him that his daughter is being held as a "bargaining chip". I have consistently said that it is a moral issue rather than a legal one. A year ago, I considered the arrest of Mdme Meng as immoral with respect to either Western values or Confucianism. I recommended in several articles that on moral grounds, based on the values of the family, she should be traded for all Canadian hostages in China. The list initially was limited to five hostages which included John Chang. That is how early I argued from a moral perspective. It then expanded to other hostages which included Kovrig and Spavor among others. The arguments I made were strictly on moral grounds; although, in late January 2019, I warned about the possible economic implications that the arrests might trigger. That was about the time I tried phoning our Justice Minister and Andrew Scheer. Earlier, on this website, I offered my services on two separate occasions to the Canadian government to meet personally with the Chinese ambassador in Ottawa to settle the issue on a moral basis. I included my contact information.

What has our government learned. Nothing. What has our government done. Nothing. It is now arguing through surrogates that pragmatic, economic issues between China and Canada are the only ones to be considered, but they don't mention possible economic repercussions from the United States. Our government dithers and delays on the Huawei 5G decision in the hope (and I remind them that hope is not a strategy) that M will be traded exclusively for M & M based on a cost-benefit analysis. That approach hasn't worked in one year. How pragmatic is that? How profitable is that? One doesn't need pragmatic ideas. One needs pragmatic ideals. Pierre Trudeau was a pragmatic idealist. Justin Trudeau is a relativist. For example, as a relativist Justin Trudeau supports a UN resolution that Nikki Haley describes as "a deal with the devil" in order to gain a seat on the Security Council.

Mon Dieu! The moral argument is as true today--Trudeau--as it was one year ago. It is the only argument. Return Mdme Meng for Spring Festival so she can be with her family, and in return, all Canadian prisoners in China will be sent back for the holidays. Surely you haven't forgotten the day on which you were born. It was December 25th. It is a holiday and a holy day to be celebrated with family and friends.  Now, "that's a strategy for staying sacred" as Ambassador Dominic Barton might say.