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Sticking to private enterprises crying out of nowhere, can not find a place to reason!


The victim is not eligible to file a complaint. Who is eligible to file a complaint? Dawu Group sued the "National Livestock Genetic Resources Committee" for the first trial...​​​​

Hebei Dawu Farming and Animal Husbandry Group Breeding Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Dawu Group) has invested more than 20 million research funds over ten years to cultivate "red feather powder shell layer chicken, feather color...

The author has been following the complaint by the Dawu Group lodged against the "National Livestock Genetic Resources Committee" for some time. It has tried to protect its patent which it developed over many years concerning the Jingbaifeng 629. Incomprehensibly,  the court ruled that the Group is not eligible to file a complaint.

In translation, Sun Dawu says that "Yang Ning, the chief scientist, had the Committe to review: Dawu Jinfeng Co., the world's first! Going back and engaging in a highly similar Beijing Fan No. 6, which is better known as China's first, and has to enter the academician. Is this not the shame of the country or the shame of the scientific community?" 

According to Sun Dawu, Professor Yang Ning was "the honorary president of the Dawu Poultry Research Institute, the leader of the Dawu Jinfeng New Variety Pilot Expert Demonstration Team, and the leader of the Dawu Jinfeng Co. On-site Examination Expert Team , In-depth understanding of the core key technologies of the midday cultivation and R&D of Golden Phoenix. In such an important position, how can I apply the core technology of Dawu Jinfeng Co. to Jingfan 6 as the first person to complete it? Does this make sense? Is this reasonable? Is this legal? "

Of course, with domestic chickens the ideal is to develop a superior strain. The Jingbaifeng 629 produced more eggs. It is therefore more superior. However, according to Sun Dawu the long standing work of the Dawu Jinfeng Unit on Jingbaifeng 629 was plagiarized by a leading agricultural scientist. One could say at best that he was lazy as he took credit and reward for the work of others. At worst, he plagiarized the scientific research achievements of a private enterprise.

Generally speaking, the management of Dawu Group is faced with a dilemma of whether to recruit new talent or promote self-cultivation. The preference of the Group is to encourage self-cultivation. In other words, it doesn't rely on the science of genetics or a university education to produce a superior cadre, but on the individual's pursuit of morality beginning with the family and imitated in the enterprise. Professor Yang Ning though was no ordinary cadre. He was a key player of the Team. He also had in-depth knowledge of the core key technologies.

It is said by Sun Dawu that there are six classes of individuals that are not easy to cultivate in an enterprise. One of these classes comprises individuals who refuse to find things out for themselves. One can perhaps include Professor Yang Ning in this class. He tried to build his reputation on the work and effort of others. He took a short cut. He took credit for what he didn't do. In Sun Dawu's words it is said that "The chicken is lazy and does not lay eggs." A lazy chicken has a short future--it becomes a broiler.


               The Jing-Jin-Ji Transportation Network

If you are a writer or reader then you may reach a point where there is a dearth or deluge of topics. The latter is the case now. I could write about the letter apparently spearheaded by Ambassador McCallum which was signed by 15 ambassadors and copied to China’s Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Public Security and the Communist Party’s international department. It concerned the detention camps in Xinjiang Province.


                       John McCallum and Wang Yi              

However, the letter was not copied to the press, so there is a lack of information to discuss. The ambassadors don't wish to discuss it. It may or may not make reference to Canada's Indian residential school system. It may or may not involve one Canadian whose name is Huseyin Celil who has been an Uyghur prisoner since 2007 before the camps were built. While Chinese officials know what was in the letter it is a fact that Canadians outside of a clique of the government do not. It's time for a leaked letter.


On the other hand, there is the possibility to write about the notification that Statistics Canada was supposed to have written to Minister Navdeep Bains who oversees them. It concerned the grim reaping of private bank data. If we are to believe Minister Bains he received no such notification and by inference may have known nothing about the proposal which was in the planning stages for one year. However, much has already been said about what Bains did know and has done on different matters such as Churchill Falls, ITF, Norsat, Huawei and Superclusters.


Some inspiration for a topic though came from reading an article in the New York Times. It concerned the construction of the Beijing-Daxing International Airport which is located in the suburbs south of Beijing. The author is able to make some comments on general transportation in the area. 

Years ago, I taught for one week in Daxing on behalf of the Ministry of Forestry located near Tsinghua University. For one who has lived in Beijing for years it seemed that Daxing was in the middle of nowhere. To a farmer though it was the center of somewhere. I enjoyed my exercise program out in the open air and fields. 


One of the particular things that I remember was a question asked by one of the teachers. By the nature of his question he had apparently read my Chinese poems. He asked about the transmutation of matter which is the main theme of my poem called in pinyin. It was suggested to him that he examine carefully the traditional character 無 because the universe can be found in a grain of sand. However, with the construction and near completion of the airport it is apparent that both farmers and summer school students will have to move farther afield in their pursuits. 

In this short report, I will concentrate on transportation to Dawu City from the new airport. But, before I begin, it is necessary to describe the old way. After arriving at Beijing Capital Airport in the north after a long plane ride I had to take a bus to Dawu City. It was a three hour ride to Baoding which is actually south of Dawu City. Then it required an hour taxi ride north to Xushui and finally to Dawu City. This inspired a poem called Two Steps Back One Forth.                    
                           I go to travel south,
                           but to go to south
                           I must go to north
                           or sìshíyi li, too, to north.

                           Distance is doubled.
                           Time is doubled.

                           Then, I proceed south,
                           but pass mark in south,
                           so I must go to north
                           or sìshíyi li, too, to north.

                           Distance is tripled.
                           Time is tripled.

                           It sucks me to its mouth.
                           It spits me from its mouth.                        
                           Two steps back one forth.
                           Two steps back one forth.

Beijing-Daxing International Airport will cut out all the traffic through Beijing. One will begin in the suburbs 45 kilometers south of Beijing. This also will shorten the distance to Xushui. One can proceed south on either G107 or G4. G107 is the faster and one can complete one's journey to Xushui in about one hour twenty minutes by bus. 


Of course, if you are our Minister of Agriculture you had no reason to visit Dawu City on your last trade trip. You are not interested in one of the fastest growing and largest agriculture enterprises called Dawu Group. You have no interest in a people-run farm enterprise with democratic elections every two years. You have no interest in primary, secondary and tertiary industries associated with Dawu Group. You probably know nothing about the Private Enterprise Constitutional System developed in 2004. It allows for a family-run farm to survive and prosper with few subsidies and without aberrant and abhorrent, non-free trade, Supply Management.

The new airport which will open next September will be one of the keys to developing the "Jing-Jin-Ji" economic development plan. This plan has three nodes or Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (Shijiazhuang). The development hub for this triangle will be the state-run Xiong'an New Area (雄安新区). It will rival the development in the Pearl River and Yangzte River Deltas in the South. As mentioned earlier, one can take either G107 or G4 which go southeast in parallel down to Xushui and then one can go on to Dawu City a short distance away. It is then just a short hop, skip and jump eastward to the Xiong'an New Area. 


                          Xiong'an New Area

The more direct southerly route to Xiong'An New Area is road G45; although there is a short westward trip on G18 and then South. It should be noted though that G18 highway goes west-east through Xushui. This means that one can proceed east from Xushui and arrive shortly at the Xiong'an New Area. The importance of Dawu City will be enhanced both by its proximity and easy access to G107 and G4 roads, but also those advantages as offered by the G18 west-east road. G18 will offer access from Dawu City to the heart of the Xiong'an New Area in about 45 minutes. It is just 50 km to Xiongxian. 

To put it another way Dawu City (Xushui) is located very close to Xiong'an New Area; whereas, China's newest, biggest hatchery is at Handan, Hebei. The city of Handan is 3 hours 39 minutes (358 km) south of Xiongxian. The Handan factories are out of the loop concerning a connection to the Xiong'an New Area. 


 Yixian Dawu Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Company

To be slightly more accurate, Dawu Group hatchery is in remote Yixian; whereas, Huayu's is in a small village 60 miles west of Handan. At any rate, the farmers from Iowa got to Handan in 2014 before Canadian conservative negotiators. They might also get to Dawu City before Canadian Liberal negotiators might consider going there. If the Iowans have the persistence and perspicuity to be the first to go to Dawu Group then good for them. They know that 10% of the land of the Xiong'an New Area will be slated for agriculture and Dawu Group could be the key to opening the door.


If you are in Dawu City which is also a tourist center then you will want to take time-out to visit The Underground Great Wall which ends roughly at Xushui. The ancient war passages are about 65 kilometers from east (beginning in Yongqing) to west and 25 kilometers from north to south. They extend through 1,600 square kilometers. The passages were used during the Song and Liao Dynasties. 

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Whatever Happened to Moral Capitalism?

Michael Kazim, Georgetown University

The New York Times,  June 24, 2019

You [Christine McM] and Elizabeth Warren may be interested in an actual model of "moral capitalism" that surprisingly exists in mainland China. It has been established by the Hebei Dawu Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group Co., Ltd. The Dawu Group was established by SUN Dawu (孙大午) about 30 years ago. The actual name of this type of moral capitalism is Private Entrepreneurial Constitutional System which was devised in 2004 and has since developed. Voting is undertaken every two years and everyone is required to vote. The case of SUN Dawu and the incident involving SUN Zhigang (孙志刚) marked the beginning of the civil rights movement in China.

D. Carlton Rossi


Note: This article is translated from the first issue of "Day of the Impression" magazine. This magazine is a comprehensive foreign publication of the Dawu Group.

                           The Release of Wealth

People always ask repeatedly, if the company is so big and the company is so extensive then how much is it worth? Some people say that it is one hundred billion yuan (14,503,600,000 US). In fact, the value of Dawucheng is not estimated. Many people don’t understand it. This is a report. You are the boss. How can it be counted? Our company has been developing for more than 30 years, but our wealth is not developed, but released. The value of Dawucheng lies in the wealth it releases. This wealth is incalculable.

We have not borrowed a penny. They are all net assets. Many people don't believe it. How is this possible? The company has three major expenditures, one is taxation, the other is shareholder dividends, and the third is management bonuses of which each account for one-third. We are a farming and animal husbandry enterprise. Many industries not only do not pay taxes, but also enjoy state subsidies. We have very few such benefits.

This enterprise is our family, but we have not received dividends; that is, we receive twice the average wage of workers. With regard to subsidies, this is very small for enterprises; instead, our management takes bonuses, but there are restrictions that they will not exceed five to ten times the average wage of workers. For more than 30 years our companies have earned money in enterprises.

On the other hand, our income continues to grow--especially in the past few years. The company has developed rapidly and has been growing at a rate of more than 20%, so this book number will be large. I don't look at the report, nor do I study it. This number is bigger and it is also a small part of the company's value.

Understand that people do not look at the company's statements and book figures because many companies now rely on bank loans, private loans and blood transfusions. Book assets look a lot, but there is often debt, and there are some debt ratios of more than 90%. For example, Liu Han of Sichuan Province had the right to be powerful, but his corporate assets of about 400 million under the Hanlong Group are also heavily in debt. After he was sentenced to death, the company’s auction was only 300 million yuan, and the debt ratio was also 100 ie. more than 90%. The company assets of a friend of mine in Henan Province are estimated at 600 million, but the debt is as high as 2.4 billion. Finally, the company was insolvent and went bankrupt.

Unlike these companies, our book assets and net assets are real. We did not apply for loans at the beginning of the establishment of the factory. Later, when our own funds could not be spent, there would be no need for loans.

Market Price

Speaking of our buildings alone, the construction of Dawucheng is undertaken by our construction company. Can we only calculate the construction cost on the books? For example, the building area of our international hotel is 100,000 square meters. If the value of a square meter in Xushui is about 10,000 yuan then the hotel is worth 10 billion yuan which does not include the hot spring hotel, holiday hotel and hot spring club.

In the past two years, we have moved out production units , agricultural parks, food industrial parks, and 400,000 tons of feed plants next to National Highway 107. Each park has a production capacity of more than one billion. The Group’s top three hospitals have been built. Nine of our buildings have 18 floors. The pensioner apartment buildings have also been built. It can be said that Dawucheng has been under construction, and two thousand construction workers are not working all the year round. How much market value can this generate? How to evaluate it? .

There is also our Dawu brand. All our products are Dawu Brand. It has been used as a famous trademark in Hebei Province for more than 30 years. Some time ago, our winery used “Dawuliangye” and Wuliangye. There was a lawsuit. After contesting the issue for more than two years, Dawu Group had to take it to the Supreme Court. We won the case. I have always advocated: not for profit but for good character, for good products, for making clean money--we have always done this. After years of operation, the brand has a certain popularity. The reputation is intangible, but it is valuable in the market because people trust the brand. However, the specific value of this intangible asset has not been evaluated.

Listing value

As early as 2004, there was a US investment company lobbying me to go public. I said, my business is small, can it qualify for listing? The other party said, don't you have 3,000 acres of land? As long as the land is productive one can evaluate the price. One thousand mu (area) needs 16 million yuan, and 4 million yuan as the company's promotional packaging fee. These 20 million are handled by investment companies. Then, an acre of land is estimated at 300,000 yuan, 1,000 acres is 300 million yuan, plus the group's original assets of 300 million yuan is 600 million. The stock issuance price can be set at 6 yuan, then the market value of the group surges to 3.6 billion yuan; if the stock price reaches 12 yuan, the market value will become 7.2 billion yuan; if the brand of the noon is hyped, the stock can reach 15-20 billion yuan.

In the past few years, an investment company in Shenzhen came over to inspect our poultry company and evaluated the poultry company at two billion yuan. It said that the listing can reach 8 billion yuan. How can it generate such four-fold increase? The people in the investment company said that we have the advantage of technology and market: the average laying hen has 285 eggs, but our chicken can produce 325 eggs, and our chicken can sell for more money than the imported varieties of the United States and the Netherlands. The poultry company hatches 400,000 chickens every day. It is still in short supply. Due to transportation restrictions, many markets have not yet been fully developed. After the listing, the incubator has been expanded nationwide. After operation, 80 billion is a conservative estimate. They are very lively, but I am not interested, so I have not taken them to see the Yixian Wanmu Mountain Farm and the original breeder farm of the poultry company, nor have they assessed it.

We don't have the need for financing. We can't spend our own funds. There is no need to go public and it is not in line with our development path to list money and make quick money.

Wealth password

The wealth of this enterprise is still second. Our greater wealth is Dawucheng. The wealth it releases is our wealth code.

I often say "wealth passwords". The wealth created by enterprises is actually a small part, mainly it is wealth released. For example, the land in Beijing used to be 30,000 yuan for one mu. Now how it has become three million for one mu. Is this wealth created? This is the release of wealth, and the release of wealth is the wealth code.

Is underground oil and coal not wealth? Is jade and gold in the mountains not wealth? If no one is going to excavate it then it is not wealth. Only when enterprises let people go to mine and dig gold can they can become wealthy.

Therefore, if a place’s wealth is to be released, it must be initially supported by the enterprise. This is the introduction and the beginning. After the enterprises are supported, a large number of workers gather here to find employment, live and consume. After the social population gathers, the tertiary industry will rise. At this time, the enterprise is not important. It will improve itself and form a complete flow process. It becomes a society. At this point, its development is unstoppable, and the wealth of this place is released.

The Dawu Group now has 6,000 workers. In the past few years, it has added more than 1,000 workers. These thousands of people have created wealth and they are still spending wealth here. These thousands of people are employed here, their families live here, their children go to school here, the old people are here to support the elderly... consumption is here. Our staff apartment initially sold for more than 1,000 yuan. Now the price in Xushui District is 10,000 yuan. Dawucheng is rated as Kangyang Town. It is a treasure trove of education, medical care and old-age care. Popularity is wealth, so I said that the place to create wealth is not a place of wealth. The place where wealth is consumed is the place of wealth. This is the wealth code of Dawucheng. This wealth is incalculable.

The wealth code is very esoteric. It is not said here. We welcome people of insight to learn from each other.

孙大午   (SUN Dawu)



                                                        Talk to the Fist                                 

Sun Dawu is the founder of Hebei Dawujituan and is currently a member of Dawujituan Board of Supervisors. He is Senior Researcher of China Agricultural University Institute of Peasant Issues; as well as, a Special Researcher at the Private Economic Research Institute.

                       Kiowa Trail

We came up the trail from Texas
in the spring of '74,

and bedded our herd on the short grass
beyond the railroad.

We cleaned our guns and washed our necks
and dusted our hats for town,

riding fifteen strong to the hitching rail
and standing fifteen strong to the bar.

Louis L'Amour

Louis L'Amour, Kiowa Trail, Bantom Books Inc., New York: 1964.

孙大午:今天我们不聊信任 只谈职责


Sun Dawu: Today, we do not talk only
about  responsibilities of trust

Hebei Province

The incumbent may at the beginning of work rely on gratitude of trust for thanks to the gratitude of return to work conscientiously. However, this reliance on the supervision of the people can not be long since people are in a dynamic state of change. The incumbent cannot forever maintain the heart of gratitude when the sensibility of the people to promote the role is getting smaller and smaller. With the lack of rational constraints the power has become a runaway mustang. East and West are in a sudden rampage. A wounding injury means that trust has become a necessity to live up to.

At present, our society emphasizes responsibility, rather than pay attention to trust. People's general psychology is that responsibility has a business-like meaning, but there is a human touch to trust.

In enterprise, especially regarding the employment problem, the employer always upholds the principle that only trusted people will be promoted to appointments and only confidants will be entrusted with the task, the result is what? The result is often that trust is disappointed.The reason is that the employer gives power based on trust, but not on clear responsibilities. The responsibilities are not fulfilled.  

Leadership is surrounded by subordinates all day long who compliment. They are full of eyeful singing and dancing Sheng. They are full of praises of songs for the ears. They do not see the real situation. They can not hear the real voice. There is no real basis for doing and making the right decision. Over time, the entire enterprise will consist of bad habits which erode into evil. There is no emphasis on duty, but trust is stressed on the individual and leadership. This is bad for the entire enterprise.

This trust-based employment thinking has led directly to the "eyes staring at the leadership look" style of work. Because the power is based on the leadership of trust given to them and since trust is a mysterious psychological state that can at any time change then the incumbent will feel ill at ease without end at any time so that fear of leadership is also to trust not themselves.

Eyes staring at the leadership at work will not let go of hands and feet. Leadership is always thinking about how I would like to do the work of leadership?  I do the work of leadership, but am not satisfied with it? Time and effort are wasted in the "speculation on the meaning of", in accordance with the wink of leadership is to act on their own without thinking and will ignore the improvement of their work.

Our private corporate constitutional system focuses on responsibility and not trust.

Take the board of directors who are elected of the group with me or other leaders who do not trust them as  trust does not matter. At this time, human sensibility is not always a disadvantage since attention is paid to responsibilities. For directors to trust a few people alone is not possible, and every year hundreds of cadres and workers vote and not everyone knows you or  trusts you. They vote on the basis of performance. The work performance is to see if you are not doing their own work. It is possible to be elected as a director only if there is a result.

After the election of directors the issue is not how to please a few leaders, but to let hundreds of voters recognize themselves so that they make achievements in their work in order to stay. If there are no results then in the next election the candidate  is unsuccessful. Not only the appointment and removal of directors takes place, but the appointment of cadres and their dismissal is the case. If cadres of Afternoon Group do not do a good job on promotion then changes are volatile. Meteoric promotions will not appear because a big leader trusts and value you, but rather with performance. Do not always think at work of how the leader will see you as long as you do your own good work. Based on consumer satisfaction leaders cannot withdraw such cadres.

This requires clear responsibilities of the various units of the Group which are clearly defined in two ways: one is clear responsibility to the individual and the second is the scope of public duties. With regard to clear responsibilities to individuals it means they know their own terms of reference and can remind themselves to do their jobs. This role means that he can play a supervisory role by working on a problem and finding the direct responsibility of the people. This supervision is not just to trace responsibility, but more importantly to fill the deficiencies in the work by improving work methods through lessons learned.

Dawu Group allows employees to make mistakes, but is also willing to pay tuition fees to employees. However, employees should learn something through  tuition. If the tuition is paid but there are no results then it means the responsibility is not a clear cause.

Open and transparent responsibilities mean that people know who do something should not take the long way to go, but rather go directly to the responsible person to solve the problem. This will greatly improve work efficiency. The name, contact information, photos and other contents of the members of the Group are open to the public. The content of this announcement needs to be supplemented, and the scope of duties needs to be open and transparent. Open and transparent responsibilities can also involve the role of supervision which can act as  a spur to a responsible person.

Enterprises should focus on responsibilities rather than trust.

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2016-5-17 青年干部骨干培训班——学员发言及点评

Backbone young cadres training - students speak and reviews


Product quality cannot achieve 100 percent qualified? Certainly you can do it. It is said that during World War II, an American production of military parachute manufacturers, product qualification rate has been 99%. General requirements for manufacturers to continue to enhance the quality, the boss thought impossible, impossible. So the generals got the boss, the boss instead of pilots, carrying their own production parachute jumped from the plane to test the quality of products, the results of the company's rate of qualified products was soon raised to 100%. 





We only emphasize quality, emphasizing the dedication, do yourself, not the pursuit of money. But once we really can do yourself, the money will naturally flow to us. In fact, think about it, money is morality, character, and it flows all the time to focus on the hands of a moral person. Some people blindly want to make money chasing money to run, but there is no money to catch up, or catch the moment, but can not keep. How to make money? Keep the money? Only let money chase you run. Take Taiwujituan, we have been "not for profit, but to development as the goal," but we are in profit each subsidiary to build as fast as the pace of development, and why? As we continue to learn and improve, improve facilities, improve service, we are trying to do their best. Therefore, a steady stream of money from all concentrated here.







The Higher Level of Management is to Release

June 23, 2016



At this year's spring training session of  Dawujituan food company, manager Wangxiang Ling has a deep sentiment on this point. She said: "Management is not the true meaning of control, release management is only the team each individual freed himself, in order to stimulate everyone's ability to work with innovative thinking." This is the sentiment of her heart. Management is not only the release of their ability, but to release the team's ability. If we are to achieve a higher level of management then  do not restrict employees to release energy.  From business leaders do not be very close, things are what you say, you are strong, people's ability should be released. At Dawujituan, the reason why so many companies can go hand in hand( it is now 18 subsidiaries and we will soon have another birth of a subsidiary)  is because everyone has a release platform. On this platform, human, financial, material, production, supply, marketing implementation, power to each person, responsibility to the people, by level, each responsible for management was righteous, employee morale is very good. When public opinion is reflected then everyone's energy is released.


I think that the greatest contribution of "public governance" is the internal management of democratic elections, to overcome the traditional family business and two types of joint stock companies from the Capital founder the final say, "the concept of aging," the owners of capital are not interested in posterity in the relevant field or lack of talent discovery related to vision as a result of "tunnel vision", "successors" and other issues, the broader line employees and line managers direct election of senior management, to ensure that enterprises are open to a greater extent and advancing a variety of ideas.






In order to solve the private financing some experts suggested the establishment of small and medium sized banks and other financial services organizations. I believe that the establishment of special SME-oriented small and medium banks, if the government is still to do has little maneuverability. I believe that fundamentally the financial problem is a system problem, or a system design problem.


"Great afternoon Inheritance Code: Taiwujituan" private, public governance, shared "practice" book "Private Dawujituan Constitutional Decade 

250,000 word book recently published

First, in my opinion, Chinese entrepreneurs can be grouped into two categories, one run commercial nature of the enterprise, such as Ma Alibaba do, focus on meeting the social demand for remote trading services, he can do the business great; the second is to do with a social nature of the enterprise, for example, I run Dawujituan addition you said Ren Zhengfei, Huawei offered.

What to do with the social nature of the enterprise? We look at how to spell the word "Enterprise": Enterprise, by the people, only two words constituted a good understanding of the industry, is specific cause, the family business. An entrepreneur, of course, to meet the social needs of their own discovery and to meet this demand in a time of reproduction is completed, and to achieve the purpose of creating profits; otherwise, he would not do sustainable business development.

However, one does not know when to stop the idea of ​​the company's future, and what role the social enterprise, he is a business entrepreneur, not a social entrepreneur. As a social entrepreneur, he is not only in the creation of value and profit to meet market demand, but also to his own business when a society treat, corporate staff will be oriented so that the growth of enterprises with employees generate height of the feeling of belonging fit, long-term staff turnover Dawujituan less than 3%, that is, when proven benefit our business community to manage.

August 23, 2016



The son was taken away for 158 days and the mother prayed for 158 nights.

Langwuzhuang Dawucheng, a 20-minute drive from Xushui County, Baoding, Hebei Province, is the headquarters of the famous Hebei Dawu Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group Co., Ltd.

On May 27, 2003, the 85-year-old Liu Fenglan got up early in the morning as usual. When she cleaned the simple courtyard surrounded by the earth wall, she suddenly became uncertain. "What is going to happen?" The old man started to pick up the broom.

What happened next confirmed the hunch of the old man. In the morning, the 49-year-old son of the old man, Sun Dawu, the president of Dawu Group, was never returned by the county leader “please go to dinner”; in the afternoon, several cars roared to the company and jumped from the car to a dozen strangers, they lightning Generally sealed up the company's important office, "please" took the company's backbone leadership...

The old man witnessed the messy scene and knew that his son had an accident at noon.

What happened to the son? Although the old mother is still savvy, she can’t participate in the reason. The morality and character of the noon, the old mother is deeply aware: in the past 18 years, he has developed from a poor man with a bare hand to a business owner with assets of hundreds of millions of yuan. He has not done half of the things that hurt the world! The son doesn't gamble, he doesn't swear, he doesn't make villas, doesn't open Mercedes-Benz BMW, doesn't run the township, doesn't evade taxes and taxes, doesn't owe workers a penny salary... Did he make a mistake? The old mother was so distressed that she was nailed into a row of steel nails.

A few months ago, Sun Dawu returned from surgery in Beijing, and still needed a week of infusion therapy, but he did not go to the company hospital to live, but lived in the mother's home. Lying on a wide squat. In his busy schedule, he finally had time to be with his mother. The old mother cooked the sweet potato sweet potato porridge that he loved when he was a child. He washed his face and washed his feet. The gossip was short in the parents. It was a beautiful time and a good feeling! Nearly half a hundred sons can be spoiled by the mother who is over eighty years old...

I don’t remember how many nights, the old mother came to her son’s office building and saw that there was still light in his son’s office. He went to the guard room at the entrance of the hospital and waited for his son to leave work. She heard that there was a murder in the society, and that the son who was born with integrity had offended many villains, so the guards must pay attention to the safety of the noon. It was not until the night was deep that she returned to her place of residence.

Now, the son is unclear and has been taken away. He has been taken away under the mother's eyes. How can he be a mother?

Then, Sun Jialu continued to come to many people.

A strange young lawyer came. He said to his grandmother: "I want to go to court for Sun." The old man asked: "Do you know my son's big lunch?" The lawyer shook his head and said, "My dad told me to come. My dad said that the village The gravel road was repaired in the middle of the afternoon. The lonely old people in the village got the big lunch every year. My dad also said that the big afternoon is a good person. Now he is in trouble. We must try our best to help."

A neighboring village woman named Li Yalin heard that something happened in the afternoon, crying like a tearful person, not asking the government to talk about his own experience. She said: Two years ago, she got lupus erythematosus to seek medical treatment everywhere. She almost went to the hospital and arranged for her to live in the Dawu Hospital. She also mobilized employees to donate more than 8,000 yuan to her, which stabilized her condition...

Among the dialects that the old mother received, there were students who benefited a lot from the free agricultural technology school that invested 500,000 yuan in the afternoon, and there were big lunches to donate wells, and ended the generations of people who had no water. Thousands of villagers' representatives, there are white-haired old people, and children who are childish and unrelenting... They are on the same road with the flat asphalt road built by the Great afternoon, and come to see the old-fashioned grandfather and mother from all sides!

On the night of the night, the old mother who couldn't sleep, sitting alone on the dilapidated sofa in the house, looking at the faint window, always felt someone waving her hand outside the window: "Nothing. Nothing in the afternoon, come back soon. "This illusion is shaking at night in the old man's brain." She opened the door and prayed to heaven. She believes that one day someone will hear the sad and embarrassing voice of being a mother. The son walked for 158 days and the mother prayed for 158 nights!

Dakai’s father, Sun Kai, is 83 years old. He is not like his wife, but silently shed tears on his side, sometimes giving a sigh of sadness. During the day, he still walks as he used to, picking up his waist and walking on the broken road. The father of this billionaire uses this kind of labor to support himself and feed his wife. Dawu and his brothers have persuaded their parents to move into the new house and enjoy the blessings. They are willing to filial piety for the elderly. The old man has his own philosophy of life. He said: "I don't want to have a meal to open my mouth and clothes to reach out." He was afraid that others would not understand, and asked people to write a notice to post it: "We are poor and used to suffer. I am willing to eat by labor. This has nothing to do with their filial piety in the afternoon."

The old father knows that this kid is too difficult for the big lunch. His mind is very wide. He wants all the poor people to live a good life, but he manages himself very tightly and tightly: he goes out, he often has two A sizzling cake, a bowl of glutinous rice to deal with a meal; on a business trip to Ningxia, 1000 kilometers away, he also only buy hard seat tickets.

The old father must do his best to not burden his son. In the afternoon, he gave a 5,000 yuan discount to his father. The old father gave it to his son for a while. He said: "The funds for your career are also tight, I don't need it." Xiaoshun's noon is grateful to the parents for their righteous actions, often proud of the two old people. The guests who came to visit Dawucheng outside often met the sun-drenched grandfather on the roadside. They were very proud to introduce to the guests at noon: "This is my father." At this time, the old man will raise his head to full The guests with strange faces smiled kindly and slyly. The smile of the old father left a warm impression on many people's hearts. Today, the smile on the old father’s face has been gone for a long time—his son has not returned home for a long time.

When Dawu was detained, the accounts of the company and the entire family were all frozen, and the two younger brothers were also detained. The daughter-in-law and grandson were flocked to the two old people’s homes. The old father had only 10 yuan a day to earn income. It has become a reliance on the lives of seven or eight people in the family. The family has spent more than five months of hard times...

Mother and folks don’t understand: such a good person has also committed a crime?

The old mother was accompanied by a person to the detention center to find a son. She did not dare to have the hope of talking to her son. As long as she could see her son, she would be satisfied. The trembling old man came to the high wall against the scorching sun, as if to hear the breath of his son in the high wall. She leaned against the red bricks of the high wall and looked at the sun in the west. I didn't want to leave for a long time.

Inside the wall, a small one less than 10 square meters, sitting on the window by the big afternoon. Say goodbye to busy work, now he has time, you can slowly sort out your thoughts. He didn't know that the old mother who was thinking about her heart was standing in the dusty wind, and she was close at hand!

As a son, in order not to worry about his elderly mother, he felt that he should reflect on himself.

That year, he invested more than 1.6 million yuan to repair the road. Although this is a good thing for the benefit of one side, because the project did not do to people who have a relationship with the local leadership, he offended the person. As a result, the paved road was deliberately destroyed, and some people even broke into the home to beat him blood, and broke one of his phalanx into two. The old mother heard the news and wiped the blood on him with a wet towel. The old man’s distress is going to be broken, and the tears are flowing all the time, and the rubbing can’t be done. The old mother said to her son: "If you can't get rid of people, you should bow your head." Dawu said: "Mom, you never said that let your son bow!" The old mother said, "Mom, you are afraid of something." For those leaders who come and go, you will accompany them to drink and drink, give them some tips, and let them feel warmer." Dawu said: "I try to do it. Look at the poor people." It’s a day! You don’t mean that you have money, do you need to help the poor?” The old mother didn’t talk, just sighed softly. She once said proudly in front of many people: "The big afternoon is the most listening to me." But this time, how can I not listen to it in the big afternoon?

The old mother saw clearly that after the bloodshed and broken bones, the son still did his own thing. A very important leader came to discuss the matter in the afternoon. The leader said: "There is a state-owned enterprise that has encountered unprecedented difficulties and needs to inject a large sum of money. I hope the Dawu Group can donate 200,000 yuan." Said: "I can do something for them. The products of the company's food factory can send some difficult workers to them." The leader said: "If you don't help the material, take the RMB. You don't need to touch it. I, I will transfer them to them." Dawu immediately understood the intention of the leader and said: "Let me discuss with the group leadership team to discuss it." The leader said: "Consultation? Dawu Group is not yet You have the final say?" Dawu said: "But I can't talk nonsense! If you don't talk about it, don't you say it to the company? Thousands of workers are here to eat." The leader changed his face and went away.

One day in May 2002, Beijing Zhongnanhai. As a representative of Hebei private entrepreneurs, Sun Dawu and the local leaders were honored to enter the third meeting room of the State Council. The meeting did not arrange for him to speak, but he listened to the reports of some local leaders, and if he was in the throat, he had to say something. He finally grabbed the opportunity to speak and simply smashed a "firecracker". He said: "I have doubts about the per capita income of 2,600 yuan reported by farmers there. We have peasants in one acre and half of land, playing two seasons of grain, and the higher is 1000 kilograms. The protection price is 1,000 yuan. Plus a family of 5 pigs, 10 chickens, a dozen trees, the income is not as high as 2,000 yuan. Where is the 2,600 yuan?" Dawuyi spit quickly, the country’s top leaders gave him a straightforward and sincere speech. Fully affirmed. What the central leadership wants is the real situation! The face of the local leader is ugly. Isn't he the mouth of the public?

Sun Dawu’s own behavior is also manifested in the branding of his morality in the business mode of the Dawu Group. In 2000, Dawu Group Organic Fertilizer Factory faced a choice that did not need to be considered by peers: a southern company decided to order Dawu Group's products all the year round, and it would take ten car skins at a time, and even get the first payment. This is really a good deal, but because the manager of the company wants to receive a $60 rebate per ton according to the usual practice, Sun Dawu refused on the spot: "This sale is not as good as a prostitute. On the surface, it is a sale of goods, actually Selling character. Such a transaction will eventually damage the corporate image and reputation." As a result, the business was not made, and the manager of the company felt incredible.

For Sun Dawu’s “alternative”, a local county leader once said: “Sun Dawu’s word is 'noon’ and has become Sun Da Niu.”

On May 29, 2003, Sun Dawu was detained by the Xushui County Public Security Bureau. On July 4 of the same year, Sun Dawu was arrested after approval by the Xushui County People's Procuratorate. Since 1998, he has borrowed more than 13 million yuan from employees of more than 600 Dawu Group and nearby villagers, and is considered to be suspected of illegally absorbing public deposits.

The case of Sun Dawu immediately aroused widespread concern from all walks of life. First, he received extensive sympathy and support from the economics, law, private, and media sectors. Because in fact, Sun Dawu’s background of “illegally absorbing public deposits” is that private enterprises generally have no access to loans, and in order to accelerate the pace of development, they must have a large amount of funds to back them up. Sun Dawu once lamented the difficulty of the loan: "My company has more than 100 million yuan in fixed assets, but I can't get a penny!"

After the son was taken away, the old man Liu Fenglan asked others: "Is it a mistake in the big afternoon?"

Others told the elderly: "I said that he illegally raised funds."

The old mother asked again: "Is it illegal to raise funds?"

The man said: "It is the borrowing of the money of the workers and the surrounding farmers."

The old mother asked again: "Returning interest to the money, isn't that okay?"

People said: "The big afternoon is against this law."

The old mother didn't understand financial law or banking law. She only felt that she was very wrong at the big afternoon because she knew her son's thoughts too well. Dawu once painted his ideal world for his mother and folks, that is, to build a paradise of good people in Dawucheng, a world of Datong without evil, no hunger, and common prosperity. Since the development of entrepreneurship in the past 18 years, from the small farm of 1000 chickens and 50 pigs in the same year to the Dawu Group with fixed assets and annual output value of over 100 million yuan, his dream has gradually become a reality: he has invested 40 million yuan to open Dawu Middle School, the campus teaching building is very luxurious, the charge is very cheap, each student's monthly living expenses only need more than 100 yuan......

This time, the author went to the interview. A big man named Wang Xiuling told the author: "At that time there was a sentence in the afternoon, and I will remember when I die: 'I want to let people who have difficulties in the Ten Miles and Eight Towns, each one come to I work here. Everyone must have food!'"

In fact, Sun Dawu really did it. He solved the employment problem for more than 1,500 poor folks like Wang Xiuling, and paid more than 7 million yuan a year.

For such a good person, the old mother and the folks certainly can't think of what he did wrong.

A peasant-born son, sending his mother a romantic flower filled with tears Zhang Cun and Zhang Wei, who were in the fourth and third grades respectively, were a pair of little brothers and sisters from Dingxing. Their mother died early. Two years ago, his father died of illness. The younger brothers and sisters fell on the cliff of life.

After listening to people telling about the situation of the little brothers and sisters, the 100,000 noon rushed to say: "Let them come to me!" So, the little brothers and sisters were immediately taken to the Great Wall City, entered the school, lived and studied. With landing.

The news that President Sun was detained was known to the students of the Dawu School. Zhang Cun and Zhang Wei’s brothers and sisters couldn’t help but cry. They wrote a letter to the government: “We are two orphans. When we have nowhere to go, it’s big. The afternoon uncle adopted us. We want to say something to the government... Uncles and aunts, you are also women with children. If you also meet such orphans like us, uncles and aunts, like grandchildren How can a good person like the principal fall so badly? I beg you, let us have a good principal!"

In 2003, due to the SARS epidemic, the school had a holiday and the school started early. Zhang Cun and Zhang Wei were in the summer vacation. When I started school and returned to school, the director asked them to talk and said, "You have cut the tuition, there is no room and board, and the school can no longer let.

D. Carlton Rossi was put under house arrest at the same time on May 27, 2003 as he was in the process of establishing a college at the site under a cooperative agreement between Dawu Group and Red Deer College of Alberta.



10月12日 21:10 来自 iPhone 6s Plus


Sun Dawu

October 12 21:10 from iPhone 6s Plus

I believe that the Judiciary will treat the intellectual property rights of private enterprises fairly.

The technical achievements of Dawu Jinfeng were plagiarized, and the Beijing Intellectual Property Court has filed a case!

Dawu Breeding Company Dawu Breeding Company 9/12

Regarding the plagiarism of the "Dawu Jinfeng" cultivation technology, the Dawu breeder company repeatedly complained to the relevant departments. In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, our company filed a lawsuit in Beijing Intellectual Property Court in September 2019--prosecution of Beijing in the case of the violation of technical secrets by Huadu Yukou Poultry Industry Co., Ltd. and Professor Yang Ning was accepted by the court.

After 10 years of scientific exploration and experiment, Dawu Breeding Company successfully developed the breeding method of the red-feathered eggshell chicken supporting system, and applied this method to successfully cultivate the “Dawu Jinfeng” laying hen system. Professor Yang Ning, as the leader of the pilot group of the “Dawu Jinfeng” laying hens supporting system, the team leader of the new variety on-site auditing team and the honorary dean of the Dawu Poultry Research Institute, fully grasped and obtained from the Noon (with the convenience of his position) the technical secrets of the poultry company. After Professor Yang Ning cooperated with Qikou Company, he launched the Jingfen No. 6 in a very short time with the company as the first person.

The behavior of Professor Yang Ning and Qikou Company seriously infringed on the legitimate rights and interests of the Dawu Breeding Company and caused huge losses to the Dawu Breeding Company. We firmly believe that justice may be late, but will never be absent!

大午金凤技术成果被剽窃,北京知识产权法院已立案! 大午种禽公司 大午种禽公司 9/12

关于“大午金凤”培育技术成果被剽窃事件,大午种禽公司多次向相关部门投诉未果, 为维护合法权益,我公司已于2019年9月向北京知识产权法院提起诉讼--起诉北京市华都峪口禽业有限责任公司、杨宁教授侵害技术秘密一案,法院已立案受理。



You may believe that it is highly improbable that Dawu Group will be successful in defending its intellectual property. Ninety-nine per cent of such cases do not succeed in the mainland. Keep in mind though that Dawu Group did win its trademark case a few years ago regarding the name of its liquor which included the name "Dawu". The issue had gone to the Supreme Court. 

Why will Dawu Group be successful in its court proceeding with the Dawu Jinfeng plagarism case? One reason for success is that the company is under the direction of SUN Dawu. He doesn't have an "iron rice bowl" of the state. Rather, he has an "iron will" to further the interests of Dawu Group--a company he founded thirty years ago.

The second reason is that Dawu Group established a Private Entrepreneurial Constitutional system in 2004. The company is run by a constitution modelled on the British, American, and French constitutional systems as well as the ancient legal system of China. While the system is private it provides a successful model for the rest of China in the private realm. Nevertheless, its constitution is compliant with, in agreement with and follows forthwith the constitution of the People's Republic of China. Plagarism is neither allowed by the private constitution of Dawu Group or the public constitution of China.

Another reason that one should not rule out a successful outcome in the case of Dawu Group is that its legal team involves a who's who of constitutional lawyers in China. Just look at the group of lawyers and experts from all over China who attended the plagiarism conference at Dawu Group on October 11, 2019. They include JIANG Ping who is China's leading and best known constitutional lawyer.

While legal issues will predominate in any court proceeding one must realize that the constitutional system is ultimately based on Confucian ethics. SUN Dawu is a firm adherent and promoter of morality based on the family. Plagiarism which is tantamount to stealing is not acceptable behaviour in either the unit of the family or the State as a family. Plagiarism of the Jinfeng system developed and owned by Dawu Group represents corruption.

Dawu Liquor Article


One of several website articles on Dawu Liquor Suit


"China's Private Economy Intellectual Property Protection Seminar" was held in Dawu Group

2019-10-12 14:37:47

People's Daily News Market

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People's Daily newspaper market newspaper Hebei version (correspondent Yang Jun) at 9:00 am on October 11th, "2019 China Private Economy Intellectual Property Protection Seminar" was held at Holiday Inn Hotel, Hebei Dawu Group.

Jiang Ping, Mao Yuqi, Zhang Shuguang, Zhang Shaoyan, Zuo Jianwei, Xiong Wenqi, Wei Hong, Shi Xiuyin, Shi Chao, Chen Jian, Bai Lin, Yang Jitang, Wang Shujing, Zhao Weihua, Pang Hongbin, Zhu Tao, Tong Dahuan, etc. More than 40 domestic well-known law and economics Professors of sociology and media people attended the meeting. Sun Dawu, Chairman of the Board of Superintendents of the Dayu Group, Liu Ping, General Manager and Deputy General Manager Qi Fengyu attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the Vice President of the Beijing Reform and Development Research Association and the legal advisor of the Dawu Group. Professor presided over.

At the meeting, Liu Ping, general manager of Dawu Group, introduced the R&D and cultivation process of Dawu Jinfeng and the process of joint plagiarism by well-known scientists and state-owned enterprises. Pang Hongbin, a lawyer of Lianggao Law Firm, introduced the filing process of “Dawu Jinfeng Case”. Experts and scholars used this as an entry point to discuss the legal issues, evidence issues, strategic issues of the case, and the legal system construction of private enterprise intellectual property protection, and made suggestions for the intellectual property protection of private enterprises. Value opinions and suggestions.

Sun Dawu, Chairman of the Board of Superintendents of Dawu Group, stressed that the effect of this meeting is very good. Our country should create a relaxed environment, reduce the approval process and control over innovation, and strengthen the supervision of the results. It is easy to breed corruption when it is approved, and it can gain fame and fortune when it is approved. Because of this limitation, companies are hard to innovate. We call on our country to start with market rules, reduce approvals, and reduce validation.

In the summary, Professor Zhang Jing of Dawu Group Legal Consultant pointed out that experts and scholars can gather from Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and other places to Dawu Group to participate in the IPR seminar of Chinese private enterprises, with the “Dawu Jinfeng Case” as the cut-in At the same time, a very heated discussion was made. In addition to discussing the Dawu Jinfeng case, it also reflected concerns about the national and university research evaluation system and the academician selection system. From the perspective of motives, the infringing party of the "Dawu Jinfeng Case" has both good and evil, or is the first good and the bad, the transformation of good and evil has the elements of desire, and the persecution from the system. It is "pressure type violation." The lawsuit should continue to be played. The significance lies not only in the legal protection of the intellectual property rights of private enterprises, but also in the deep reflection on the reform of the university system and the reform of the academician selection system.

At 6:00 pm, “2019 China Private Economy Intellectual Property Protection Seminar” was successfully concluded.


2019-10-12 14:37:47 人民日报社市场报网络版 点击:205094次 人民日报社市场报网络版河北讯(通讯员 杨俊)10月11日上午9:00,“2019中国民营经济知识产权保护研讨会”在河北大午集团假日酒店召开。


会上,大午集团总经理刘平介绍了大午金凤研发培育过程及被知名科学家和国有企业联合剽窃的经过,两高律师事务所律师庞鸿斌介绍了“大午金凤案”的立案过程,各位专家学者以此为切入点,就案件的法律问题、证据问题、策略问题,以及民营企业知识产权保护的法制度建设等方面开展研讨,并为民营企业知识产权保护献计献策,提出了有价值的意见和建议。 大午集团监事长孙大午强调,这次会议的效果很好,我们国家应该创造宽松的环境,减少审批程序和对创新的控制,应该加强对结果的监督。审定就容易滋生腐败,审定就可以获得名利。因为有这种限制,企业就很难创新。呼吁我们国家应该从市场规则着手,减少审批,减少审定。 大午集团法律顾问张荆教授在总结中指出,各位专家学者能够从北京、天津、上海等地汇聚到大午集团,参加中国民营企业知识产权研讨会,以“大午金凤案”为切入点,做了非常热烈的讨论,除了探讨大午金凤案之外,也反映出对国家、大学科研评价体系,以及院士评选制度的忧虑。“大午金凤案”的侵权当事人从动机的角度看,既有善又有恶,或者说是先善后恶,善与恶的转变有欲望的要素,也有来自体制的逼迫,学界将其称之为“压力型违法”。这场官司应该继续打下去,其意义不仅在于对民营企业的知识产权的法律保护,还会引起人们对大学体制改革和院士评选制度改革的深度反思。



   Pierre Elliott Trudeau: La balance céleste de la Justice

                Sun Dawu: Justice and Fairness

Justice is often represented by a pair of scales. The origin of this image may involve the Judgement of Osiris. This was where the soul's heart was placed on a scale and the feather of truth on the other scale. If the heart of the soul was lighter than the feather then the soul could pass on to the bliss of the Field of Reeds.


It so happens that Sun Dawu also uses an image of a pair of balanced scales (although they are not heavenly) along with an abstract symbol resembling a person composed of an inner and outer triangle. The following description is augmented with interpretation. On the right is an image of a set of scales composed of black triangles of the same size which are theoretically balanced. They may represent ideal justice in society. On the left is what might be an abstract body and/or head representing man as a down-to-earth, social being. Within the human being and/or head is a large black triangle with a smaller white triangle inside. The former might represent justice while the latter may represent attitude.


                                    SUN Dawu

Sun Dawu is a self-educated farmer and a self-taught entrepreneur. Surprisingly, though, he was the first person in China to develop the Private Entrepreneurial Constitutional System in 2004. This constitution was based on models in France, Great Britain and the United States along with historical Chinese ones. Democratic elections are held every two years. Every one must vote.


                               John Stuart Mill

Fifty years ago, the author was enrolled in Philosphy 101. His lecturer at the U of T was Derek Allen who had been trained at Oxford. The author submitted an essay on John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism. Allen corrected that essay with lengthy definition of terms like "everyone" [an indefinite pronoun equivalent to "everybody" and "every one" [two words meaning "each". With respect to the word "everyone" it exhibits an exception with regard to verb tense in the third person singular. Of course, the young, foolish student regarded this criticism as somewhat pedantic, but he now appreciates its exactitude. Derek Allen is now Professor Emeritus.

Basically, Mill expressed the view of utilitarianism or the greatest good for the greatest number. Generally, it applied to "everyone" rather than "every one". However, since that time critics have emphasized Mill's self-restraint principle which allows individuals to experience truth as "our own". In other words, there is a balance between quantity and quality or the objective and subjective.


                                    Dawu City

The balance between justice and fairness is achieved in both the philosophy and poetry of Sun Dawu which is practically applied at Dawu Group in Dawu City. The author quotes three paragraphs of a paper just published in February 2019. These lines which have been translated from the Chinese encapsulate his philosophical views.

The Dawu Group regards justice as a serious issue. What we say is the difference in common prosperity is justice. What we reward is justice through more work. But we still have to be fair; that is, "to guarantee a limit". The welfare of the group is equal and this is fair.

Because of justice, everyone is motivated; because of fairness, every one has unity, and only if they have a direction of justice do they have common values. In order to achieve the goal of common prosperity, we must develop this enterprise on the basis of justice. Everyone is a group, [every one] should [each] try [his/her] best to get rewards and enjoy the benefits. This is fairness.

Justice (reason) is one, and fairness (attitude) is two. We must first find one, occupy the "reason", and then ask for two, and seek fairness. The Chinese have a good face and are very concerned about their attitude and forget what the origin is, so they are often passive. As long as you take advantage of it, other factors that are unreasoanble or unfavourable to you will be transformed.

The message conveyed by Sun Dawu is that the basis of justice is reason. Fairness is derived from justice and is reflected in attitude. Both should be equal or in balance which means harmony is achieved. In Dawu Group, justice for everyone is based on reason. From justice of everyone is derived an attitude of fairness for each and every one in the Dawu Group. For example, the Chairman of the Group may make three or four times the salary of a worker, but the Chairman's salary is capped in relation to the worker's. It is just and fair that there be no great distortions in salary as a reward for work and as a way to achieve happiness.

It may also be understood with respect to legality and morality. Reason establishes rule of law for everyone in the Group. From rule of law is derived morality or attitude of every one or each individual in the Group. Legality and morality must continually adjust to be in balance. The one hundred year goal of the Dawu Group is that workers and citizens as a whole live under rule of law while individuals as parts of the whole follow guidelines of Confucian morality regarding fairness derived from reasoned justice.


Keep in mind that the system developed by Dawu Group is a family-based private one. Also, as the author understands it, Sun Dawu ceased to be a legal entity with his conviction in 2003. He is though the head of the family and one might also say the extended Sun family; as well as, head of others who wish to be part of a greater family while setting up their own families.

The legal structure of the Dawu Group is based on the constitutional systems of Great Britain, France and the United States and the Legalism that can be traced back to the prime ministership of Guan Zhong and later Mozi. The moral structure is based on the Confucian concept of the family. Basically, there was a kind of union so to speak in ancient times between Legalism which emphasized good government and Confucianism which dealt with morality.

D.卡尔顿 罗西
D. Carlton Rossi


                        Another Lost Opportunity for Canada

This report will be my last on this website. Therefore, I'll be brief. Canada has said that it wants trade with China and that it also values human and civil rights. However, in the past, only lip service has been paid to rights. In my opinion, having worked and lived in China since 1992, Canada could have found a balance with the Dawu Group--particularly after 2004. That was the year Dawu Group introduced the Private Entrepreneurial Constitutional System. It was the first in China and one of the first in the world to introduce and develop "ethical capitalism". It places people ahead of profit; yet, it is a highly profitable model. How many private enterprises or state-owned enterprises in China are debt free? One may ask the same question about private and public companies in Canada.

While I initially worked and lived in the city (Beijing) and in many other cities I did not ignore the countryside. Most Canadian and Americans though only want to live in the cities. About 15 years ago, I met an American businessman who came to Dawu Group. He was new to China. He came to Dawu Group to sell and he sold. I suggested to him that he establish his base at Dawu Group because Sun Dawu was one of the few Chinese he would be able to trust in business. Also, Sun could introduce him to like minded entrepreneurs. Instead, he chose Shanghai as his base. He was far removed from the poultry farming business and the farmers.

Canadians have either been unaware of Dawu Group or have totally ignored it. They certainly don't understand it. How could a farmer who is practical and down to earth also have developed a theoretical framework for an enterprise and city as a model for China in part through the guidance of UNIRULE which has been one of the leading, private think-tanks in China. It is impossible for Canadians even to imagine it let alone accept it.

Canadians understand Confucius as a philosopher who is famous for his aphorisms. They are generally unaware of how Confucianism based on the family and ancestor worship is the essence of China and has been that way for thousands of years. They would be baffled how Confucianism could be applied to a business model. That is exactly what Dawu Group has successfully done. At the heart of Dawu City and Group is the Confucian temple--as well as a Buddhist temple.

Farming is a kind of down to earth business. Therefore, Sun Dawu's outlook is quite practical. As a matter of fact, he defines "justice" as common sense. For example, he is looking to the courts to render a decision based on common sense in the plagarism or theft of the Group's intellectual property with respect to the Jinfeng strain of hen. However, his philosophy is surprisingly in harmony with the views of a leading private, economic think-tank called Unirule which argues that growth in the economy is based on private enterprise as opposed to state-owned enterprise.   

Personally, I admit that I can't keep up with the growth of Dawu Group. For example, its whole swine herd of 15,000 was devasted by swine flu in January 2019. It is now planning to raise 25,000 swine at a new facility in the countryside under a new enterprise. I am surprised to learn in the article below that Dawu Group has 9000 employees. That's half the size of my hometown. They will be expanding their enterprises in several areas. The Group has primary, secondary and tertiary industries. However, Canadians and Canadian businesses will not be part of any of it. That is because Canada does not have a cogent, coherent policy and strategy regarding China.

General Manager Liu Ping was invited to attend the 19th Fourth Plenary Session of Xushui District Party and the Forum of Entrepreneurs

On the morning of November 23, at 9:00 am, the "Presentation of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Xushui District Party of Baoding City and the Forum for Entrepreneurs" was held in the conference room on the sixth floor of the Xushui District Government.

Dawu Group has integrated the development of one, two, and three industries. It has been 35 years since 1984. It has more than 9,000 employees and an increase of 1,000 employees per year. The sub-industry breeding poultry, breeding pigs, and feed are all tax-exempt companies. Therefore, the government gives priority to industrial enterprises to the land index issue, which leads to almost no land use index. We hope that the government at all levels of land regulation will give strong support in 2020.

Great Wall, Juli, and Chenyang have undertaken a lot of taxation tasks, and correspondingly reduced the burden on agricultural and pastoral enterprises. On behalf of the agricultural and pastoral enterprises, I would like to thank the industrial enterprises that pay more taxes. In the next few years, our group will cultivate 2 to 3 companies that pay more than 10 million in taxes, such as hot springs and food industrial parks.

The "Large noon golden phoenix" independently cultivated by noon breeding poultry is the world's first. It won the first prize of provincial scientific and technological progress last year. Wang Dongfeng, the secretary of the provincial party committee, personally presented the award to me. Companies have dignity, and government leaders are also caring and recognizing us for tax-exempt companies; now the group does not have a penny loan, relying solely on its own funds to develop in a rolling way, and the way forward is very stable. Some of them are getting along with friends from all walks of life.

Everyone else feels that our group personnel are not good at speaking. In fact, we just say everything is true and serious. In the future, we hope that everyone will give us more valuable opinions. Some units have irregularities. Please ask government departments to help regulate and improve. I believe that under the leadership and supervision of Xushui District Party Committee and government at all levels, the development of Dawu Group will become better.




Let me ask you a simple question. Were you aware of the "Fifth Global Social Enterpreneur Ecology Forum? It was held in Beijing from November 2-3. One of the keynote speakers was Sun Dawu. I don't remember seeing it in the Western press--particularly of Canada, but also of United States and Great Britain. I don't believe that Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders who might be classified as socialists mentioned it as they prepared for Iowa. However, former Prime Minister of Australia--Kevin Rudd--was there. Yes, that's the same Kevin Rudd who accompanied Kissinger to meet President Xi Jinping five days later.

Did Canadians participate in the forum? Did our Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade (such a long designation) attend the forum? Did our new ambassador attend the forum? Was our new foreign minister in attendance? Whatever their titles they understand big SOE or state-owned enterprise. Can they see  "SEE" or Social Entrepreneurial Enterprise or "SEEE" Social Entrepreneurial Ecological Enterprise? Now, that extra "E" for Ecology is not just a symbolic affectation for Dawu Group because an important part of its business model is ecological and sustainable tourism.

Supervisor Sun Dawu was invited to participate in the Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum


November 5, 2019

        From November 2nd to 3rd, the "Fifth Global Social Entrepreneur Ecology Forum" initiated by the Global Social Entrepreneurs Alliance in conjunction with Business Media Group, AirMedia Group, Beijing Huaxia School of Management, Shihua Group and other units was held in Beijing. The theme of this forum is "bearing the mission of the times and leading ecological growth". More than 1,400 guests including international and domestic influential guests, experts, scholars and social entrepreneurs participated. Supervisor Sun Dawu was invited to participate. Jin Fengyu, deputy chief of the group, Ji Weilian, assistant to the chairman of the board of supervisors, Li Qingpeng, deputy manager of Chuancheng Company, and Dong Yan, deputy manager of Chuancheng's comprehensive business department, accompanied the participants.

        On November 2nd, the guests shared the theme of social entrepreneurship. People's mind management, profit model, corporate heritage, social responsibility and other issues have now received widespread attention from entrepreneurs.


        On November 3rd, the forum shared themes: ecological growth, core competitiveness, sustainable operation. Supervisor Sun Dawu gave a keynote speech on “Constitution of Private Enterprises Labor-Management Republic”

        1. The "Constitution of Private Enterprises" system aims to blur ownership, consolidate the right to use, and share labor results. The system is not governed, but the constitutionalist sets limits. The group has a board of supervisors, a board of directors, and a council. The three powers of ownership, decision-making, and management are separated and coordinated and restricted. The "private enterprise constitution" system is easy to graft and manage for other systems.

        2. Dawu Group does not rely on the market economy and planned economy and independently develops "social economy". Its essence is "the society is an immortal enterprise, and the enterprise is an immortal society."

        3. The social responsibility of entrepreneurs is not to do good deeds,but to provide employees with better benefits and a better life for the local people. Entrepreneurs are responsible for employees and society.

        4. People's property, production, supply and marketing only exist at the same time in what is called the enterprise form. The enterprise is the sum of the relationships between people, including the relationship between the company and employees, between the company and the family, between the company and the society. It is harmonious, and such entrepreneurs are social entrepreneurs.

        After the meeting, the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors was interviewed by the business media. The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors pointed out that the fate must be in their own hands, and the company must operate with people's hearts internally and products outside. The "private enterprise constitution" system is applicable to other enterprises, but the difficulty lies in changing the thinking of the first generation. The future development of Dawu Group has no concept of making money, and the goal is to build Dawu City. Regarding the "private enterprise constitution" of private ownership, public governance, and sharing, it is actually the essence of socialism. The foundation of socialism is private, the essence is public governance, and labor results are shared.

        In this forum, the sharing of the Supervisor's Chairman Sun Dawu aroused the sympathy of the participants and the applause continued. After the sharing, the media and participating entrepreneurs took photos and exchanged views with the Supervisor's Chairman. The scene was enthusiastic. Dawu Group visited and studied. The organizer invited the chairman of the board of supervisors to participate in the Global Social Entrepreneur Forum next year.

Important guests at the conference: Former Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Former President of San Marino Gian Franco Terenzi, President of Beijing Huaxia School of Management Jiang Lanxin, Chairman of Huatai Insurance Group Wang Zimu, Hangmei Media Ji Lianqiang, Chairman of the Group, Liu Qihui, Chairman of the Business Media Group, Liu Ji, Special Auditor of the State Council, Ding Liguo, Chairman of Delong Iron and Steel Industry Group, Wang Chunyi, Vice Chairman of the China Ecological Civilization and Promotion Association, and Xia, Chairman of Yiwen Group Hua, Li Jiaxiang, former Party Secretary of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Ma Weihua, former President of China Merchants Bank, Jiang Xipei, Chairman of Far East Holding Group, Xue Xiangdong, Chairman of Donghua Software Co., Ltd., Ma Bin, Vice President of Tencent Group, Chen Hong, Chairman of Hanergy Investment Group etc.




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Sun Dawu's Blog Site

April 14, 2020


If you cant find the source of Peach Blossom, you can build a big city!



Grass delicious, fallen flowers; Crossroad traffic, cocks; Chuitiao yellow hair, and contented from the music ......

--"Land of Peach Blossoms"

The original barren beach was built into a large midday city. There are cultivated fields, mulberry and bamboo, hotel hot springs, and loud books. Here, people's lives are comfortable and not luxurious, everyone is self-sufficient, every family is well-dressed, there is no high and low, and everyone is wealthy; here, no matter what position you do or what you do, you can be respected and play your value.

Many people are keen to pursue a peach blossom-style life, and yearn for harmony between people. In fact, this pleasant scene is not only present in the poems like Yangchun's white snow, but also in the hands of ordinary people. The Dawu people couldn't find the source of peach blossoms, so they built a Dawu city!


Dawu Group Blog Site


Former Sun Dawu Blog Site

Frozen by authorities since February 22, 2019 with his comments on the Swine Flu Crisis



Hebei Dawu Group

Langwuzhuang Village Gaolincun Town Xushui District Baoding, 072550 China









                                         Head office of animal feed business


This is the construction site of the hospital.  It is one of several construction sites in Dawu village.  Totally, there are 700  construction workers employed by Dawu Group on various sites.  Actually, there is a labor shortage.


The hospital may be completed in the spring of 2016.  It will be fifteen stories high with a capacity of 500 beds.  Cooperation is welcomed with foreign concerns.


This picture shows part of the Water Park complex.  In recent years the number of visitors has tripled.  It is not uncommon to see at least 10 buses from Beijing in the parking lot.



A second Water Park is under construction.  It will probably double the capacity of the first one.  The Park should be completed before Spring Festival.


This luxury hotel is six stories high.  Together with the Water Park, restaurant and 5000 seat Convention Centre it should attract convention business from Beijing. 


                                                         Water Park Complex



The middle school employs 250 teachers.  The size of the school has grown to about 3500 students.   A kindergarten was added this year which has reached capacity of 500 students.


                               The shape of the library is reminiscent of a ship. 


The cafeteria of the schools is under construction.  Its capacity will be 5000.  Keep in mind that the total population of Dawu village excluding students is under 3000. You see, the students come from all over Hebei Province and further afield. When the cafeteria is finished the construction of a primary school for 1000 students will begin as part of economic development.


The townhouses which feature heated floors give visitors an alternative to the hotel.


Students are invited to the new convention centre for celebrations of the 30th Anniversary of the Dawu Group.


The convention centre was completed to accommodate the 1200 Sun delegates from all over China.  In front of the centre is a large carving that took six cranes to lift it into place.  On the back of the carving is the poem of Sun which has also been carved into the rock.



                                                                Buddhist Monastery

Both Buddhism and Confucianism are found at Dawu Village. The author regards Buddhism as representative of universal love while Confucianism is an expression of family love. This particular monastery is actually larger than pictured because it is U shaped.  It is right next door to the Sun Family Park with its five Confucian temples. 



                           One of five temples at the new Sun Temple Complex.  


Lily Sui-fong Sun  who is the granddaughter of Sun Yat-sen along with Sun Shuo and members of the extended Sun family pay homage to the founder of the Republic of China at a temple built in his honour. 

                                           Lily Sun Sui-fang    孫穗芳  
                               (Lily is the granddaughter of Sun Yat-sen)       



One of thirten new apartment buildings in Dawu village.  The goal is fifty apartment buildings. If this is fulfilled then Dawu and Langwushuang Villages will be joined. quickly.  How many cranes are operating at your village?


The 1200 Sun delegates were invited to the restaurant.  Recently, another 300 seats were added to the restaurant for a total of 1500 seats. During holidays it is filled to capacity.


At six warehouses the Dawu Group operates its animal feed operation.  This provides for the expansion of the village without the necessity for bank loans which are almost negligible. 



                                                          Fu Shan

Sun Dawu has been made protector of Fu Shan by the local government. All mining has now stopped and archaeological diggings were initiated and research supported. This is the site where The Yellow Emperor Huangdi or father of the Chinese civilization fought his battle around 3000 B.C. to unite the tribes. The Dawu Group has negotiated long term leases at five nearby mountains. Two businesses will be moved there. A hotel and restaurant will be built.  Finally, a conservation area will be created to promote eco-tourism.

Great afternoon constitutional timetable

1963 --1970 year in high school forest villages;

1971 --1977 June 28 in Linfen, Shanxi Province Army 82 division service;

1978 --1989 years retired in Xushui County Agricultural Bank;

In 1984, the founder of Hebei afternoon Farming Group Limited;

In 1989, the Agricultural Bank resigned from Xushui, focus on entrepreneurship;
In 1995, Baoding elected deputies; Taiwujituan was named the country's 500 largest private enterprises SAIC;

June 1996, the People's Government of Hebei Province was awarded the "Hebei chicken champion";

May 27, 2003, with "suspicion of illegal deposits from the public crime" was arrested Xushui County Public Security Bureau; October 30, he was sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for four years; November 1 to be released; December, He won the 2003 top ten news selection Sohu Sohu editor Special Award "private breakthrough Award";

November 30, 2004, the first "constitutional monarchy" in Dawujituan trial, the Group board of directors, the Board of Supervisors, the three will be sub-charge decision-making, enforcement and oversight powers, three powers exist side by side in parallel, checks and balances. Sun Dawu himself Dawujituan Board of Supervisors.

February 28, 2005, presided over the election of the Board of Directors Dawujituan Council, "constitutional monarchy," the official implementation, has a well-run.
2006 "private constitutional system" income Peking University's Guanghua School of Management case library;

December 16, 2006, the second member of the board of directors formally elected;

In 2007, the Constituent large lunch is included in the "Storm Sun Dawu," a book;

In 2007, a large private afternoon monarchy nominated "China School of Management Award";

December 18, 2008, the third member of the Board of Directors formally elected;

January 2010, Sun Dawu invited to participate in "IFERA @ CHINA International Conference on Family Enterprise Development and the First Family Entrepreneurs Forum";

April 2010, "Sun Family Business Case Studies" selected "North Case Communication";

December 16, 2010, the fourth member of the Board of Directors formally elected;

February 2011, "Hebei Dawujituan family business constitutional system" was selected outstanding cases National MBA Education Steering Committee, 100;

August 2011, private constitutional system start the impeachment mechanism;

September 2011, private Canadian constitutional cases selected Ivey Business School case library (second only to Harvard Business School case library).

November 2011, Sun Dawu, Ningbo, Zhejiang Sun Meng was invited to participate in the "2011 International Family Business Forum";

February 25, 2013, Taiwujituan hold the fifth general election, Meng SUN overwhelmingly elected chairman of the Group;

In 2013, the private sector was included in the constitutional system, "Who is this era thinker" a book;

October 10, 2014, three decades of pioneering Taiwujituan held celebrations;
December 2014, private enterprises comprehensive grassroots constitutional system in fall flowering;

February 5, 2015, the sixth general election of directors;

July 16-17, 2016  "Constitution and large private afternoon tour Seminar" held as scheduled in Taiwujituan conference room, on corporate governance, family business research experts in the field of media and friends from across the country a total of more than 40 people brought together a together on this model for research and demonstration.

孙大午, Sun Dawu, 刘会茹,Dawu Group, 私营企业主立宪制度, 大午农牧集团有限公司,河北省,徐水县郎,五庄,2020年11月11日,November 11,2020,1911,辛亥革命,孫德明, 三民主义,Unirule,天则经济研究所,茅于轼,土地扣押,农民,农业集体 伦理资,本主义,D.Carlton Rossi,拆迁,寻衅滋事,709案,709大抓捕,警察,保护伞.

Sun Dawu, Sun Dawu, Liu Huiru, Dawu Group, Private Entrepreneur Constitutional System, Dawu Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Group Co., Ltd.,Langwuzhuang, Xushui County, Hebei Province, November 11, 2020, November 11,2020,1911,Xinhai Revolution,Sun Deming,Three Principles of the People,Unirule, Tianze Economic Research Institute,Mao Yushi,land seizure,farmers,agricultural collective,ethical capitalism,D. Carlton Rossi,demolition and relocation,picking quarrels and provoking troubles,709 case,709 crackdown,police,protective umbrella.