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The law is the lowest form of morality.

Sun Dawu

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                  Let's have Real Free-Trade!

                             Meng Wanzhou

It goes without saying that Meng Wanzhou should be treated respectfully.

It goes without saying that Chang John, Sun Qian,
Celil Huseyin, Wang Bingzhang and Xiao Jianhua should be treated respectfully.


                               Chang John

                                  Sun Qian


                                 Celil Huseyin


                            Dr. Wang Bingzhang


                                   Xiao Jianhua

Shouldn't Meng be allowed to return to China? Shouldn't Chang, Sun, Celil, Wang and Xiao be allowed to return to Canada?

It won't be long before it is Chinese New Year. It won't be long before it is Christmas and the New Year.

It is a time for family reunion.

D.卡尔顿 罗西

D. Carlton Rossi



                                       Dawu Hospital, Dawu City

To my readers, can you possibly imagine the health care plan that Dawu Hospital offers in the countryside?

D. Carlton Rossi

Our reporter: Everyone said that you are a "Confucian Entrepreneur". How to implement this corporate culture in the concept of Dawu Hospital?

Sun Dawu: The key is to be responsible for the patient. The concept of Dawu Hospital is that “patients enter the door and the hospital is fully responsible”. How can I be fully responsible? There are four aspects:

First, misdiagnosis. No matter how high the rate of misdiagnosis, you must take responsibility. As long as it is misdiagnosed, it is necessary to waive the medical treatment fee, reimburse the family for the fare, and compensate for the loss of lost work.

Second, medical accidents must bear responsibility and are fully responsible. According to the actual standards of the country, the full amount is even doubled. To explain that the hospital is fully responsible, it is not the doctor's full responsibility. So, even if something goes wrong, doctors don't worry. There will be no contradiction between doctors and patients here, only the contradiction between the hospital and the patient. Doctors don't think that hospitals don't make money, you just need to think about how to cure patients, and how to be responsible for patients.

Third, after the patient enters the door, all the nursing work hospitals must be taken up, and the family members cannot be allowed to accompany the bed, and must be fully cared for.

Fourth, if the patient's illness, the Dawu Hospital can't see it, it has to bear the cost of transferring the hospital, and it must be tracked after the transfer. For example, if the patient goes to Beijing 301 or Tianjin Armed Police Hospital, the Dawu Hospital should follow up and study. If the fee is not high, the patient cannot be pitted. Second, the treatment plan of the hospital is wrong, and the technology of others is learned. To understand the patient's recovery. By doing the above four points, we can say that we have fulfilled our full responsibility.

Our reporter: You just mentioned that after the patient enters the door, all the nursing work must be taken up. It is reported that the current hospital care is mainly based on family members and hired care workers, how to do the Dawu Hospital?

Sun Dawu: In the concept of nursing, Sun Sizhen’s "Da Jing Jing Cheng" is our key learning content. Every day, we have to read Sun Siwei’s "Great Doctor", and I will read it with everyone. Every time I read Sun Sizhen’s "Great Doctor", the more I think it makes sense, I don't believe it can't be engraved. What is “big doctor sincere”? Whether it is the old man, the child, the beauty or the ugliness, the poor or the rich, the high officials or the ordinary people, whether they have enmity with you or those who are good with you, they must treat each other equally.

The head nurse just mentioned that we had admitted a 109-year-old patient. When I was inspecting the room, I talked to the old lady. I said that I need a level of care. If I bend down to wash her feet, can she do it? Everyone says it can be done. When my grandfather and grandmother were alive, I washed them every day. I felt that this was a kind of happiness. The 109-year-old man, Shi Dean, represented the Dawu Hospital and sent her a bouquet of flowers and two boxes of eggs. There are more than 100 people in their family. The head nurse said that people who come to the house every day come to see the old lady. According to the requirements, more people cannot be contacted. I said that this is not true. Her descendants are more than 100 people. Their relatives and friends have to come to the Dawu Hospital to see it, because the Dawu Hospital has been promoted, but the requirements of the medical staff are correct. Our facilities are not enough. We should open a room next to it. In the future, each floor of the inpatient ward must have a patient's family reception room, which must be prepared with tea, boiled water, TV, magazines, newspapers, and it must be humanized.

Our reporter: What kind of situation is the hardware equipment of Dawu Hospital?

Sun Dawu: Dawu Hospital was invested by Hebei Dawu Group. It was built according to the standards of tertiary hospitals. The secondary hospital started. It is a comprehensive non-profit that integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, preventive health care, emergency treatment, rehabilitation, physical examination and pension. hospital. The total investment is 660 million yuan, the building area is 90,000 square meters, and the number of beds is 1,000. The hospital adheres to the guiding ideology of the group “not for profit, but for development”.

Dawu Hospital now has a total of 10 operating rooms, and our equipment is the best, all of which are above the tertiary hospital. Our nuclear magnetic field is 3.0, and some hospitals have 1.5. Some hospitals do not have nuclear magnetic, and CT is also the best equipment. Our hospital's medical staff can't solve the problem, please ask 100 experts to come to the expert consultation. A few days ago, the director of the Dawu Hospital Surgery and the director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology performed an operation at the same time. Because several symptoms were combined, the two directors performed an operation at the same time, which was impossible in other hospitals.

Our reporter: For most hospitals, how to put an end to "medical medicine" is a big problem. How can Dawu Hospital solve this problem?

Sun Dawu: For the patients, we firmly "do not accept red envelopes, no kickbacks." This is the lyrics of the Dawu Hospital songs, singing every day. For the treatment of doctors, we do not give high treatment, the annual salary of high vocational school is 200,000 to 500,000 yuan, and the secondary vocational school is 200,000 yuan. But this is a steady income. The group also provides a suite for higher vocational education. After 10 to 15 years of work, the house is owned by the individual. The group has some welfare guarantees. Maternity leave for four months, with an annual leave of more than three years of service, such as 20 years of work, there are 20 days of paid annual leave. Normally, you can rest for 4 days a month, and there are 9 days of national statutory leave each year. In addition, all paid travel, retirement and retirement systems are guaranteed.

In addition, we are going to open a high-end academic conference, please come in, go out and learn high-end things. The hospital can let employees go to study with their salary, or they can go abroad, and they can invite foreign experts to improve their skills and quality. It is not only responsible for the patients, but also for the training of employees.

Our reporter: What developments will the Dawu Hospital have in the future, so that you can feel free to go to Beijing or abroad when you are sick?

Sun Dawu: Now Dawu Hospital is just a general hospital. In the future, there will be a medical school and other special hospitals. We can see the big illness in the future, including all kinds of tumor surgery.


Confiscated Newly Constructed Apartment Buildings


Pan Wei: On the Constitutional Attribute of the Operational Autonomy of Private Enterprises——Analysis of the Norms of "Non-Public Economic Terms"


Πλατωνική μορφή (Platonic Form) is an I'mage poem of the Celestial Sphinx series within the Elegant Celestial Giza series. It is one of two Sphinx with a tail. It is the only Sphinx with the pharaonic crown. What makes it importantly unique, though, of the 45 poems of the Elegant Celestial Giza Series is that it includes all stars of the Big and Little Dippers as well as 11 and 10 Draconis which were the polestars in 2832 BCE.

D.卡尔顿 罗西

D. Carlton Rossi

2018年12月7日    copyright

Where is the Confederate soldier Pvt. Edwin Jemisen (Jemison)?

Who is the iconic image of a Union soldier?

The author has launched a crowdsourcing contest to determine if the Confederate and Union soldier are one and the same. Your opinion is valued. Your skills in facial recognition technology are required. The prize is $90 U.S.





                The almost unpronounceable Huawei

This teacher is retired. He does not wish to give a lesson to Liberal politicians (nor would it be welcomed) on how to pronounce the word "Huawei" in Chinese. He does not wish to remind them of the difference between the words "private" and "collective" as it applies to Huawei and, by the way, what is the meaning of the term "State-Owned Enterprise" in China. He regards it as a futile exercise to politely remind politicians that Canada's premier technological and by far its largest company called Northern Telecom was seemingly pillaged and plundered by Chinese agents leading coincidentally and apparently unconnectedly to the rise of Huawei.


                              John Chang and his Family
                                      in happier times

                                    FIVE LIVES

There are currently five Canadians who are incarcerated in the People's Republic of China. Canadian negotiators have not been successful in getting them off and out of China. The author contends, generally speaking, that officials have placed a priority on achieving free trade rather than a release of prisoners. With regard to free trade there are a lot of secret discussions in camera with the Chinese; however, our government only pays public, lip service to issues regarding the release of Canadian prisoners. In other words, the emphasis is placed on free trade rather than free the prisoners. As has been mentioned earlier by the author one cannot do both at the same time. 


D.卡尔顿 罗西

D. Carlton Rossi



Canadians do not like to be kept in the dark concerning non-transparent, secret talks and matters between the Chinese and Canadian governments. If an extradition treaty is a "long, long, long way off" according to Ambassador McCallum then why are representatives wasting time on the matter and not devoting more time to exploration of free-trade--whatever free-trade means. There really has never been free-trade nor will there ever be free-trade anywhere or anytime. However, there is an important issue that requires the full attention of consular officials in China; namely, the arrest of a Canadian on a Canadian passport who has been thrown in cell 414 under Article 300.



Canadian couple recounts ‘survival story’ of their detention in China

Nathan Vanderklippe 

Asia Correspondent



“For the first time in my life, I felt this could be my last night alive,” she writes in Two Tears on the Window, a new self-published book that recounts in vivid detail what happened during more than two years the couple spent caught up in Canada’s relations with an authoritarian state that is the world’s second-largest economy.

It’s widely believed they were apprehended in August, 2014, as reprisal against Canada for the arrest, weeks earlier, of Chinese citizen Su Bin in British Columbia. Mr. Su was sentenced in the United States to nearly four years in prison for his role in organizing the hacking of technical data on military aircraft.



Contributed to The Globe and Mail

December 3, 2018

The fentanyl epidemic is a new kind of foreign-policy challenge for us. China is refusing to act responsibly, something that is literally killing Canadians. We need tougher talk from the Prime Minister, but we also need sustained and co-ordinated follow-up by a range of departments, agencies and jurisdictions, something that isn’t our strong suit.


                                                The Fentanyl Crisis

D.卡尔顿 罗西
D. Carlton Rossi



               The Jing-Jin-Ji Transportation Network

If you are a writer or reader then you may reach a point where there is a dearth or deluge of topics. The latter is the case now. I could write about the letter apparently spearheaded by Ambassador McCallum which was signed by 15 ambassadors and copied to China’s Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Public Security and the Communist Party’s international department. It concerned the detention camps in Xinjiang Province.

D.卡尔顿 罗西
D. Carlton Rossi



How not to deal with authoritarian leaders and regimes