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China Begins ‘Rectification’ of Mobile Browsers to Crack Down on Information ‘Chaos’

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), the chief online censorship agency of the authoritarian Communist regime, announced on Monday that it will begin a “rectification” of mobile Internet browsers to crack down on the “chaos” of uncensored online information currently available to Chinese users.

The problems include the spreading of rumours, the use of sensationalist headlines and the publishing of content that violates the core values of socialism, it said in a statement.

“Rectification” is a very loaded word in China. It usually involves a large number of people vanishing into black prisons or getting buried in unmarked graves.

Another “problem” Chinese censors are eager to solve is the growing use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to bypass the “Great Firewall” and view websites forbidden by the Communist government. It is entirely possible that the “rectification” of mobile browsers will include changes that make it harder to use them with VPN software to access banned foreign websites.


                                Human Virome

Telecommunication executives in China will be subject to rectification or correction which has a retributive aspect unless they self-educate themselves to censor informational chaos through rules and restrictions which in turn threaten rectification to their customers who may neglect to re-examine and re-educate themselves through self analysis. It is literally a chain of rectification. In layman's terms, it simply means don't criticize the government.

We are led to believe that stricter controls are a natural outcome of the situation after the COVID-19 outbreak. Clearly, the author needs more introspection to believe it is a natural outcome rather than a power play. It is difficult to be in-line with either One Thought policy of Socialism with Chinese characteristics or with No Thought of a Minority Government of One in Canada which wishes to extend its authoritarian socialist mandate. Frankly, the introspection results in cognitve dissonance and short-circuiting of synaptical connections.

The author is aware that his body is composed of bacteria and viruses. His gut instinct is that he must be defined by bacteria. There are up to 500 in his gut. However, on second self-examination over a period of minutes he is convinced the answer is viruses. In nature, viruses outnumber bacteria by 10-1. He has a unique "human virome" and it constantly changes. That means he must spend every minute if not every second of his life at self-examination. How he has time to do anything else except self-examination to avoid rectification is beyond his limited knowledge or ability.

Any self-examinatiion must start with definition. In this case, it must begin with the definition of "human virome". It is the total collection of viruses in and on the human body. His viruses are rapidly evolving and his human virome is quite dynamic. It seems rather chaotic. He will have to brush up on the technique of deep sequencing. Maybe he'll throw in a little ultradeep and a bit of transcritome sequencing.

Normally, he would look outside of himself to understand about viruses. For example, he would seek the advice of scientists at the Wuhan Institutue of Virology. Their scientists are experts on coronavirues at the Biosafety Level 4 Lab. In particular, they have extensive experience with bat viruses that can cause SARS-like coronaviruses with the potential for human transmission. Their avowed mission is to prevent future epidemics and not cause epidemics perhaps through lax security standards as some have claimed. However, while security standards may have been lax; nevertheless, secrecy is drum tight so consultation with experts is difficult. Let's be unbiased. One may say the same thing about the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, Canada--especially with the Qiu revelations.

Therefore, more self-examination is required for a person to understand himself/herself. It is rather ironical that while the threat of rectification is intended to induce compliance with one point of view in order to establish harmony its effect may be the opposite. One may realize that one's own human virome is unique and therefore the individual is unique. It seems rather chaotic to have 1.3 billion Chinese come to the self-realization that they have a unique human virome.

As a result of his newly discovered individuality, the author wonders if he was exposed to SARS when he lived in Beijing at the time of the SARS pandemic in 2003. He lived right across from a restaurant which was newly converted to a SARS hospital. He will have to search within himself for the RNA genome of SARS-HCoV.

He wonders (to himself only) why Canadian health experts didn't remember in 2020 how easily SARS spread from Beijing to Toronto in February 2003. Patient Zero was a woman who booked into the Metropole Hotel in Hong Kong and then returned to her home in Toronto. Severe acute respiratory syndrome killed 44 Canadians. Forty-four is a very unlucky number for Chinese. It became a more unlucky number for the Canadians who died.

Furthermore, he asks himself in an effort of self-discovery why Ottawa would dismantle the early pandemic warning system called Global Public Health Intelligence Network or GPHIN? It was set-up in 1997. The early warning system was cancelled on May 24, 2019 or two weeks before Dr. QIU Xiangguo was escorted out of the Level 4 Security section of the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) in Winnipeg. She had made at least five trips to the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences between 2017-2018, which was certified for BSL4 in January 2017. While she had been in Canada for 23 years it is somewhat murky if she were classified as a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or a Chinese national.

It is commonly hyped that GPHIN ceased to exist "less than a year before the COVID-19 pandemic began". However, self-analysis through Jungian depth psychology reveals to the author that it was less than six months after Dr. Qiu was escorted out of the lab for breach of protocol before the discovery of a SARS-like coronavirus on December 30, 2019 at 7:00 pm. That was the exact time at which samples arrived at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Historically, GPHIN I had detected that something was going on in China with regard to infectious diseases. Dr. Ron St. John, Director General, Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response with the Public Health Agency of Canada reported that in late 2002 and early 2003 an influenza or early SARS was detected in China. However, he said that it was a new disease for which there was no test. From this system GPHIN II developed which gathers and disseminates data in a "real-time, 24/7" basis.

If authorities were to self-examine themselves regarding decisions they made regarding dismantlement of early warning virus detection systems they might ask the following. Was the decision to end GPHIN linked to the dismantling of "Predict"? The Trump administration cut funding for Predict which had identified 160 different viruses that had the potential to develop into pandemics. It was run by the US Agency for International Development which had instituted the program in 2009. The program was terminated in September 2019 just three months before it was believed COVID-19 began infecting people in Wuhan, Hubei.

Of course, authorites will say they cut programs to cut costs. However, it almost seems that with cancellation of programs so close together in time they may have been aware of what might transpire. Cancellations meant an absence of evidence which would allow for plausible deniability. For example, did US authorites know before September 2019 that a US Harvard professor allegedly became a Strategic Scientist beginning in 2011 at Wuhan University of Technology in China? In Canada, the early warning system was disbanded two weeks before Dr. Qiu, her husband and her students were escorted out of the Level 4 Lab in Winnipeg. CBC News reported that one of the scientists was "responsible for exporting [Ebola and Henipah] pathogens to the Wuhan Institute of Virology" some four months before July 5, 2019 or the day of expulsion. Do these incidents exhibit coincidence or rather correspondence?

The Chinese early warning system for infectious diseases was established in 2004. It is called the National Notifiable Disease Reporting System (NNDRS) which is operated by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to Manoj Harjani who is a Research Fellow with Future Issues and Technology "China’s early warning system may have been hampered by its reliance on case information obtained after diagnosis rather than analysis of pre-diagnosis risk factors." One thinks of the expression "Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted".

Recently, according to a report in the British Medical Journal dated October 26, 2020, there is a call for a national intelligent syndromic surveillance system (NISSS) in China. It would incorporate real-time data to forecast an epidemic accurately and robustly in order to guide the epidemic control and prevention work. One wonders how much NISSS resembles GPHIN II?

The author's self-examination should not exclude SARS-CoV-2. In February, he self-isolated for three weeks with severe bronchitis and pneumonia at least as they were discoverable through his self-diagnosis. Obviously, it will be necessary as part of his self-examination to administer to himself the SARS-CoV-2 Nucleic-acid Amplification Test. That will tell him whether or not he has had COVID-19.

In summary, self-examination has taught the author that he is a collection of viruses. He may have had SARS-HCoV which originated in Guangzhou, Guangdong. He probably had SARS-CoV-2 which originated in Wuhan, Hubei. He has received many Chinese vaccines over the last three decades. His unique human virome is more Chinese than he thought it was. Indeed, he is not what he eats, but rather the viruses to which he has been exposed.

D.卡尔顿 罗西
D. Carlton Rossi


In China, the Formidable Prosecutor Turned Lonely Rights Defender

After sheltering a prominent dissident, Yang Bin, a former prosecutor, is now under the scrutiny of the police. But she has no regrets.

Amy Qin

Oct. 20, 2020

Ms. Yang’s evolution from government prosecutor to defense lawyer with sympathies for pro-democracy activists is more than just an unusual career trajectory in China. It embodies the disillusionment of those in the Communist Party establishment who have found the space for internal dissent shrinking rapidly amid the worst repression in recent years.

An insider in the Communist Party-controlled legal system, Ms. Yang spent 23 years as a prosecutor in Guangzhou. She developed a fearsome reputation, racking up hundreds of convictions of murderers, thieves and drug dealers with clinical efficiency.

That experience has given her a deep understanding of the system’s flaws. The courts are sharply tilted in favor of the police and prosecutors and wrongful convictions are common.

The police also detained Ms. Yang for questioning. They wanted to know how Xu Zhiyong, one of China’s most outspoken government critics, had come to find refuge with her, a Communist Party member and former government prosecutor.



Xu Zhirong is one of the most highly respected civil rights activists in China. Police attempted to arrest him in Xiamen, Fujian Province at a dinner party before he eluded them. In China, a meeting of more than five guests may be considered to be illegal if it is regarded as politically oriented. Sun Dawu was arrested at a dinner party to which he was invited as a ruse by members of the Communist Party before the new law was enacted. Of course, today, politically oriented dinners of Party members are exempted from the size requirement.

About five years ago, members of the Party were admonished for holding sumptuous dinner parties at the Party's expense. More recently, the Party has launched a program to dissuade members of the public from wasting food at banquets--possibly as a result of the infamous Baibuting Banquet in Wuhan which acted as a superspreader of COVID-19 as well as shortages of pork and rice. Based on the previous law limiting dinner parties to five guests it is not outside the realm of possibility that the five guest rule may be applied more strictly by a nervous Party to the general population to enforce food consumption rules thus taking away perhaps the last vestige of freedom for the Chinese people. This is not a prediction though as it, too, would be illegal in China unless sanctioned by the Party; for example, as it applies to the weather where one might forecast dark clouds.

It is rather surprising how long Xu Zhiyong managed to avoid capture. It was from December 26th to February 15th or 50 days. In that time he travelled from Xiamen to Guanzhou, Guangdong Province.On February 4th he called for Xi Jinping to step down for his handling of the coronavirus crisis, the US-China trade war and Hong Kong's pro democracy protests.

It seems that XU was only captured accidentally. Guangzhou which is a city of 15 million had imposed a mandatory lockdown on February 7, 2020 due to COVID-19. In a routine room to room inspection for COVID-19 throughout the city his presence was discovered in the Panyu District.

At the turn of the century, the author was teaching a special class at the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing. The class consisted of prosecutors. To make things interesting for them the author chose the format of a mock trial for pairs of students--one student was the prosecutor and the other was the defender. The cases were famous ones from Western history. For example, one of the trials was that of Socrates in 399 BCE where he was accused of failing to acknowledge the gods that the city acknowledges and introducing new deities.The main concept that the author wished to convey was the distinction between "prosecution" and "persecution". The former reflects "rule of law" while the latter "rule by law".

Erin O’Toole wants China’s ambassador to Canada to publicly apologize to Canadians, or be kicked out

Tonda MacCharles

Oct. 16, 2020

In a statement Friday, O’Toole took a much harder line than the Liberal government did — at least publicly — to comments made by Cong in a virtual news conference Thursday on the 50th anniversary of Canada-China diplomatic ties. That’s when Cong warned Canada against emboldening Hong Kong “criminals” and against interfering in China’s internal affairs.

O’Toole said if no apology is offered, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should immediately withdraw Cong’s diplomatic credentials.

“The Chinese ambassador has decided to engage in belligerent rhetoric unbecoming of his office,” said O’Toole. “To be clear, this was a threat to the 300,000 Canadians in Hong Kong. And a barely veiled one at that.”

“It was of the kind of tone and tenor one would expect from someone seeking protection money — not someone who is the official emissary of a member of the United Nations Security Council.”

“A threat to Canadians anywhere, is a threat to Canadians everywhere,” he added. 

Basically speaking, China has declared permanent Martial Law in Hong Kong. The threat by the Chinese ambassador is to hold 300,000 Canadians hostage as they have kidnapped Kovrig and Spavor who are held in prison. "To have backbone like O'Toole or to be spineless like the Liberal minority government of one", that is the question?

Prime Minister Trudeau, the Canadian government should unconditionally withdraw the Chinese ambassador's credentials with or without an apology. One would expect in tit-for-tat that Ambassador Barton's credentials may be withdrawn immediately. Whether or not this transpires or something else there is no reason to accept a recommendation for a new Chinese ambassador until a year passes. In addition, the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa should be required to reduce its staff by 50%. With respect to our Canadian embassy in Beijing its staff should be reduced by 50% if Spavor and Kovrig are not allowed out of China. Certainly, under no circumstances should a new, larger embassy be built in Beijing as Ambassador Barton wants.


The CCP promises to support private enterprises, but emphasizes that the party "leads everything"



Mao Zedong vowed to eliminate China's capitalists. Deng Xiaoping said that this group of people can get rich.

Today, China’s current leader Xi Jinping has sent a message to China’s private enterprises that reflect the driving economic growth and more Communist Party control: We are here to help you, but you must also help and listen to us.

On a broader level, these instructions reflect a long-standing debate within China: in a country where key industrial tools are still controlled by the government, what role private enterprises play. To a large extent, China has become a world economic power by letting entrepreneurs open factories and find markets around the world.

The guidelines say that companies must establish party organizations, which means that the company’s internal Communist Party committee will be more active. Entrepreneurs should accept guidance to ensure their "political, ideological, and emotional identity" with the Chinese Communist Party.


                       To Do the Right or Wrong Thing

There is no longer to be a private enterprise in China because it must serve the Party. It must serve the Party rather than the People. The People and the Party are not the same thing. The Party is above and outside the People. The CCP is not the People's Party. It is the Chinese Communist Party.

In the case of Dawu Group (which is a private company) a trademark was infringed upon regarding a strain of chicken developed by the Group. A similar thing happened to its brand of Five Grain Liquor. The message to the company is either toe the line or we will seize what you have. Of course, it is not outside the realm of possibility that the Party could seize everything--both intangible intellectual property as well as tangible property.

Dawu Group does not need the Party for assistance. Its assets might be estimated to be worth 17 billion Cdn. It has no debt. It funnels its profits into social enterprises such as an hospital, sports stadium and temples etc. The company has created a model city ie. it leads by example through Confucianism and not by edict. Its people are its wealth and it serves the people. The company doesn't need to tell its workers to listen. The workers tell the company what to do through democratic elections. The growth rate of the company has been 30% for the last 15 years with the exception of today's COVID year. To put it another way, the Party needs Dawu Group and other private enterprises more than they need the Party.

Why would private enterprises which have fuelled China's double-digit growth for the last thirty years listen to a government regarding how to do business? The government's State-Owned Enterprises were not the driving engine of China's growth. They managed only 3% growth which equalled the rate to borrow money. They are leveraged to the hilt.

While in appearance the Dawu Group's Private Entrepreneurial Constitutional System and its model city applies to rural China because it cannot be freely expressed otherwise; nevertheless, it can be construed to to be applicable to all of China with regard to the economy, society and constitutional based order. It is nothing less than a social revolution centered on the People, based on Confucianism (and now esoteric Buddhism) and utilizing ethical capitalism. It is a system based on actual practice over the last sixteen years rather than theory.

The system could also offer a blueprint to Canada. Look at how the minority Liberal government has been struggling with various viewpoints over the last month in a possible pre-election Throne Speech rather than a Budget.

1. They have considered a basic income program to all Canadians (to buy votes), but discovered that it can't be afforded without massive debt and hyperinflation. No one at Dawu Group is given anything. They earn it.

2. The government wants to establish a Green Program to counter climate change and create jobs. This sounds too much like the State-Owned Enterprise system in China which is centrally run, but on a much smaller scale for the subsidization of private enterprises and supply management. Pierre Trudeau actually nationalized an oil company to go in the opposite direction regarding environmental protection. At Dawu Group, a high priority was placed on environmentally friendly sustainable tourism.

3. The government wants to make the health of Canadians the priority during the COVID-19 crisis, but the hospital and health care infrastructure has deteriorated for decades with the federal and provincial governments at odds . The Dawu hospital gives free medical care to all workers and their families and has recently extended benefits to residents of the nearby village of Langwuzhuang.

4. The government prorogued Parliament some say to allow the WE Charity scandal to die down. How many governments do you know that have had a scandal regarding a charity of all things where the Prime Minister's family has received payments? The Dawu Group has given assistance to victims of the Sichuan earthquake and volunteered to send 200 medical staff to Wuhan during the COVID-19 crisis. Its modern nineteen story hospital has been built in the last five years to serve the community.

In short, the top-down government model in Canada resembles that of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The Canadian government connives and contrives with the CCP which has no legal principle because the Liberal Party has no moral principle. It has chosen to emulate authoritarianism rather than a model of the people, by the people and for the people as represented in the Dawu model. The Liberal Party had a binary choice between authoritarianism and constitutionalism in China and Canada. It chose the former. Because of this egregious error it was forced to fire its Ambassador to China for his comments on the legal process in Canada and was forced to fire its Attorney General because she chose to defend the law. To say that the government was unaware of the choice would be disingenuous because the author presented it to them on numerous occasions and in many forms.

Diane Francis: China's waging a global tech war, but our political leaders seem unaware

It’s embarrassing that Huawei hasn't been banned outright already, given the fact Canada was one of its first casualties

National Post

Diane Francis

Sep 17, 2020

Canada’s failure to take action against Huawei, or work with its allies to counter the Chinese threat, is inexcusable considering that Nortel, the Canadian company that was a pioneer of cellular technologies, was Huawei’s first target. As a Bloomberg investigative piece — headlined, Did a Chinese Hack Kill Canada’s Greatest Tech Company? — documented in July, there is now a large body of evidence that Huawei stole intellectual property from the once-mighty Canadian telecom giant, and drove it out of business.


                     Ab absurdum ad nauseum

Let's give Trudeau the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he didn't learn these things in the school of hard knocks as a bouncer at a bar. Maybe he was getting a sun tan on the Aga Khan's island. Maybe he thought Nortel was the English translation of Huawei. Maybe he confused Japan with China as he did at his meeting with Prime Minister Abe on April 28, 2019.

There is only one word that comes to mind with regard to Justin Trudeau's China Policy. It is "Nausea". It is "Nausea" in an existentialist sense as conveyed by Jean Paul Sartre in the title of his novel by the same name. It is defined as a "sweetish sickness".

Imagine how Huawei "stole intellectual property" from Nortel which led to the bankruptcy of the company. Then, Huawei sells its telecommunications system to Canadian companies. This potentially threatens the security of these systems through back-door programs. The billion dollar Huawei infrastructure may be ripped out of Canadian telecoms as the Minority Government is sending out trial balloons before a probable election. The head-nodders of Trudeau have to decide who will pay the bill. Will it be Canadians or Les Canadiens ie. either the taxpayers or customers?

At the same time, Mdme Meng who is COO of Huawei is fighting extradition to the US while Canada terminates a proposed extradition treaty with China in return for "free trade" and ends its extradition treaty with Hong Kong leaving 300,000 ex-pat Canadians under Rule by Law while Kovrig and Spavor are held hostage in mainland China where any Canadian may be arrested for any reason. It's all cognitive dissonance resulting in NAUSEA.

                      Ignorance and Ignoramuses

You, Mr. Trudeau, made a fundamental miscalculation regarding foreign policy. You assumed you couldn't win votes in an election based on foreign policy. That may be true; although, it is not God's truth. However, you failed to consider how you might lose an election based on your foreign policy which metamorphosed into domestic policy. Your China policy could cost you an election. Don't worry. You might run for Presidente de Cuba.

Ordinary Canadians don't understand about the pros and cons of free-trade with China, extradition treaties, the Huawei threat, the reasons behind the arrest of Kovrig and Spavor, the origin of fentanyl and the new security laws in Hong Kong etc. What they viscerally understand though is having to wear a Chinese mask for COVID-19 which originated in Wuhan, China. They understand how there was a cover-up in China which allowed for the virus to spread rapidly. Canadians now know that the agreement between the government and CanSino Bio for the development of a vaccine fell through thus eliminating any hope they might have. Canadians were informed by an intrepid reporter that the early warning system instituted in 2004 for infectious diseases was terminated six months before novel coronavirus emerged. It was the author who reported its dismantlement two weeks before Dr. Qiu was escorted out of the National Microbiology Lab Level 4 Biosecurity. They are reminded every day that the number of Canadians killed from the virus is approaching twice the number who died in China.

Canadians understand that Trump understood the threat of COVID-19 as early as February 7th according to the Woodward revelations. They also understand that your ambassador to Beijing was reporting to the House Committee that some of his staff were informing him (based on minutes of the China-Canada House Committee meeting of February 5th ) that there was a serious problem in Wuhan which potentially could spread world-wide. However, a couple of days later you were on your way to Africa in order to secure a seat on the Security Council for unknown reasons. In other words, Trump knew of the threat and then ignored it. You should have known about the threat, but seemed ignorant of it. Canadians are aware that you delayed dealing with the virus until it came from Europe possibly through a WE Charity event in London to your household.


     Ministers  Jody Wilson-Raybould and Justin Trudeau


There are three cases which are converging so to speak to make a perfect storm. They involve Irving Shipbuilding-DND, SNC-Lavalin and Huawei. The corresponding individuals connected to these affairs are Norman, Wilson-Raybould and Meng. The underlying issues are complex and long-standing. There appear to be illegalities connected with them which have yet to be proven in court. One thing which seems to connect them may be the improper conduct of the PMO. On one extreme, the government says there is "nothing" in these cases. On the other extreme, critics say there is obstruction of justice. It is difficult to imagine a series of three nothings--particularly when there is smoke. The open question though is whether there is fire. Certainly, Norman was suspended, Wilson-Raybould was demoted and McCallum was fired. These circumstances suggest a cover-up by the PMO. Because events are quickly developing and Wilson-Raybould has yet to offer an explanation it may be of use to step back and re-evalute matters.

One should begin by defining justice. There is no better person to quote than Pierre Elliott Trudeau. He was a lawyer for 10 years, a professor of constitutional law and a Minister of Justice. He said "This is the beauty of the democratic process: it permits that subjective view of justice - which everyone holds - permits that subjective way to express itself peacefully through discussion, through reason and through the voting process."

It seems but a small step for Justin Trudeau who has no training in law to transition from subjective justice to social justice and other social priorities. He asserts that development must promote "social" progress, justice, equality, and diversity. The initial appointment of Wilson-Raybould as an indigenous woman who was a lawyer to Minister of Justice and Attorney-General seemed a socially progressive example of development to Trudeau. However, development as part of infrastructure involving a Quebec company accused of bribery took precedence over both her symbolic and substantive appointment. The result was she was demoted and remediation law promoted. Neither circumstance seems just.

In T.S. Eliot's "Notes Towards the Definition of Culture", he points out the flaw in concept of the social justice approach. He says action might be supported because it represented the aim of 'social justice', which from the point of view of 'justice' was not just. The term 'social justice' is in danger of losing its rational content — which would be replaced by a powerful emotional charge." What is the objective standard for either justice or social justice in the Trudeau government and are they in agreement?

In the SNC-Lavalin case, a remediation bill was piggy-backed on a much larger finance bill. The purpose of this distorted hybrid seems to have been to limit rational discussion and debate of the remediation issue. Strangely, the remediation issue was not proposed by the Minister of Justice. It was the responsibility of the Minister of Finance, but the issue has nothing to do with finance. Ultimately, though, it was the responsibility of the Prime Minister.

The purpose for a remediation bill was to address an issue of fairness. However, it is anything but fair because a typical remediation bill is proactively designed to deal with misconduct before a company is charged thereby allowing company officials to admit guilt before it is discovered. In the SNC-Lavalin case, misconduct took place on a persistent basis for thirteen years before formal charges were laid. However, remediation was asked and lobbied for by the company after the horses had escaped and the barn door closed. Therefore, the remediation bill did not meet the criterion of fairness.

However, was the bill just? In other words, does it satisfy the entire group of Canadian corporations or everyone with respect to a group of individuals. Hardly, it asks for an exception to the rule of law. It upsets the whole justice system and throws it into chaotic disarray. If laws can be passed after the fact then why is it necessary to have laws?



Justin Trudeau argues that jobs take precedent. He stands in front of a placard that says infrastructure. Is he really interested in protecting and creating jobs through a company that has been accused of bribery? The answer is rather perverse. He wishes to protect the jobs of the executives of SNC-Lavalin; as well as, the Liberal government and his own job which have been secured through the political contributions of the executives of SNC-Lavalin.


Was there justice and fairness in the way Justin Trudeau demoted Ms. Wilson-Raybould from Minister of Justice and Attorney-General to Minister of Veterans Affairs? It appears to have been done arbitrarily. The justifications keep changing as if Trudeau is standing on shifting sands.

Was there justice and fairness in the way Justin Trudeau restricted Ms. Wilson-Raybould to speak publicly based on Cabinet and lawyer client confidentiality? Trudeau dropped the Cabinet confidentiality like a hot potato when Ms. Wilson-Raybould resigned from Veterans Affairs in a matter of weeks. He, the Prime Minister, could speak all he wanted to as he criticized her and made disparaging remarks, but she was gagged. Those ill considered comments will come back to haunt him because it now opens up the possibility for her to respond equally and openly.


Trudeau's idea of social justice seems to change based on time and place. This is because it relies on image rather than substance. If he goes to a gay parade, he wears his white pants and tidy whities to express support for gay rights.  On his Indian trip he wears a full costume presumably to show his support for social justice of the Indian diaspora. In Beijing, he wears a business suit, but with non-matching socks to show Chinese-Canadians that he is promoting trade interests, but will further human rights by wearing unconventional socks and paying lip service to human and civil rights violations.

It is not surprising that Trudeau is a moral relativist who uses reason based on the context of the situation and the audience. To the Canadian public --and particularly to the Quebec voters--he says that it is unfair if workers, pensioners and contractors are hurt for the illegal deeds of former employers. Actually, though, he is pandering to the commercial elite of panhandlers who asked for federal loans and who provide campaign contributions to the Liberal Party in return, as they were bribing others to secure contracts. Isn't Trudeau really implying by his words and actions that social justice is derived from the moral relativism of a few who wish to act beyond the bounds of the law and conventional morality and who have no legal or moral restrictions or responsibilities?

     Pierre Perron  (Global Public Safety Expert)


The case against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman is equally disturbing. Norman was suspended after being charged with breach of trust after he was accused of leaking cabinet secrets to executives of Davie shipyard in Levis, Quebec. In the pre-trial hearing, an unnamed defence witness told court about an alleged scheme with National Defence to avoid using Norman's name in internal correspondence. This was interpreted by the defence as an attempt to bury evidence. Secondly, a former member of the PMO who attended discussions of the supply ship contract never received clarification as to what she could discuss without violating rules concerning cabinet secrecy. The defence argued this either delayed or prevented the release of thousands of government documents necessary for Norman's defence. Most recently, the defence lawyer alleged that Crown prosecutors had been discussing trial strategy with the Privy Council which was "more concerning than political interference in the criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin.

Lastly, there is the John McCallum affair involving the Meng Wanzhou case. McCallum had served over the years both the Canadian people and the Liberal Party. He was rewarded with an ambassadorship to China. As ambassador though he returned to Canada at the beginning of the campaign season in 2019 where he called a Chinese press conference at one of his old ridings in Markham. It was clear that he was trying on behalf of the Liberal Party to get the vote of Chinese-Canadians who are important in 18 ridings. His first three points were clearly scripted by the Liberal Party in that they gave open support for Meng Wanzhou in her extradition hearing. This clearly meant political interference in the judicial process. Other comments may have been floridly elaborated upon; nevertheless, they agreed in temperment with his government's outlook on China.

It was only when there was tremendous backlash to his non-diplomatic, political stance which interfered in the judicial process that the Prime Minister took notice. After waiting for several days to see which way the wind blew, Trudeau decided to fire McCallum, but not before the ambassador had returned to Beijing to receive accolades and applause from the Chinese.

Let's examine quickly the series of events that followed. Ms. Wilson-Raybould continued to feel pressure from various sources in the PMO to be favourably disposed to offer remediation in the on-going case of SNC-Lavalin. No doubt she was familiar, however, with similar cases of remediation in the United States during the time of the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis when not a single executive was held accountable for anything.

It does not appear that Ms. Wilson-Raybould wished to play this game of political expediency and crony capitalism as it involved rule of law and the judicial process. As a result, she was removed as Minister of Justice and Attorney-General. She was then demoted to become Minister of Veterans Affairs. The PMO wanted to move ahead on the remediation law even though there appeared to be at least political inference if not downright obstruction of justice in the judicial matters. Ms. Wilson-Raybould was the scapegoat for the PMO.


The McCallum affair was different. Ambassador John McCallum had served as minister in several ministeries in his long career as a Liberal. He knew how to play the game and that was what he was doing in Markham. He toed the line and supported the position of the PMO. However, while his message may have played well with the Chinese press it ignited a fire-storm with the Canadian public. As a result, he was fired and became a scapegoat for the PMO.

While Ms. Wilson-Raybould's role as Attorney-General was critical in the remediation issue involving SNC-Lavalin, it was no less important in the extradition hearing of Meng Wanzhou. In the final stage of the process, it would be the Attorney-General who would make the final decision. It does not take much imagination to see that if Ms. Wilson-Raybould was not open to pressure from the PMO regarding the remediation issue then she would not be open to political pressure from the PMO to give a favourable ruling in the judicial process regarding Ms. Meng's extradition.

The author says outright that he has no legal training. He does though see a possible link between the new Remediation Agreements which are now in force in Canada and that of Deferred Prosecution Agreements in the United States. If Ms. Wanzhou is charged in the United States with alleged white-collar crimes that have a similar counterpart in Canada then what would stop her from asking protection under a Canadian Remediation Agreement?


Only a couple of hours ago, Gerald Butts--the Prime Minister's Principle Secretary and personal friend-- resigned from the PMO. He claims no responsibility for alleged political interference in the justice system. Why then did he resign? Maybe he was also another scapegoat for the Prime Minister. The common saying is "where there is smoke there is fire". It appears that Butts butted out after he had butted in. Justice demands an RCMP investigation.

In conclusion, patterns are established in any field when one has a series of three related things. It is unusual in the judicial process that there would be three separate cases which are conducted at the same time where there would be judicial interference or obstruction of justice unless there is a pattern. The cases involve the application of a Remediation Agreement with respect to SNC-Lavalin, shipbuilding and the DND and outright support of a defendant who will be involved in an extradition hearing. The interference or obstruction of justice seems to be coming from the PMO. It is all the more shocking because the Prime Minister is constantly telling us and the world that Canada has rule of law.

D.卡尔顿 罗西
D. Carlton Rossi



   Pierre Elliott Trudeau: La balance céleste de la Justice

                Sun Dawu: Justice and Fairness

Justice is often represented by a pair of scales. The origin of this image may involve the Judgement of Osiris. This was where the soul's heart was placed on a scale and the feather of truth on the other scale. If the heart of the soul was lighter than the feather then the soul could pass on to the bliss of the Field of Reeds.


It so happens that Sun Dawu also uses an image of a pair of balanced scales (although they are not heavenly) along with an abstract symbol resembling a person composed of an inner and outer triangle. The following description is augmented with interpretation. On the right is an image of a set of scales composed of black triangles of the same size which are theoretically balanced. They may represent ideal justice in society. On the left is what might be an abstract body and/or head representing man as a down-to-earth, social being. Within the human being and/or head is a large black triangle with a smaller white triangle inside. The former might represent justice while the latter may represent attitude.

                                    SUN Dawu

Sun Dawu is a self-educated farmer and a self-taught entrepreneur. Surprisingly, though, he was the first person in China to develop the Private Entrepreneurial Constitutional System in 2004. This constitution was based on models in France, Great Britain and the United States along with historical Chinese ones. Democratic elections are held every two years. Every one must vote.


                               John Stuart Mill

Fifty years ago, the author was enrolled in Philosphy 101. His lecturer at the U of T was Derek Allen who had been trained at Oxford. The author submitted an essay on John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism. Allen corrected that essay with lengthy definition of terms like "everyone" [an indefinite pronoun equivalent to "everybody" and "every one" [two words meaning "each". With respect to the word "everyone" it exhibits an exception with regard to verb tense in the third person singular. Of course, the young, foolish student regarded this criticism as somewhat pedantic, but he now appreciates its exactitude. Derek Allen is now Professor Emeritus.

Basically, Mill expressed the view of utilitarianism or the greatest good for the greatest number. Generally, it applied to "everyone" rather than "every one". However, since that time critics have emphasized Mill's self-restraint principle which allows individuals to experience truth as "our own". In other words, there is a balance between quantity and quality or the objective and subjective.


                                    Dawu City

The balance between justice and fairness is achieved in both the philosophy and poetry of Sun Dawu which is practically applied at Dawu Group in Dawu City. The author quotes three paragraphs of a paper just published in February 2019. These lines which have been translated from the Chinese encapsulate his philosophical views.

The Dawu Group regards justice as a serious issue. What we say is the difference in common prosperity is justice. What we reward is justice through more work. But we still have to be fair; that is, "to guarantee a limit". The welfare of the group is equal and this is fair.

Because of justice, everyone is motivated; because of fairness, every one has unity, and only if they have a direction of justice do they have common values. In order to achieve the goal of common prosperity, we must develop this enterprise on the basis of justice. Everyone is a group, [every one] should [each] try [his/her] best to get rewards and enjoy the benefits. This is fairness.

Justice (reason) is one, and fairness (attitude) is two. We must first find one, occupy the "reason", and then ask for two, and seek fairness. The Chinese have a good face and are very concerned about their attitude and forget what the origin is, so they are often passive. As long as you take advantage of it, other factors that are unreasoanble or unfavourable to you will be transformed.

The message conveyed by Sun Dawu is that the basis of justice is reason. Fairness is derived from justice and is reflected in attitude. Both should be equal or in balance which means harmony is achieved. In Dawu Group, justice for everyone is based on reason. From justice of everyone is derived an attitude of fairness for each and every one in the Dawu Group. For example, the Chairman of the Group may make three or four times the salary of a worker, but the Chairman's salary is capped in relation to the worker's. It is just and fair that there be no great distortions in salary as a reward for work and as a way to achieve happiness.

It may also be understood with respect to legality and morality. Reason establishes rule of law for everyone in the Group. From rule of law is derived morality or attitude of every one or each individual in the Group. Legality and morality must continually adjust to be in balance. The one hundred year goal of the Dawu Group is that workers and citizens as a whole live under rule of law while individuals as parts of the whole follow guidelines of Confucian morality regarding fairness derived from reasoned justice.


Keep in mind that the system developed by Dawu Group is a family-based private one. Also, as the author understands it, Sun Dawu ceased to be a legal entity with his conviction in 2003. He is though the head of the family and one might also say the extended Sun family; as well as, head of others who wish to be part of a greater family while setting up their own families.

The legal structure of the Dawu Group is based on the constitutional systems of Great Britain, France and the United States and the Legalism that can be traced back to the prime ministership of Guan Zhong and later Mozi. The moral structure is based on the Confucian concept of the family. Basically, there was a kind of union so to speak in ancient times between Legalism which emphasized good government and Confucianism which dealt with morality.

D.卡尔顿 罗西
D. Carlton Rossi



           The Rise and Fall of MENG Hongwei (孟宏伟 )

Today's news is changing minute by minute. It is hard for one to keep up with the pace. However, it is worthwhile sometimes to step back and just ask oneself how did we get where we are. Our search engines don't make it easy because their algorithms are keyed to the present. For example, if you were to search for the Chinese name "Meng" you would get thousands of hits for "MENG Wanzhou" who is the CFO of Huawei. She and Huawei are in the news and are trending. What about the other "Meng" though whose given name is Hongwei?

Now the company name "Huawei" and the given name "Hongwei" may look similar to a typical Canadian, but they are quite distinct to any Chinese. "MENG Hongwei" whose surname is MENG and therefore capitalized here for easy recognition is not "MENG Wanzhou of Huawei". It's rather amazing, too, how JT of PMO still mispronounces this surname and can't distinguish English "MENG" from Chinese "MENG" in speech. Maybe he thinks the ENG represents English.

Justin Trudeau was a teacher. If it is recalled correctly he taught French and Mathematics and maybe Drama. He acts like a teacher at his town hall meetings where his prime delivery is in the form of monologue. Finally, he says quite clearly that if he were no longer Prime Minister then he would like to be a teacher and then repeated the assertion. Could he possibly become a student for two minutes and learn how to pronounce "MENG" or for that matter "Huawei"? It is a matter of national importance.


                          MENG Hongwei

This report describes "MENG Hongwei" who was the President of INTERPOL. Actually, it wasn't that long ago. He ceased to be President on October 7, 2018 when Chinese authorities announced he was in custody for taking bribes and political disloyalty. It appears its all about political disloyalty which is the more serious charge. This means disloyalty to the President (of the People's Republic of China).

As Chinese Vice Security Minister since 2004, Meng (Mèng Hóngwěi) was elected as President of INTERPOL at the 85th General Assemby in November 2016. This meant that he had two allegiances. One was to the Party and the other was to the international police organization. Obviously, this is a conflict of interest because his main allegiance was to the Party; although, he appears to have been associated with the Jiang faction which was "in the outs". However, Article 3 of the INTERPOL constitution prohibits it from becoming involved in matters which are of a predominantly political nature.

In the role of Vice Security Minister, he had previously been in charge of troubled areas like Xinjiang where over a million Uyghurs are held in detention camps. It is probably no coincidence that the Party likes to use a 1,000,000 figure to show how many Party members have been disciplined since 2014 for both petty and serious crimes. It wants to appear unbiased and unprejudiced, but there is no equivalence between detention of non-Han ethnic Uyghur who are Muslim (and perhaps separatists) with disciplinary measures undertaken against Party disciples who are predominantly Han and are officially Atheists.

Why did Meng Hongwei want to be President of INTERPOL in the fall of 2016; after all, it is basically a ceremonial position? Of course, it was to promote China's role in law and order as an international "police keeper" rather than "peace keeper". More specifically though it was to be able to track down political dissidents and alleged fugitives who have fled abroad. As Vice-Security Minister he had drawn up a "red-list" of the usual suspects under operation Sky Net. To some degree this red-list would correspond to the red-list of INTERPOL which he intended to modify and act on. Second, as head of the executive committee he would help set the agenda for new initiatives as well as oversee the work of the Secretary General who was the day-to-day chief. Finally, according the analyst Ander Corr, "At the same 2016 General Assembly where Mr. Meng was elected president, Interpol voted to call for “systematic collection and recording of biometric information as part of terrorist profiles.” This is a measure that makes human rights and civil liberties activists particularly nervous. In Xinjiang and abroad, China uses this technology and the excuse of terrorism, to repress its own Muslim minorities and extend its growing influence globally."

A slight digression is needed to show how Canada may have contributed at least indirectly to his election in the General Assembly and how Meng Hongwei relates to Huawei Technologies. By the way, the term General Assembly reminds one of the General Assembly of the UN which defends rule of law, but the appointment of a Chinese Vice-Security Minister to the position of President of INTERPOL signals that the organization was veering away from rule of law toward rule by law. Canada's possible support of Meng Hongwei may have begun when Canada announced at the beginning of August 2016 that it would enter into Free-Trade and extradition talks with China. Basically, though, Canada was talking Free-Trade and listening to Extradition.

With respect to extradition, China wanted to be able to extradite from Canada red-list individuals. This definitely concerned Meng Hongwei who had earlier helped to compile the Chinese red-list. There may have been 26 individuals on China's red-list who sought refuge, so to speak, in Canada. Whether or not these individuals were sought for fraud or were political dissidents was somewhat irrevelant to Canada since it was concerned that any individuals returned to China might be tortured or executed.


                            The Garratt Family

While the Canadian government never honestly admitted that there was a link between the new Canada-China agenda and the Garratt case it was obvious to a blind and deaf person. The Garratts had been arrested two years earlier to exert pressure on the Canadian government to release Su Bin who would be extradited to the US on espionage charges. Su Bin was extradited. However, the Garratts were arrested on espionage charges in retaliation. They were released by the Chinese not because Canada was following rule of law, but because of a trade-off.

At any rate, it seemed that "normal" relations had resumed in the fall of 2016. By normal it is meant that the Canadian government would concentrate on trade for the benefit of Canadian economic elites such as the Canada-China Business Council which wanted to exclusively deal with Chinese SOE's and so-called "private" companies like Huawei while the government served its own political self-interest. In other words, it is an unholy alliance between politics and commerce.


                           Stephane Dion

What was a bit abnormal was when Trudeau stood next to the Chinese Premier to announce that both countries were negotiating an extradition treaty; yet, a day later Stephan Dion seemed left out of the loop. In a telephone interview he denied that there were negotiations planned which would see Canada return Chinese fugitives for economic crimes. "Your paper [The Globe and Mail] should check the facts. There is no negotiation. To write like pretending it is, it is wrong. Stop that please." In a similar way he denied that Canada would ever make concessions to China in order to secure the release of Garratt.

Despite these misstatements, Foreign Minister Dion had a clear understanding of the dangers that Canada faced if it entered into extradition talks with China. He may also have been bothered by the arrest of Garratt in retaliation for the extradition of Su Bin to the US. The trade-offs that must have been made by Trudeau at this time may have encouraged the Chinese to use the same tactic with the arrest of Meng Wanzhou by arresting Canadian hostages; so, in a way, Trudeau is reaping what he has sowed.

A few months later Meng Hongwei was elected as President of INTERPOL at the 85th Congress of the General Assembly in Bali while Alexander Prokopchuk was elected Vice-President. Both individuals could use their position to target critics of their respective governments. It is not known how Canadian police delegates (some of whom may have been RCMP) voted through secret ballot, but if they took their cue from Trudeau's "tip toe through the tulips" approach then they were not concerned about comrade Meng or Prokopchuk.


                                Scott Bradley

One must digress for a few minutes to show the development of the Canadian involvement with Huawei Technologies because it relates to Meng Hongwei. Scott Bradley had been an executive with BCE about a decade ago. Without going into details he had left rather quickly. He tried to make a political career by running for the Liberals in Ottawa-Center. He was unsuccessful and ironically blamed the call centres of competitors for his failure. However, he managed to secure a position with Huawei where he was soon tested. The year was 2012. At that time, the US House of Representatives intelligence committee made allegations that if Huawei equipment were used in core networks then it would threaten national security. Over the years, BCE invested heavily in Huawei equipment. With the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, Huawei's plan to develop a 5G network in Canada was coming apart. Scott Bradley resigned from his position as Vice-President of Corporate Affairs for Huawei Technologies, but continues to act as an advisor. 1月11日,华为一高管在波兰被捕,同日,华为加拿大公司高级副总裁布拉德利(Scott Bradley)在社交媒体宣布辞职。

During his time as spokesman, it was Bradley who tried to assuage fears felt by Canadians when Pierre Perron was hired by Huawei Technologies. Perron had been the Chief Information Officer of the RCMP. He had had an exemplary 35 year career with the force before he retired. Bradley said that "Mr. Perron will not be lobbying the Canadian government on behalf of Huawei or Huawei Canada". In fact, it was Bradley who was lobbying the Canadian government.

One can imagine that the Quayside project envisioned by Google Sidewalk Labs for the Toronto Harbourfront is similar in nature to Huawei Technologies "Safe City", but on a much smaller scale. It proposes to design, test and build infrastructure from the bottom up for maximum efficiency. It is basically a controlled environment. To do this though the city has to implement a mammoth flood protection project in light of seemingly uncontrollable global warming. Critics though such as Bianca Wylie regard the main problem beyond privacy concerns to be "the risks of governments ceding power to private companies". For larger projects one wonders how "private" is Huawei Technologies. According to Eric Schmidt who was Executive Chairman of Alphabet, it was Justin Trudeau who introduced the idea of the innovative concept to him in 2015.


                         Pierre Perron  RCMP

It is not surprising that Pierre Perron would join Huawei's "Safe City" initiative. Safe City is the dream of a planned city in a planned economy similar to Xi Jinping's legacy project in Xiong which happens to begin with the Chinese character "Xi". It would be refreshing for him to build up from the ground floor as opposed to trying to rationalize existing systems and databases through a particular software program. To put it into the Chinese context of standardization--one size fits all. The author has briefly encountered Mr. Perron in a rather unique and unforgettable way.


The showcase of the Safe City was held in conjunction with the INTERPOL assembly which was held in Singapore from July 4-7, 2017. Perron gave a speech on the Crisis and Disaster Management Solution. In general, Huawei Technologies shared their "one-stop C-C4ISR collaborative Public Safety Solution which was jointly developed with partners to help the digital transformation of cities and public safety".  The reader will notice that "Security" is always soft-pedaled as "Safety" or "Safe" .


             Meng Hongwei at Singapore Conference

At the INTERPOL Assembly, Meng Hongwei delivered a key-note speech to delegates which included RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki who was defending Canada's interests in INTERPOL. Meng Hongwei who was the President of INTERPOL cited "the recent outbreak of ransomware WannaCry, which has scrambled data at hospitals, factories, banks, government agencies and other businesses in Asia and beyond." The author though believes that virus originated in China; so, it is ironical that he is proposing world-wide solutions to a problem created in China when he was concurrently Vice Minister of Security. The logo of Huawei is displayed in the background of his picture. One might say that Hongwei and Huawei were sympatico.

The Singpore conference of INTERPOL and Huawei 2017 was a prelude or dry-run to the 87th General Assembly of INTERPOL in Beijing from September 26-29, 2017. Beijing was mentioned in a Brookings Institution report on Safe City Innovation. It revealed there were 470,000 CCTV cameras installed in addition to numerous others in hotels, schools and private homes. The report also discussed the two model "safe cities" of Lijiang, Yunnan Province and Nairobi, Kenya which were equipped with Huawei systems.


                       Meng Hongwei and Xi Jinping

At the General Assembly, the President of INTERPOL was eclipsed by the President of China--Xi Jinping. Of course, President Xi delivered the opening remarks. He underscored the need for cooperation. President Meng stressed that INTERPOL should face the future. His future though as Deputy Head of the Ministry of Public Security was somewhat foreshadowed in the ceremonies which alarmed the western audience.


Jack booted policemen in Gestapo looking outfits held flags in front of them as if they were giving "Seig Heil" salutes. It wouldn't be the first time that INTERPOL had a president from a fascist state. The first president was Otto Steinhausl who was a SS Oberfuhrer and Polizeprasident of Vienna in 1938. The second was Reinhard Heydrich who was the main architect of the Holocaust. He was also General der Polizei as well as chief of the Reich Main Security Office. He was followed by Arthur Nebe who was involved in the security and police apparatus. Then came Ernest Kaltenbrunner who was Obergruppenfuhrer in the Schultzstaffel (SS) and later Chief of the Reich Main Security Office. All of them must have been looking over their shoulders though for what they did to others could be done to them by the Fuhrer.


           Grace Meng assumes her husband's surname
                            in solidarity with him

On September 26th, 2018 (Beijing time) Grace Meng who is the wife of Meng Hongwei received a kitchen knife emoji from her husband in China. This was a signal of danger. Meng's arrest was on the first anniversary of the General Assembly of INTERPOL in Beijing. This may not have been a coincidence if suspicions of Meng had been aroused at that time. Apparently, Meng was thrown in a black jail in the outskirts of Beijing. The Public Security Minister (whose name is Zhao Kezhi) said in relation to the arrest that there was a need to "resolutely eliminate the pernicious influence of Zhou Yongkang" the former security czar. Actually, Meng's promotions had coincided with Zhou Yongkang's rise in the security apparatus. They were part of the Jiang faction that resisted the power of Xi. Therefore, the arrest of Meng may represent a purging of opposition.


             Fang Fenghui (left) and Zhang Yang (right)

Shortly thereafter, Generals Fang Fenghui and Zhang Yang were expelled from the Party. They were accused of corruption. According to State Media, Fang had escaped prosecution a year earlier by committing suicide. He hanged himself in either a suicide or forced suicide. The prosecutors proceeded with the Fang case. SINOINSIDER believes that the two generals may have been involved in a soft coup attempt against the Xi leadership. Furthermore, they believe that the arrest of Meng may be connected to it.

It is unlikely that we will hear from Meng Hongwei again. He simply knows too much. He has served as Vice-Minister of Public Security since 2004. He was Director of the Maritime Police Bureau and the State Oceanic Administration from 2013 to 2017. He was President of INTERPOL. All of this involves a lot of influence and information for one who seems to be connected to the Jiang Zemin faction of the Party and poses a threat to China's leadership. The Party must be worried about what secrets Meng Wanzhou of Huawei might reveal if she is extradited to the US.

D.卡尔顿 罗西
D. Carlton Rossi



                The Case of Robert Lloyd Schellenberg

The raids on CAI Dongjia's drug operations in the village of Boshe resulted in the seizure of three tonnes of crystal meth and half a tonne of ketamine. A senior narcotics officer estimated that Cai's network produced one-third of the methamphetamine in China. One wonders though how Cai and his two henchmen Cai Donglia and Cai Zhaogui had been able to pursue their drug trade since 2011 with impunity. Police and other officials must have looked the other way; as well as drug and pharmaceutical companies. In fact, many of the villagers whose identity was revealed in the raid were part of Cai's extended family.


               The arrest of villagers at the fortress village
                           on December 27, 2013

The open question though is "Was there a link between the execution judgements against Cai and Schellenberg? Schellengberg's trial at which he was sentenced to death was fifteen months after his arrest. Since his arrest was on Dec. 1, 2014 then his trial would be about February 1, 2016. It is very difficult to find the exact date of his trial or for that matter his arrest. It is understood that information by the Dalian court was not released on a routine basis prior to 2017.

The date of the execution sentencing of Cai Dongjia is also hard to discover, but the reason is unknown. The author had searched over one hour to determine the exact date. Finally, he found it in The Daily Beast as reported by Brendon Hong. The date of the article is April 13, 2016. Therefore, it looks like Schellenberg was sentenced about two and one half months before Cai.

The sentencing dates are rather curious because Cai was initially arrested about 11 months prior to Schellenberg. However, the judgement of execution of Schellenberg took place just prior to Cai's. This might be explained by the complexity of the Cai case. On the other hand, did the Supreme Court want to settle Schellenberg's case before Cai's and for what reason?

Both Cai and Schellenberg were charged with drug related offences. Those drugs were primarily methamphetamine. Cai manufactured and distributed meth. Schellenberg was charged with smuggling meth; although, he vehemently denies doing so. What begs a question is whether or not the meth and ketamine involved in the Schellenberg case came from Cai's village of Boshe? Did they come from Boshe through the intermediary of the Canadian named Khamla WONG who Sellenberg says was the mastermind?

Both Sellenberg and Wong had lived in Abottsford, British Columbia prior to 2014 where they were charged with trafficking cocaine. Whether or not they were connected at this time is not known to the author, but it may be. It is true that Cai had already been arrested eleven months earlier than Sellenberg in China, but were former associates of Cai involved? An alternative theory might be that Wong was stepping in to fill the gap left with the absence of Cai.

You really need to know some more about Khamla Wong because so little was said in the Canadian press about him in connection to the execution announcement of Schellenberg. As a Laotian born Canadian he fled Canada in 2012 on trafficking charges. At that point his Canadian passport was rendered invalid by the Canadian government presumably because he had entered Canada under false pretenses. He had links to what was called the UN Gang. Unlike Schellenberg he speaks multiple Asian languages along with English. He was arrested on March 13, 2016 in Thailand for selling ecstasy pills. Since Schellenberg's trial appears to have been earlier then it would not have been possible to question him regarding the Schellenberg case. However, it is possible for Thai authorities or Canadians with their permission, since they want him too, to question Wong now.

At any rate, while Schellenberg had been arrested with trafficking in Canada it does not appear he was involved with higher level smuggling. The fine only amounted to 150, 000 yuan in the China case  and the payment to Schellenberg amounted to about 184,000 yuan (if it is recalled correctly). These facts signal something less important than a high-risk endeavour of smuggling meth to Australia. It is uncertain if Schellenberg ever had gone to Australia. Indeed, if the best evidece of the crown is a phone call placed on Schellenberg's phone then the evidence is not compelling but seems more based on insinuation. For all these reasons, it appears that Schellenberg was set up as a patsy for a smuggling deal that went wrong. Smuggling was outside of his league. This may explain why he wanted to appeal the initial 15 year sentence for smuggling even if it was a risky tactic.

It so happened that on January 22, 2016 half a tonne of meth which originated from China was seized in Australia. Were judges of the Supreme Court influenced by this seizure in their verdict of Schellenberg? It may be that they wanted to appear to be doing something about the smuggling of meth from China to Australia which had transpired just a few days earlier. Keep in mind though that the original arrest of Schellenberg was on December 1, 2014 or more than two years earlier. However, the exact date of the Schellenberg trial is so important because on February 16, 2016 the Australian police seized $1 billion of meth from China.


                       Cai Dongjia at hearing in 2016

The outcome of all of this was that Schellenberg was "sentenced" to execution on January 13, 2019. Cai Dongjia was "executed" on January 17, 2019. It seems that Chinese authorities themselves are trying to link these two cases at least at this point in time. It seems to be more than a coincidence. The open question is whether or not they were intricately and intimately connected earlier. Basically, China is giving the message to Canada that if China executed the Chinese citizen Cai then it would not hesitate to execute the Canadian citizen named Schellenberg for drug offences even if the scale of Schellengberg's apparent transgressions were not as great and the evidence was scanty. The execution of Cai was not reported in the major newspapers of Canada for unknown reasons; although, it may be conjectured that they didn't want to alarm the public. Of course, China has avoided linking the Schellenberg case with that of MENG Wanzhou. Remember something. Schellenberg was arrested on December 1, 2014. MENG Wanzhou was arrested on December 1, 2018.

D.卡尔顿 罗西
D. Carlton Rossi


                        The Communal Ant

Up to this point, the author has not commented on Ant Financial’s entrance into our Immigration Department’s assessment of Canadian visas for Chinese citizens. Ant Financial is a spin-off of Alibaba. That name Ali Baba seems vaguely familiar to the author. Wasn’t there a fairy tale called Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves? Ali Baba stole a purse of gold coin from the thieves. One guesses it made him a thief. Anyway, the author saw no good in Ant’s Open Sesame system for Canadian visas.

The decision to allow a Chinese company to control our visa policy is rather incomprehensible when we have recently been told not to dictate our human rights’ concerns to a dictatorial state. Just who, Justin Trudeau, is truly running our immigration department? Is it the Chinese or is it Canadians? The author calls for the immediate cessation of this policy of incomprehensibility which ultimately involves a dictatorial and authoritarian regime.

The company’s Open Sesame system (as in Open Sesame to the cave of treasure) provides a score based calculated on on-line credit, lending histories and friend networks to act as a badge of trust worthiness. Presumably, in a perfect world or any other world the company would never exhibit political bias. If Ali Baba speaks and says “Open Sesame” then the door to the treasure of Immigration opens under the leadership of Xiao Tudòu. One might rhetorically ask why is it that Canada is the only country of the Five Eyes to have Eyes Wide Shut.

The Liberals say “Wait a minute. The Immigration Department can still rely on bank statements whether or not a Sesame credit score is utilized”. One might counter that if there is a conflict where will the preference be given—to a credit badge of Ant Financial or financial statements of Chinese banks? As far as the author knows the department does not have a problem with long-term financial statements. In the past, some Chinese used to transfer funds into their account before application and then withdraw after approval. Therefore, the Sesame credit system seems to offer a solution in need of a problem.

Is no one in the Liberal government or (for that matter the Official Opposition) aware of the Social Credit system of China. The latter system is being tested in the Xinjiang Region: it will be extended to all of China by the end of 2020. The purchases of all the minority population of Uyghurs is being recorded and monitored. For example, all wheat, gas and Koran purchases are cataloged in the minutest detail. Any excesses, abnormalities or inconsistencies are noted. People have no choice whether or not they are in the system.

The purpose is to determine resistance to uniformity and conformity. Those who cannot meet the criteria of a vigilant and vigorous Social Credit system are subjected to re-education in camps. Do you really believe, Justin, those who are marked can get out of China through a visa to Canada? Isn’t it the height of hypocrisy to call for an examination of re-education camps in Xinjiang when Uyghurs face an almost insurmountable difficulty in applying for a Canadian visa under China’s Social Credit system?

Oh, Carlton, you don’t understand says the government. Let us enlighten you. Let us take you to a higher plane of hippy-dippy nirvana reached through hallucinogenic high. Anyone can enroll in this system; but, they are not forced to enter it. This author counters that those who have a low credit score under a China-wide Social Credit system will not be able to purchase a plane ticket or for that matter a train ticket. How does one then use purchases to determine a credit score for purposes of a Canadian visa under a general Social Credit system? If these citizens solely use financial statements then will they be discriminated against? Who knows?

Canadians are waiting for the other shoe to drop. If Canadian Immigration is accepting credit scores as a basis for those who qualify for a visa then how far are we away from allowing credit scores of Canadians to be used to gain a Chinese visa? Do you really want to emulate and imitate the Social Credit system of an authoritarian regime?

What will happen, Justin, when you are asked to accept the Social Credit system of China’s allies? Will you even bat an eye if the immigration policy is extended to Russia or North Korea? Not only will Canada be participating indirectly in China’s Social Credit system; but, on a grander scale it will contribute to the One Belt One Road System. Don’t worry Carlton—the government says. We’re already contributing to the One Belt One Road program through the Beijing based Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank. We want to go whole hog.

The Liberal government is promoting in a more general way the Orwellian Social Credit system of a “rule by law” authoritarian regime. Could this be the reason why Statistic Canada inexplicably sought bank and transaction records of 500,000 Canadians who were to be supposedly arbitrarily chosen in a random way? Canadians had no choice to opt in or out. This hair-brained scheme is now being investigated and was overwhelmingly disapproved by Canadians. Is there any possibility that this information was to be given to the Chinese state so that they could assess visa applications from Canadians?

Wake up Canada! As the Sleeping Giant of the Middle Kingdom wakes up, so, too, may the Canadian Middle Power inversely transform itself into a Sleeping Pygmy. Naivety and arrogance in the face of despotic power are defining characteristics of the hubristic narcissism of many a leader. In contrast, if ordinary Canadians employ common sense in the face of authoritarianism then they will meet the challenge of common adversity and adversary.

D.卡尔顿 罗西
D. Carlton Rossi


Joe Oliver: Austerity straw man can't hide Trudeau’s plan for fiscal ruin

Trudeau hell-bent on irreversibly altering Canadian economy and society to achieve his big-government, socialist ideology

Special to Financial Post & Joe Oliver

September 09, 2020

Canadians are middle-of-the-road, commonsensical people who want to address injustice and poverty but above anything else are concerned about the welfare of their families. They are not radical, yet they find themselves governed by a scandal-ridden prime minister who no longer feigns moderation. He is hell-bent on irreversibly altering the Canadian economy and society to achieve his big-government, socialist ideology. The overarching political question is whether he can successfully bribe voters with their own money to buy into his radical vision.


In 2015, Trudeau ran on the platform of supporting the middle-class. He is now wants to eliminate the middle class. I repeat. It is time to defund the government and downsize it.

Expansion of the money supply and credit is the very definition of inflation. Ignore the contrived definition of inflation as rising prices. Rising prices are an effect of inflation and not a cause. To expand the money supply to the extent Trudeau wishes is inflationary theft from the middle class.

Trudeau wants only two classes in a socialist system which are an upper and lower class (rich and poor) of which he is part of the upper privileged ruling class. He has never really represented the middle-class. He is the patron saint of minorities who have been over represented in his administration. Effectively, he wishes the upper class to be an elitist minority. If you are in the middle-class majority then you will be effectively eliminated if you allow yourselves to be bought off at the polls with your own money!

Unlimited borrowing and spending of the government contravenes The Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982). Specifically, under Section 7, it deprives individuals of the right to life, liberty and security of the person. It places individuals in a financial straight jacket from which they cannot escape. Furthermore, the restrictions and controls extend to future generations.

The forthcoming plan of a prorogued, minority government enmeshed in a charity scandal to borrow and spend its way to prosperity is a Ponzi Scheme. It is a form of fraud. Trudeau may not expect a constitutional crisis, but now he may have one. Daddy doesn't like it.

‘Without early warning you can’t have early response’: How Canada’s world-class pandemic alert system failed

Grant Robertson

July 25, 2020

When the last alert was issued on May 24 last year, detailing the strange, deadly outbreak in Uganda, it took nearly nine hours for senior officials to approve it.

Meanwhile, analysts were given other tasks, working on domestic matters deemed more valuable to the government’s own initiatives. These included tracking the effects of vaping and the spread of syphilis in remote communities. Both were, arguably, worthy areas of study on their own. But the cost was high.

So, on May 24 last year, after issuing an international warning of an unexplained outbreak in Uganda that left two people dead, the system went silent.


Grant Robertson's report is well researched and articulated. He is correct in his conclusion that without early warning one cannot have early response; notwithstanding, early warning can take many forms. The author has only one thing to add to the report. The date of May 24, 2019 may have more significance with respect to the end of the early alert system.

Dr. QIU Xiangguo and KEDING Cheng along with an unknown number of students from China were removed from the Level 4 virology facility at the National Microbiology Laboratory (NMB) on July 5. The level-4 virology facility is equipped to work with the most serious and deadly human and animal diseases such a Ebola. It is a fact though that the "Manitoba RCMP started an investigation after the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) contacted them on May 24". This was the same date the alert system ended with its last report of Ebola in Uganda. It appears this may have been part of an on-going investigation by the RCMP which began after Ebola and Henipah viruses were shipped to Beijing outside of proper procedure and paperwork on March 31, 2019.

Was there some kind of international alert that should have been made regarding the National Microbiology Lab but was covered up by the closure of the early alert system? Should an international alert have been sent out about the March 31, 2019 shipment to Beijing as soon as it had taken place, but which might become disclosed after May 24, 2020 with a more intense RCMP investigation? Why were Risk Group 4 pathogens sent to a non-Level 4 biosecurity facility in Beijing rather than the Level 4 Lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)? There are too many questions and not enough answers as to what exactly went on with regard to intellectual property, biological weapons' grade viruses and the National Microbiology Lab.

Furthermore, is there a connection between several shipments of viruses over a period of time (which probably included coronaviruses) to China and the National Research Council's partnership with CanSino BIO with respect to clinical trials and manufacturing of a vaccine in Canada at a much later date? If a coronavirus was shipped to the WIV then was it similar to the novel coronavirus which emerged in Wuhan at the end of December 2019? These possibilities need to be examined in detail and results disclosed to the public!

One can understand why these issues have not been explored to date. They may involve three governments; namely, Canada, China and the United States (which provided funding) in terms of national security. The issues involve both Conservative and Liberal governments in Canada which had different priorities regarding science, funding and domestic priorities. In addition, Dr. Qiu is a well respected scientist who became involved with Canadian virology institutions in 2004 following the SARS outbreak in Beijing and who also was the key player in designing the ZMapp for Ebola treatment which was refined by Canadian scientists. All of this might have become mute had there not been an outbreak of novel coronavirus which was SARS-like and which had mutated genomes of Ebola and HIV (for which there is no cure) leading to a world-wide pandemic.

With nearly 9000 deaths from COVID-19 in Canada and soon to double the number of known deaths in China it is imperative that Canadians understand what exactly took place in the Level 4 Lab at the NML. It is necessary to understand exactly why the National Research Council of Canada decided to partner exclusively with CanSino BIO of Tianjin to fund clinical trials and vaccine manufacturing in Canada when the outbreak started in China. It is rather inexplicable why Minister Navdeep Bains put all his eggs in one basket and then didn't watch the basket when shipments were delayed from China. Why hasn't he approved any other funding application like the one submitted by Providence Therapeutics of Toronto for its promising technology of an mRNA vaccine which would diversify the risk faced by Canadians in relying on a single source vaccine?

Health experts tell Ottawa to hurry domestic vaccine funding amid China delays

The Star
The Canadian Press

Mike Blanchfield

July 24, 2020

They say Canada has no guarantee it will be at the front of any line for an internationally produced pandemic cure. They attribute government’s slowness to a long-standing public policy problem: reluctance to partner with pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the same way it has tried to bolster other sectors.

Canada has already invested in a vaccine-development partnership between China’s CanSino Biologics and Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia but China has held up shipments it was supposed to send to Dalhousie researchers by the end of May to start human trials.

Brad Wouters, executive vice-president of science and research at Toronto’s University Health Network, said the time has come for Canada to “hedge” its bets and support Providence, given the holdup of the Chinese shipment.


Just when I thought it couldn't get worse it got more worse. Canada has entered a partnership with a Chinese firm to support trials and manufacturing in Canada but shipments have been delayed from China since the end of May. What exactly are these shipments--hamsters? Has anyone reminded the government it is now July 26, 2020? Is the government's idea of a partnership to pay money for the benefit of a foreign company in China? Didn't they learn through the debacle when they bought masks from China? China withheld valuable information regarding COVID-19 at the beginning of the outbreak in Wuhan. Now, a shipment has been withheld or delayed which amounts to a similar thing from China to Canada. Who trusts China except the WHO who can't be trusted?

Mexico says China offers $1-billion loan to ease access to COVID-19 vaccine in Latin America, the Caribbean

Diego Oré


Published 8 hours ago

China plans to provide a $1-billion loan to make its coronavirus vaccine accessible for countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, the Mexican foreign ministry said on Wednesday.

“The Chinese foreign minister stressed that the vaccine developed in his country will be a public good of universal access, and that his country will provide a $1-billion loan to support the access of the nations of the region,” it said.

It gave no details of when such a vaccine might be available or distributed.


Our Ship of State is Rudderless and without Moral Compass

Why is Canada part of the joint development of the Greater and Lesser Panda Vaccine (GLP)? It is proposed by China that "a public good of universal access" will cost Latin America only one billion dollars through a loan. Is that every year with a new vaccine? Is it using as its model with regard to low cost, for example, the vaccine campaign of the WHO to eradicate tuberculosis throughout China? It does not seem so. Not only does China seem to want to make a profit from the misfortune of others but wants control of others through loans which countries may have difficulty repaying. It resembles a strategy used by the One Belt One Road Program particularly in Africa where infrastructure projects (sometimes of dubious value) are built in undeveloped countries based on loans which cannot be repaid resulting in the acquisition of other assets and eventual control of the economy and country.

The author can anticipate what the Government might reply once they get their heads out of the morass of a Made in Ottawa, self-inflicted, We Charity scandal. The Governman whose superior, relativistic, moral philosophy which applies to everyone else but him might say it is the Chinese and not the Canadians who proposed a loan to purchase the GLP vaccine. We have no association with the loan because We are interested only in charitable causes like ourselves through entitlement.

We are the ones who selflessly contributed to the WHO (who incidentally are controlled by the Chinese). We know nothing, we see nothing, we hear nothing about the Canadian WHO adviser who appeared to dodge questions about the inclusion of Taiwan in the WHO. We know nothing, we see nothing, we hear nothing about why the same Canadian WHO epidemiologist failed to report to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health for two separate occasions. We are the epitome of transparency until We are not.

One can't help remembering how our Prime Minister frittered away valuable time starting on February 09, 2020 in Ethiopia and Senegal. This was during the new coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan. He was seeking to get votes for a seat on the Security Council for unknown reasons. One doesn't hear of any talk of the epidemic in his discussion with various African leaders. One doesn't see any preparations he was making in Canada--like cancelling flights into Montréal-Trudeau International Airport from China or Hong Kong.

The author was set to travel to China in the middle of January on an "iron rice bowl" contract. He cancelled his trip because of articles he had read in the Lancet which questioned Chinese statistics on the epidemic. He warned all his Chinese friends of the nature of the epidemic. His former ophthalmologist was Dr. Li Wenliang ( 李文亮) known as the whistleblower who achieved hero status. He died on February 07, 2020. To give a short background, the author had been through the SARS crisis of 2003 in Beijing when most staff at our Embassy returned to Canada. He had valuable experience which no one in our Government called upon in the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic of 2020.

Yet, he heard no comments from our own Minister of Foreign Affairs or Prime Minister when they were in Africa, Europe or on their return to Canada warning Canadians not to travel to China for work or for other reasons. He saw a clueless Government which was not preparing Canada or Canadians for the worst. Really, who are the Chinese experts in our government and what do they know about anything? Where are our foreign policy analysts who either seem MIA or whose goal is to serve domestic political purposes?

In addition, the author could easily have travelled back to Canada after a stay of two weeks and who would have stopped him from entering the country or required him to quarantine? Not our Prime Minister. Not our Minister of Foreign Affairs. No one. To highlight the point, who objected to Trudeau's wife going to London on March 4, 2020 to attend a We Charity event after COVID-19 had entered Great Britain in late January? She returned to Canada with the disease forcing the Prime Minister to quarantine--at which point he started to take the crisis more seriously! The consequence was that Parliament was reduced to virtual sittings.

Now, our Prime Minister is embroiled in a fourth ethics scandal to distract him even more from important issues such as COVID-19. One is beginning to lose count of the violations. While his father was highly regarded for his sense of Justice and creating a Just Society through the Charter of Rights and Freedoms it seems his son, Justin, will be just be forgotten for his apparent lack of moral scruples.

US orders closure of Chinese Consulate in Houston

James Griffiths

July 22, 2020

The United States government has abruptly ordered China to "cease all operations and events" at its consulate in Houston, Texas, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, in what it called an "unprecedented escalation" in recent actions taken by Washington.

On Tuesday, US prosecutors charged two alleged Chinese hackers over a "sweeping global computer intrusion campaign" that they say was supported by the country's government and aimed at coronavirus treatment and vaccine research.

The indictment also marks the first time that the US has accused the hackers of working on behalf of the Chinese government.


One wonders if both Russia and China are clandestinely hacking separately or together as they target coronavirus treatment and vaccine research?

Why is Canada co-operating with a Chinese biological company and the People's Liberation Army with respect to a COVID-19 vaccine after possible intellectual property issues at the National Microbiology Laboratory (Containment Level 4) linked to the National Institute of Virology (Containment Level 4) in the city of Wuhan where COVID-19 originated?

While the author will be the first to wear a mask from China if it is made mandatory by law in Canada he will be the last to be inoculated with a Chinese-Canada vaccine if it is made mandatory by law in Canada by a Liberal Minority Government. At his own expense, he will voluntarily be inoculated by any of 149 other potential vaccines world-wide other than the Chinese-Canada vaccine and encourage others to do likewise. If 37 million Canadians are forced by law to be inoculated with the Chinese-Canada vaccine then the author commits to leading a nationwide protest of civil disobedience against the Greater and Lesser Panda Vaccine. He throws down the gauntlet to the Princeling son of PET.

Canada’s surprising history and questionable partnership with a Chinese company and its military-backed COVID-19 vaccine

Tom Blackwell

June 26, 2020

Trudeau announced May 12 that Canada had struck an agreement with the Tianjin-based firm to conduct another phase 1 trial, which essentially measures whether the vaccine is safe and generates an immune response, followed if successful by phase 2 and 3 trials here.


Amir Attaran who is a University of Ottawa health policy professor questions why we would pick "as our preferred partner the Chinese military and a Chinese company?" By "we" he means the National Research Council (NRC). It was the Council which developed the cell line for the vaccine which the company is using. Indeed, the NRC had previously worked with CanSinoBIO on the Ebola vaccine.

It is surprising the NRC had such faith in the Chinese. It was reported on July 23, 2014 that personnel files of the Council had been breached. Prime Minister Stephen Harper had said there was “no doubt” China initiated the digital assault. The attack forced the NRC to rebuild its IT department.

One thing is certain. At both the National Research Council under John McDougall (2010-2016) and the National Microbiology Lab in 2016 chaos reigned with budget cuts. McDougall's presidency was characterised "by a dramatic drop in publications and patents". At the NML, the union complained of a toxic workplace environment with systemic bullying and harassment conducted by senior management.

These are ideal conditions if a foreign sponsored state actor wished to infiltrate either institution. No wonder the Chinese hacked into the personnel files of the NRC in 2014. The weakness is not just IT, but personnel. No wonder Qiu and Cheng along with an unknown number of Chinese students at the NML may have "breached" security protocols with immune levels of personnel lowered through stress. The Chinese infiltrators are like a virus attacking the host.

If you think all of this is in the past then read today's newspaper which reports an attack of computer systems at the Royal Military College. The attack is one of ransomware which is not surprising from the Chinese regime which holds Kovrig and Spavor for ransom with respect to Mdme Meng. To round up the usual suspects would start with Chinese state sponsored actors.

                            From China with Love

If the minority government misled by JT which doesn't sit in Parliament thinks I and millions of Canadians will volunteer to be stuck like voodoo dolls with a vaccine developed by CanSino Biologics then they are highly delusional and dysfunctional. You are asking me and we to trust a vaccine from a company within the PRC whose government along with the complicity of the WHO undertook a coverup of a highly infectious novel coronavirus which is SARS-like. Yes, one disease called SARS-CoV-2 with two characteristics; namely, mutated Ebola and HIV genomes. The structure sounds very much like One Country Two Systems.

Before the government proceeds with its maniacal, vaccination machinations me-we wants to know why Dr. QIU Xiangguo who developed the Z-Mapp for Ebola and her husband CHENG Keding were escorted out of the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) level 4 biosecurity lab in the middle of Canada. NML is overseen by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) which is run by Canada's Chief Public Health Officer who is Theresa Tam (譚咏詩). It was Tam who said on January 26 that "There is no clear evidence that this virus is spread easily from person to person. The risk to Canadians remains low." One wonders if she will take seriously the recent assertion by 200 scientists from 30 countries that COVID-19 may be spread airborne.

Me-we wants to know why SARS-CoV-2 has a mutated Ebola genome within it, which might suggest it did not occur naturally, but rather was genetically engineered as part of biological warfare. Me-we wants disclosed any connections and interactions between the NML scientists and the National Virology Institute (NVI) as well as China’s National Biosafety Laboratory in Wuhan. It is known Qiu helped train the staff at the NVI. It is known prior to their expulsion from the lab on July 5, 2019 that there was a shipment to Wuhan in March 2019 of samples of Ebola and henipavirus—another highly virulent family of pathogens".

Furthermore, to ensure there is no conflict of interest me-we wants full public disclosure of the size of the contracts with the Canadian government and the names of any Canadian government officials or Canadians who might stand to benefit from the sale of vaccines. Any non-disclosure clauses which involve the government of Canada make us gag. Me-we also wonders with a capital "W" if high cost vaccines in Canada will subsidize low cost vaccines in China.

Me-we demands to know if Dr. Qiu (whose hometown is coincidentally Tianjin and who received a masters degree in immunology from a Tianjin university) has any connection to CanSino Biologics or the development and sale of the vaccines of CanSino Biologics of Tianjin. Are her relatives working at this company. Since me-we cannot get answers from JT then me-we wants answers JIT from the RCMP. It is now not just me-we but me-we-they ("they" meaning the world's population) who demands answers since CanSino Biologics want to innoculate everybody world-wide.

Canadians have recently experienced two conflict of interest scandals where JT is front and center. The first debacle involved SNC Lavalin and led to the resignation of two cabinet ministers. The more recent fiasco concerns We Charity and revolves around how the PM who has been intimately involved with it chose the charity as the recipient of government largesse without a tender process or clarity. However, what is potentially shaping up to be a third scandal of immense importance are the unknown reasons for the expulsion of Chinese scientists from the NML and the "questionable partnership with a Chinese company and its military-backed COVID-19 vaccine".

Vials of deadly pathogens made their way from the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg to the National Institute of Virology in Wuhan where in all probability there was another breach in security protocols and COVID-19 leaked out as from Pandora's Box. Since China is ground zero for the novel coronavirus and its release was covered-up allowing it to spread quickly then why is the National Research Council cooperating and coordinating with a Chinese company to develop a vaccine--particularly when China-Canada relations are at an all time low? There are other, better alternatives which seem not to have been explored. The decision to choose CanSino BIO is both illogical and irrational. Therefore, one wonders what the real, undisclosed reasons are for this unholy alliance. It all starts with PM JT.

updated July 07, 2020








The Chinese Communist Party is not really very Chinese at all

Charles Burton

Special to The Globe and Mail

July 4, 2020

With enormous good grace, considering the circumstances, my kindly and generous teachers readily took me in as one of their own. What they taught me was that China’s cultural greatness yesterday, today and tomorrow lies in the immutable principles clearly and simply expressed in the classical Chinese of the ancient sages of China’s Confucian tradition.

If the party seeks to devastate the international rules-based order, then be transparent and open about it. It is a betrayal to claim the party’s dissembling is true to Chinese cultural imperatives. In this sense, the Chinese Communist Party is ultimately not very Chinese.

Professor Burton is one of the few Canadians who understand the basic nature of the Chinese. To be Chinese is to be Confucian and to be Confucian is to be Chinese. The Communist Party of China tries to impose an unnatural order on the Chinese people.

If Canadian foreign policy with regard to China does not begin with an understanding of the role of Confucianism in China it will fail. Communism may be only a short lived and short sighted experiment. To illustrate this point one might paraphrase the words of one who was to have been the successor of Mao. One cannot judge the success of the French Revolution as it is too early to determine. In the same vein, one cannot yet judge the success of the Communist Party in relation to Confucianism whose principles were based on governance during the Zhou Dynasty.

One might refine the contrast between the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Confucianism with respect to religion, philosophy and governance. With respect to religion the CPC is atheistic. This means there is no God or afterlife. However, Communism has effectively turned atheism into a religion as the only image to view and word to hear is of the leader. Everyone is to have one thought without thinking and the origin of One Thought is from the number one leader.

On the other hand, Confucianism expresses the continuity of life through the family and ancestral worship. It is accomplished through ritual which has been practiced over thousands of years. Its goal is to harmonize the earthly and heavenly. This is accomplished through the heart and feelings.

Ultimately, the philosophy of the CPC is based on atomism expressed by the Pre-Socratic philosopher Democritus. Everything is composed of atoms. Everything is material. In modern terms it becomes dialectical materialism developed during the Industrial Revolution and expressed by Hegel.

There is a clear distinction between governance as practiced by Communists and Confucianists. A communist system in China is top down. It uses the philosophy of Legalism and rule by law developed by Mozi. Furthermore, it assumes the individual is guilty until proven innocent. In order to correct behaviour in a communist system the individual must live in fear of punishment.

A Confucian system of governance is bottom up or to express it another way is "of the people" as opposed to "of one person". It stresses rule of law where law is the lowest form of morality. It is believed the individual is innocent until proven guilty. Good behaviour is rewarded.

A practical model of Confucianism has been established by Sun Dawu of Dawu Group at Dawu City in Hebei Province. It is based on the Private Entrepreneurial Constitutional System. Cadres elect management every two years. Voting is mandatory. Of equal importance is that decisions are made by workers and implemented by management. The goal of the enterprise is not profit but the welfare of the people.

This Confucian model of an enterprise and city is to be contrasted to the establishment of a new city nearby called Xiaong'an. It will be President Xi's legacy. It is based on 5G, artificial intelligence and the internet of things. Basically, it will be the pinnacle and penultimate of materialism. It will be where machines dominate machine-like units whose performance is programmed.

Basically speaking, Confucianism looks backwards to the past while Communism looks forward to the future. The former prefers evolution while the latter stresses revolution. If Confucianism is to successfully compete with Communism it must consider a morality based on future generations. Furthermore, it must become less paternally patriarchal and more maternally matriarchal. If one looks at history prior to 5000 years then one sees Chinese society was matriarchal. Both Confucianism and Communism today are unbalanced patriarchal systems which are disharmonius. Therefore, Confucianism must distinguish itself from Communism by modernizing the definition of family and by empowering women through practice.


The strangest people visit my hometown for the strangest reasons

I'm sitting at a small restaurant in my small hometown. I'm having a late breakfast with two sunny side up eggs staring me in the face. Everything looks and feels sunny. Then, a metaphorical cloud seems to darken the sky outside.

There's a tall guy standing just outside in a pitch black, dark suit. He looks rather uneasy. Now he's either just come from a funeral or he's a Mafia hit man. Maybe he's a Mafia hit man who has just come from a funeral. He moves in front of the Italian barber shop. Ah, he must be a Sicilian Mafia hit man.

He stands in front of a black car with all the windows blackened out. That's illegal in my province, but do you expect a hit man to have any other kind of car? In stream of consciousness I'm taken back to my childhood. I used to visit my cousins in a small village in the Appalachian region. We used to go cart down a big hill. At the top of the hill was a large mansion. That was the hideout of the Mafia. It wasn't much of a hideout since everybody knew it belonged to the Mafia. At any rate, a long black Cadillac used to go slowly up the hill to the mansion.

Next, a police car pulls behind the the black suburban. The plot thickens. Is he a good cop or bad cop? Is he monitoring the hit man or is he protecting the hit man? Maybe he's a schizophrenic cop who is both good and bad.

Another guy in a black suit enters the restaurant. Gee. Maybe the hit is in the restaurant as in the Godfather. Maybe it's me and I'll be face down in my sunny side up eggs.

As it turns out nothing so sinister is about to happen. The candidate from the big city of TO for the provincial election wants "to shoot" a photo op among the locals. He'll be arriving shortly. We're told that if we want to ask him a question then let them know what it is in advance. Why would I want to tell any candidate in advance what my question is or be part of a dog and pony show? I leave before he arrives.

Another guy arrives in my small town on a cold winter day. At first, he doesn't see me nor I him. I've just come out of a shop and am about to cross the street to the sunny side. That is, I'm about to jay walk. That's not uncommon in a small town--especially when the nearby crosswalk is the most dangerous place to walk or bike. Those who depend on the goodwill of motorists are run over left and right. To use a mixed metaphor--the left (who jaywalks) is right and the right (who uses the crosswalk) is left on the pavement.

My quick diagonal move across the street like a bishop moving on a chessboard brings me directly behind one who strides like a king on the sidewalk. He realizes that he is not alone on the sidewalk and that I am walking in stride with him. He turns his head toward me as he continues to walk.

It resembles Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his appearance and attire. Now why would Trudeau be walking alone on the street of a small town without his bodyguards? I guess where he is going because not much is not known in a small town. It is to the restaurant up the street and along the canal. A liberal supporter runs that restaurant. Of course, it may not be Trudeau but someone else. However, as is said about ducks "what looks like a quack, sounds like a quack and walks like a quack is a quack".

I can tell by what he says to me that he is afraid because it exhibits a false sense of bravado. It is a hortatory injunction in English. "Be careful not to slip on the ice! Now where he and his shadow are walking there is no ice on the sidewalk. Of course, he is not warning me for my welfare and that I may fall. He is warning me for his welfare as he may fall since a stranger to him is walking behind him. As quickly though as I appeared behind him I disappeared through the door of a nearby business.

His shadow now speaks to him as it did to King Lear. Be careful not to slip in Parliament! Now for all intents and purposes there is no Parliament. It has not been prorogued, but rather the full sitting has been delayed indefinitely. Our democracy is on hold by a Prime Minister who won a minority government. He doesn't want opposition and uses the COVID-19 crisis as an excuse to achieve his authoritarian aims.

His shadow whispers to him not to slip. His father was a constitutional lawyer who as Prime Minister created the Bill of Rights and Freedoms for Canadians. His son is undermining this Bill of Rights and Freedoms by not allowing free speech and debate in the House of Commons through its elected representatives. He shadow boxes with himself and is losing. The shadow whispers to him like the slave standing behind the Roman Emperor in his chariot during the victory parade. "All is vanity". Everything your father built you are destroying. Everything your father built will turn to a handful of dust. Everything your father created will be nothing.

Chris Selley: The Gang of 19's 'surrender, then victory!' China plan is bonkers, but unsurprising

National Post

Chris Selley

Jun 25, 2020

Canadian foreign policy is far less defined by the government of the day than it is by purely situational decision-making.

A perfect example: the Gang of 19 want us to believe that releasing Meng and bringing the Michaels home would “untie Canada’s hands at a time when the Canadian government must be fully free to redefine its strategic approach to China, and take the tough steps needed to protect and advance our own interests.” First surrender, then victory! It’s bonkers. Taken together, Canada’s UN smackdown and its perennially untethered position on China, with two high-profile Canadian lives at stake, could not provide a better occasion to grab this country’s foreign policy by the scruff of the neck and give it a violent rethink.


1. Our foreign policy, if one can call it that since the only thing foreign is that it can't be found, is definitely situational. With regard to China it is up against a country that to its credit has long term goals and strategies. This means that Canada is given two choices by the foreigners (or in this case the Chinese government) . Canada either loses in the short-term or is decimated in the long term. As Selley comments the government chooses the lesser of two evils and then calls it a victory.

2. On a different matter, it is unclear to many why the government doggedly pursued a seat on the Security Council. The author has pointed out that Prime Minister Trudeau was extremely distracted by his campaign to secure votes at the beginning of February while novel coronavirus which originated in Wuhan was spreading world-wide. Finally, the seat was lost or one might say could never could have been won.

3. Foreign Minister Champagne says that he didn't want to be "distracted" by the loan he secured from the Bank of China. Prime Minister Trudeau says that he was "disappointed" by charges laid against Kovrig and Spavor. The author says that both of these responses is "downplayed" and "disingenuous" from a minority government that doesn't have a real seat in the House of Commons.

The author reiterates that Canadians not only lost a seat on the Security Council whose purpose was unknown, but have also lost most seats in the House of Commons because it doesn't really sit. In addition, Prime Minister Trudeau has not given a satisfactory answer in any speech as to why he sought a seat on the Security Council. He had a hidden agenda. In the House of Commons, free speech and debate has been suppressed which violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The government wants to do everything behind closed doors on the excuse of COVID-19 which effectively means another hidden agenda.

4. Any Gang has a leader. Who is the leader of this Gang? One might guess it to be the octogenarian ex-Prime Minister Jean Chretien who pushed a similar idea of a one to one trade. Who might support this Gang in the present government? One shouldn't be disappointed or distracted enough to imagine it may be Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.


                                    Women's Issues

There is a wide divergence between the views of President Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump on women's issues. Both of them though could not have neglected to notice the spontaneous women's march on Washington. Potentially, it could morph into a broader social movement. It was therefore prescient for Ivanka Trump to organize a meeting of women business leaders and CEO's in the Cabinet Room. In attendance also were President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau.

It was a shrewd move on the part of the Prime Minister who is an avowed feminist to accept the invitation in order to promote women's issues, find some common ground with the new Trump administration and to highlight the sunny ways outlook. There is of course a degree of political expediency for both Trump and Trudeau because women constitute a large voting block. However, what will be the position of the liberal government on women's rights in China besides no comment? Let's assume this is a correct approach. Then, what are its implications for women in Canada?

Prime Minister Trudeau has defined his feminism in a rather vague way. “It’s just—if you’re a progressive, you really should be a feminist, because it’s about equality, it’s about respect, it’s about making the best of the world that we have.” It is true that Canada wishes to open its doors to a great number of Chinese students, travellers, workers and immigrants of which many will be women. However, how do we open our doors to women that never existed?


By M Tracy Hunter - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, 


Let's look at the issue of equality. According to census data in 2014 there were an average of nearly 116 men for every 100 women; whereas, the natural population variation is roughly the ratio 105:100. Gender-selective abortions spiked after the introduction of the one-child policy in the late 1970s, and again following the introduction of ultrasound technology. This is more than just women's rights: it is the basic right to live. Gender-selective abortions mean many women will never exist let alone enter Canada.

How do Canadians open their doors to female students who existed but prematurely ceased to exist due to suicide or murder? In the author's first year of teaching a distraught female student of the university jumped off the roof of a building. At another institution a female student killed herself by drowning. In the same school a female student who was studying alone on the sixth floor of the teaching building was raped, killed and set on fire in the classroom. The author is not sure what the six male guards were doing at the time of the incident, but the next day they were playing cards as if nothing had happened. 


                      Female Farm Workers near Zhongning

It is one thing to meet a glamourous executive and entrepreneur who is the President's daughter and speak about women's issues. There were many titters by tweeters about how she looks approvingly at another member of the glitterati. However, what of the unglamourous women who comprise two-thirds of the rural workforce in Zhongning. They have lost out on their rights to land. In another example, a tourist development at Dadun village meant houses were purchased, but only the men received payment.

Neither the rural women nor the women property owners will be on the waiting list for entrance into Canada--in fact, our new consulates will be predominantly if not solely in urban areas. It seems that our silence on women's issues and the broader human rights issues in China will have a profound effect on women's issues and human rights in Canada. Women's rights are human rights.  Our country will know nothing of the missing women because they did not make it here. 

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                    Confucianism as a religion

One of the first shrines at Dawu Group was a small, open pavilion. If it is recalled correctly it was dedicated to SUN Dawu’s wife. It was a peaceful place where one could reflect and meditate. Nearby was an open military museum which included an artillery piece and tank. They were donations from SUN Dawu’s former military unit. It emphasized the importance of peace, but through military preparedness and strength. This was a place to honour veterans who had served their country. Finally, close-by, there was a shrine dedicated to Confucius. Fruit was placed daily on the altar as a sacrifice to China’s most venerated teacher and philosopher.

These memorials reflected the spiritual side of the small farming community and Dawu Group (河北大午农牧集团有限公司). They stressed family, camaraderie and reverence respectively. The village and farming business expanded with the building of two temples. One temple was Confucian with its orientation to the Sun family clan while the other was Buddhist. With respect to religion, SUN Dawu is a Confucian while his wife is a Buddhist. The large size of both temples was rather out of proportion to the size of the small village. The reason is that it was intended that the village become a city which has been fulfilled.


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Sun Dawu

14:41 on September 5 from iPhone 11 Pro Max

If you don't deceive yourself internally, and you don't deceive others externally, the Gentleman is cautious. Be sincere or not loyal, or be true or pure. Honesty wins the world, and kindness is with heaven and earth.

Most likely, the Gentleman to whom he refers is either Confucius or himself as a Confucian. As to the author, he is a Buddhist by heart, a Confucian by intellect and a Daoist by spirit.

Dawu Group has had a special relationship with Unirule Institute of Economics which was a leading liberal economic think-tank. One might conjecture that one of the reasons that the institute was founded in July 2003 was due in part to SUN Dawu’s arrest on May 27, 2003. It may be that the institute wished to provide legal support and defence of rules-based governance.

Two founding members of Unirule were SHENG Hong (盛洪) and MAO Yushi (茅于轼). In an essay called Power is Short, Dao is Eternal, Professor Sheng said that “law is first of all the law of heaven or the law of nature”. Furthermore, the law of heaven is basically embodied in the written constitution. On the other hand, in an essay called Property Right is the Moral God, Professor Mao said that “Only when there are clearly defined and universally recognized property rights would there be a moral society”. It seems that together these views represent “heaven and earth”.

In 1992, MAO Yushi and TANG Ming founded Leping Group. A year later they began micro-credit trials for rural villagers. They developed a vocational school and job placement service for rural women specializing in domestic service. It was later registered as Fuping Domestic & Community Service Center. Incidentally, in 2002 the author was undertaking a similar kind of project on behalf of Dawu Group involving a four-star hotel in Dalian, a Japanese company and Red Deer College. 

It is a fact that almost all religions are patriarchal. They reinforce a male dominated government and society. The three traditional religions of China are Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism which are known as The Three Teachings (三 教) where Confucius, Buddha and Laozi are worshipped respectively.

However, criticism has been levelled at Confucianism in particular because of restrictions placed on women. The Confucian religion has always meant that a boy is more important than a girl and a grandson more important than a granddaughter. As a result, women have gravitated to both Buddhism and Daoism which seem to be more accommodating with regard to women’s roles and issues. In Buddhism, the goddess, Avalokitesvara or the Bodhisattva of Compassion (觀音), is highly respected by women. She is the central figure of the Buddhist temple at Dawu Group. Modern Daoism has provided alternatives to women in many areas.

If Confucianism as a religion is to survive and thrive it must expand on the role of women. Women must play a more significant role in the Confucian religion with respect to substance and symbolism as they do in the religions of Buddhism and Daoism. Is it so surprising that women are interested in maternal lineage (母系)? Basically, women quietly rebel against the Confucian concept that a son is more important than a daughter and a grandson more important than a granddaughter whether in religion or business.

At Dawu Group women participate in the workforce, vote in democratic elections and run for office. For all intents and purposes, they have achieved equality with men in terms of participation and reward; although, it is unclear to the author if this circumstance is explicitly guaranteed by the Private Entrepreneurial Constitution (首先谁在这里会取得胜利) based in part on Confucian principles.

A brief summary of Chinese history regarding the merchant class and agriculture will be outlined. At the time of the Zhou Dynasty (1046 BCE-249 BCE) in which Confucius lived there was a classification known as the fengjian social structure. It was merely occupational in character rather than a socioeconomic classification. Confucius belonged to the shi (士) or scholar class as opposed to the shang (merchants and traders). The merchant class emerged during the Song Dynasty (960 CE-1270-CE). Basically, merchants desired to build wealth through trade. This period represented the shift from agriculture to commerce. During the period of reform and opening-up (1978 CE-2013 CE) the de-collectivisation of agriculture began. This allowed entrepreneurs to start businesses.

It would therefore seem logical if a member of the merchant class of the reform and opening-up period wished to reform and open up the Confucian religion that he/she would look to the Tang and Song Dynasties for guidance and inspiration rather than the Zhou Dynasty where there was no merchant class. Of course, it was also a time of Neo-Confucianism in the Song Dynasty where Confucian classics were used to support the legitimacy of the Emperor regarding heaven and earth. During the Song Dynasty (960 CE-1279 CE) women were allowed to establish businesses. They were also given large dowries and could legally acquire property. In terms of inheritance they were treated equally with men.

With respect to religion in the Song Dynasty, Taoism flourished at the time and Buddhism was also popular. With respect to Buddhism, Guanyin who had transformed from a male to a female attained buddhaship, but refrained from nirvana. Inner Alchemy Daoism refined qi “by interchanging male and female characters (represented by the hexagrams kan 坎 and li 離) to a "holy embryo" to finally dissolve in nothing (the non-extreme).”

However, it was under the earlier Tang Dynasty (618 CE-907 CE) where women formed one-third of the clergy (Despeux 2008: 171). “According to official statistics there were 1,687 Daoist temples in the 8th century: 1,137 for men and 550 for women.” By the early Song Dynasty, the number of women Daoists had declined; nevertheless, cults of women continued to flourish. The Daoist practitioner Cao Wenyi (曹文逸 1119 CE-1125 CE) was the first woman to practice neidan inner alchemy. As a poet she wrote Song of the Great Dao which extols the virtue of perfect breathing. At the end of the Song Dynasty the role of women rose with the Quanzhen School where they served as abbesses of major temples and leaders of local associations.

One might though ask why Confucian religion restricts equality based on gender? Confucianism has inappropriately interpreted and distorted the yin-yang of Daoism with respect to “gender essentialism” (性别本质主义) according to Chan Sin Yee. The distortion or untruth was done by Confucians in the Han Dynasty (202 BCE-220 CE. It was at this time that Daoism which had been the oldest religion was officially organized. During the Han, the Confucians identified Yang with the male and Yin with the female in a hierarchical structure. This structure is not implicit in Daoism which emphasizes the principle of complementarity or polarity (互补性或极性).

In his observation of The Selden Map (circa 1618 CE) of the Ming Dynasty, the author associated the Kun 鯤 with the darkness (Moon) and the Peng 鹏 with the lightness (Sun) in a polarized way. However, he also observed that they transform in a balanced, harmonized way throughout the year. It was observed that the Peng had both male-female characteristics and it was surmised that this was also true of the Kun. These were Daoist expressions.

It may be difficult for traditional Confucianism as a religion to accept the equality of male and female genders; however. it is possible under the guidance of a fully “enlightened sage” (开明的圣人). Under Communism which embraces an atheistic state--although in reality it mimics organized religion with idolization and devotion to a Supreme Leader who preaches that his One Thought fits like the fist of his glove--it is an impossibility. The choice that Confucianism faces is between more gentleness and kindness which tends to be a feminine trait or to continue an unnatural order of male domination and subjugation. By empowering women, Confucianism could advance an evolutionary revolution (进化革命) in religion.

The author though has not been to Dawu City for several years. Perhaps a Daoist temple has already been erected in his absence with its focal point as a goddess. A Daoist women’s temple representing the oldest, indigenous religion would go a long way in recognizing the importance of the role of women in religion and society, counter gender essentialism in the Confucian religion, serve as a means to harmonize the Confucian, Buddhist and Daoist religions and modernize the definition of family.

Confucianism needs to move forward to future generations through female worshippers and abbesses rather than be mired in a past of ancestor worship and rituals emphasizing male lineage. It would balance the Confucian ideal of a “Gentleman” with a “Gentlewoman” or rather make the distinction unimportant. Confucianism has had a Gentleman (绅士). It is now time for it also to have a Gentlewoman (淑女).

China’s greatest victory of the Han over the nomadic Xiongnu Confederacy was recorded in the Yanran Inscription by Ban Gu 89 CE. It read “Who first is here will be victorious” 首先谁在这里会取得胜利. If women are treated equally to men in The Three Teachings (三 教) then one might say “Who first is here will be victorious and virtuous“ (首先谁在这里将是胜利和贤惠的).




                            The Baibuting Banquet


一场瘟疫动地哀,十面无语问天灾!病毒若是自人祸,蔓延世界谁制裁? 后代秦人从未悔,指鹿为马毁基台。华夏百姓翘首待,反腐结出硕果来!

《Watching the Scourge》

A plague moved with sorrow, and asked nothing about the natural disaster! If the virus is self-inflicting, who will punish the spread through the world? The descendants of Qin never regretted it, referring to the deer destroying the abutment for the horse. The Chinese people are waiting forward, and anti-corruption bears fruit!


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One might begin the story of the Baibuting Banquet with a dinner party of 20 participants in the city of Xiamen in terms of contrast. It was an open meeting of activists and rights lawyers on December 13, 2019 in order to discuss administrative issues. It aroused the suspicions of authorities as any dinner party with more than five guests is subject to scrutiny and could be considered unlawful. Several participants were arrested and an arrest warrant was put out for XU Zhiyong (许志永).

Xu was the founder of The New Citizens' Movement (新公民運動). It promoted "political transformation leading to democratic rule of law, as well as a cultural movement for the renewal of political and cultural traditions". Xu was able to avoid arrest for two months while on the run. In his last post written on February 14, 2020 (or the day before his arrest) he wrote "This nationwide calamity could only happen without democracy and freedom of speech,". "While the public are distressed for Dr. Li and their country, the Communist Party hides in the shadows and acts as eyes and ears. In their hearts, there is no right and wrong, no conscience, no bottom line, no humanity."

On the other hand, the Baibuting Banquet was held for the twentieth time on January 18, 2020 in the Jiangan District of Wuhan. This district borders the Jianghan District within which may be found the The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market (武汉华南海鲜批发市场). The geographical closeness of the districts is mentioned because participants in the banquet might prepare their dishes from food found at the seafood market. In fact, the more exotic the ingredients then the more likely it would qualify for an original dish. The market was known more for its exotic, wild animals (which have now been banned for sale across China) than for its seafood.

The mayor of Wuhan was Zhou Xianwang (周先旺). Of course, he is not freely elected by the populace, but his power derives from his role as Deputy Party Committee Secretary. Zhou wanted to set a Guiness world record with the number of dishes and participants at the Baibuting Banquet. As a matter of fact, 40,000 families attended the banquet to break the record.

Three days before the banquet an organizing committee warned Zhou that a virus had been spreading in Wuhan. From his own sources he had been apprised of the cases and situation. The Deputy Party Committee Secretary said there is not enough warning and the event would continue. He becomes a figure like Trimalchio or "Thrice King" from Petronius' Satyricon who "in his drunken showiness leads to the entire household acting out his funeral, all for his own amusement and egotism."

Both Zhou and his superior Ma Guoqiang (马国强) who was Deputy Communist Party Secretary of Hubei and Communist Party Secretary of Wuhan were removed from office for dereliction of duty. Ma was removed on February 13, 2020. This was a day before Xu Zhiyong's defence of Li Wenliang (李文亮) in terms of freedom of speech.

There are currently three possible sources of transmission for COVID-19 which may be related. The first and foremost is the Wuhan Institute of Virology or WIV (中国科学院武汉病毒研究所) located in the Jingxia District which has China's only Biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) facility. The institute experiments on coronavirus genes. A team led by Shi Zhengli were the first to identify, analyze and name the genetic sequence of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) on behalf of WIV which applied for a patent in China for the use of Remdesivir--an experimental drug owned by Gilead Sciences. The team denies that COVID-19 which has unusual mutated genes of Ebola and HIV was designed by and leaked from the lab. It is conceivable perhaps that monkeys experimented upon might have been sold to the Wuhan Seafood Market.

The second possible source of transmission of COVID-19 was the Wuhan Seafood Market (武汉华南海鲜批发市场) of Jianghan District. While it sells seafood its notoriety and now one may say infamy stems from the sale of exotic, wild animals. Many of the first cases including those reported by Dr. Li Wenliang may have originated from the market.

Finally,the Wuhan Jiangan District Baibuting Community held its 20th annual food fest or banquet on January 18, 2020 which was just prior to the Spring Festival beginning on January 25, 2020. It is speculated that many of the 13986 entrants who submitted dishes may have visited the Wuhan Seafood Market to secure food. Over 40,000 families or more than 130,000 people participated in the event. It so happens that family units became the fastest way to transmit the virus. As a result, the Baibuting Residential Community in Jiangan District was hit hardest by COVID-I9.

It is said that a virus like that which causes the common cold or influenza doesn't want to kill its host, but rather to replicate or reproduce itself in other hosts. The same can be said of COVID-19. Its defining characteristic is its ability to infect rather than do away with its host. However, the virus can be quite lethal because it has mutated genes of Ebola and HIV which affects a small percentage of the population. This means the more people the virus infects the greater the number of those who succumb to it.

One might think of containment as a crude method to control a coronavirus. It may be happenstance or designed. For example, the purpose of a cruise ship is to provide a sense of luxury and leisure. However, by containing the virus like COVID-19 to a small area with improper quarantine methods leads by happenstance to a high fatality rate among older passengers who may not have before been in the best of health. That explains why on the Diamond Princess ship there were six fatalities among the 705 reported cases.

In a similar way, apartment buildings in the Baibuting Residential Area were built for the well-being of their residents. However, if older residents who were weak in body or health are forcibly contained in a building which was not intended to be a closed environment then the number of fatal cases increases. Perhaps only one in five people of a family of the banquet for families was infected with the coronavirus in an open environment such as the banquet itself or seafood market. However, when authorities improperly quarantine the family within their apartment inside a quaranteened apartment building then the fatality rate rises. This was the case throughout the Baibuting Residential area. In a more general sense, it applies to the quaranteened city of Wuhan, too.

AI, 5G, facial recognition, Smart City and Social Credit System were designed to control a population of 1.4 billion people. One might say that combined they form a grand scale re-education program. If control of an individual(s) is difficult then these technologies resort to containment and isolation.

While technologies such as facial recognition of people were not intended to control viruses such as African Swine Flu (ASF); nevertheless, they were employed on large, industrial farms of swine. The idea was to identify sick pigs by facial recognition and behaviour so that they could be culled before they infected the herd--in other words containment and isolation. The main problem with this approach is that the presence of only one pig can infect a herd of 1 million. The result was that it didn't reduce the spread of ASF in China.

These so-called smart technologies were also employed to control the spread of COVID-19 with mutated Ebola and HIV genes. Again, they were not designed to deal with a novel coronavirus which was most probably engineered in a secret,  Biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) facility in Wuhan under the aegis of the military. None of these technologies can detect the invisible, so to speak.The incubation period for COVID-19 varies from about 5 days to perhaps 21 days. Furthermore, some cases are asymptomatic meaning they present no symptoms of disease at any stage. This means that even if one case is missed then it can infect an entire population. The attempts by authorities to Red Flag individuals who show unusual patterns of behaviour (as recognized by technologies designed for another purpose) in order to contain and isolate them are bound to fail. These technologies only give the appearance of authority in order to justify what may be application of arbitrary standards to contain and isolate. They do not reduce the spread of COVID-19 in China.

Residents of the Baibuting Residential Community were particularly hard hit since many had been at the 'Ten Thousand Family Banquet'. The local hospital was full. Some patients were quarantined at a hotel. Many others were quarantined in local compounds; for example, Anju, Lily, Yikang and Kanghe. Finally, all Wuhan was forcibly contained so what ended up was containment within containment. The peoples' cries for help go unheeded. All they can do for now about the corruption is watch the scourge. Vice wears a virus crown. The thrice king crowned for life wears a corona.

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D. Carlton Rossi








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            International Opposition to Dumping Practices of China

Rethinking China’s non-market economy status beyond 2016

Australian opposition to China's 'market economy status'


Most of the early recognitions of China’s market economy status were a precondition for the trade agreement with China. Among those countries, Australia is one of the frequent users of anti-dumping measures. Australia granted China a market economy status in 2005, in the course of the FTA negotiations, expecting that the benefits of an improved access to Chinese market would outweigh potential losses from reduced dumping duties. As a result, without adequate trade defence measures, Australia has been struggling with a surge of imported products from China.


Ambassador John McCallum has said that Canada will use the China-Australian free-trade agreement as a model for any negotiations. However, Australia's recognition in 2005 of China as a market economy was premature. Many Chinese products of state-owned firms have been dumped on the duped.

Canada is particularly concerned with dumping in areas of cellulose pulp and steel. In effect, export of wind turbines to Canada would be export of steel. Chinese steel turbines steal Canadian steel jobs.

It goes without saying that China will not enter into free-trade negotiations with any country without recognition of itself as a market economy. In other words, this is a deal breaker. Ambassador Lu Shaye has characterized China's state-owned companies as benign. "China's state-owned enterprises are not evil, but a baby-sitter who cares peoples' life." Chinese Liberal economists would disagree with that assessment and describe them as an impediment to market reform and the goal of a market economy. 

Canada is concentrating on more trade with China.  However, currently, it has a trade deficit with China. What makes the Canadian government  think that it can successfully negotiate a treaty that narrows the trade deficit rather than widens it. The emphasis should be placed on balanced or "fair-trade" with China rather than "free-trade".

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He Could Have Seen What Was Coming: Behind Trump’s Failure on the Virus

By Eric Lipton, David E. Sanger, Maggie Haberman, Michael D. Shear, Mark Mazzetti and Julian E. Barnes

April 11, 2020

The president, though, was slow to absorb the scale of the risk and to act accordingly, focusing instead on controlling the message, protecting gains in the economy and batting away warnings from senior officials. It was a problem, he said, that had come out of nowhere and could not have been foreseen.

Unfolding as it did in the wake of his impeachment by the House and in the midst of his Senate trial, Mr. Trump’s response was colored by his suspicion of and disdain for what he viewed as the “Deep State” — the very people in his government whose expertise and long experience might have guided him more quickly toward steps that would slow the virus, and likely save lives.

Decision-making was also complicated by a long-running dispute inside the administration over how to deal with China. The virus at first took a back seat to a desire not to upset Beijing during trade talks, but later the impulse to score points against Beijing left the world’s two leading powers further divided as they confronted one of the first truly global threats of the 21st century.


The Gathering Storm of Canada's COVID-19 Crisis

One can say that Trudeau did not understand the "scale of risk and act accordingly" with regard to the novel coronavirus crisis. It's all about image and brand for Trudeau. He had been criticized about several black-face incidents in his early years and his predilection to wear costumes--especially on official foreign visits. He would not make those mistakes again; so, instead, he wears business suits, colors his hair brown, grows a distinguished looking beard and appears statesman-like rather than just as a politician. Therefore, in this guise or should one say disguise he would pursue his liberal, global agenda for a Canadian seat on the Security Council of the UN by trying to appease African despots. Of course, Canada would not actually sit on the seat. Who would it be, but his life-long friend and advisor Gerald Butts or Katie Telford who is a master political strategist and replacement for Butts as Chief of Staff for the Prime Minister and regarded as the most influential woman in Canada?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes part in a joint press conference with President of Senegal Macky Sall at the Presidential Palace in Dakar, Senegal.

In his mission to secure a seat for unfathomable reasons, he was in Senegal. He says that the Security Council deals with the most pressing issues, but it seems that authoritarian China whom he has had unbounded admiration for did not regard a health issue as sufficient reason to convene the Council. It might be safely said that COVID-19 did not surface as an issue in Senegal; although, Trudeau did make some PET points to promote his soft political agenda for his base of minorities back home.

Justin Trudeau and Harjit Sajjan were confirmed participants at the Munich Security Conference which followed handshakes with African despots. If they had heard H.E. Wang Yi's speech then they surely would have been aware of China's "war without smoke" against the novel coronavirus. What the Canadian delegation wouldn't have asked themselves though was about the smoke from the crematoria working 24/7 indicating the death toll is much higher and the number of cases for China is underestimated with the flight of 5 million Wuhanese from the city before the quarantine took place. Canadian delegates would also be aware of the emptiness of Pompeo's words on February 15 that "The West is winning" which was repeated several times to a silent audience.

One month later, with coronavirus deaths in Spain, Italy and the United States exceeding China's "official" numbers and their economies collapsing along with Canada's, it is eminently evident that the West is not winning with politicians spouting empty platitudes while a pandemic is raging and ravaging. It is also not winning by lavish, ill-planned spending through unlimited quantitative easing which will only guarantee hyperinflation and stagflation to fend off a deflationary depression. Do not be misled. Inflation is an indirect form of taxation.

Notice how the word "security" has already come up two times in the term "Security Council" and "Munich Security Conference". It would come up a third time as it was expected that Trudeau would make a decision on the Huawei 5G network while Parliament was in recess. Critics were warning of possible "security risks" in Huawei's network as well as its cozy relationship with the CPC. However, Trudeau did not frequently if ever use the terms "national security" or "economic security" as it applied to COVID-19. The term "economic security" was used by Trudeau in his talks with Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on February 8, but not with respect to COVID-19.

Canada's three major airports were wide-open to Chinese nationals during the novel coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan--one of the main transportation centers of China. Flights were open from China to Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Flights were not limited by the government, but restrictions were only put in place by the airlines with respect to cancellation of flights. One can opine that Trudeau did not fully understand the health implications of a fast, vast spread of coronavirus nor its effects on the economy.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau had travelled to London about March 4 to give a speech. She also attended the Wembley Arena We Day. Sounds important. No more important though than the International Women's Day Conference in the afternoon. She went to the event with her daughter and mother-in-law Margaret Trudeau. Hugs and kisses all around. No talk of coronavirus. No worry about coronavirus. That is, no talk or worry until she arrived home with coronavirus.

It was at this point that Justin Trudeau realized that he and Canada had a problem. Yet, it is clear that he did not realize the full nature of the virus. He said he didn't have to be tested because he had no symptoms. Yet, it was well known that many had been infected in China without showing symptoms--they were asymptomatic. Some of those asymptomatic carriers were headed from China to Canada--or for that matter, symptomatic carriers were headed from London to Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.

Prime Minister returns to Canada to address issues of land rights, rail blockades and the economy as House of Commons reconvenes on February 18, 2020 to close again on March 11, 2020 because of novel coronavirus.

Finally, let's not forget that Trudeau's quest for the Holy Grail of a seat on the UNSC was to be expanded to the Caribbean with his trip to Barbados. This trip was to allow the PM to talk at the CARICOM conference on February 17-18 about everything except the spread of novel coronavirus For example, he would have talked about climate change. Did he cancel his whirl-wind vote-seeking campaign visit to Barbados because of novel coronavirus? No. He hastily returned to Canada to talk about the indigenous blockade of railways. The blockades were not only affecting oil shipments but also commuter, rail traffic both in and out of Toronto and Montreal.

However, the flights from China to Canada as well as from other countries such as Italy, Spain and Iran continued as symptomatic and asymptomatic coronavirus passengers arrived at Canadian airports. The decision to close borders to most non-citizens and stop ill travellers from boarding inbound flights was belatedly made on March 16. Trudeau encouraged Canadians and permanent residents to return to Canada--potentially bringing with them COVID-19. During the period from March 16 to 20, more than 1 million Canadians and foreign residents returned by air, land and sea. Yet, mandatory self-isolation for international travellers entering Canada took place on March 25. To use an old fashioned idiom "a miss is as good as a mile". From March 16 to March 25 Canadian and permanent residents entering Canada were potentially roaming around From Sea to Sea.

D. Carlton Rossi

April 13, 2020

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi's written speech.


Mike Pompeo's speech (video 16 minutes)


                                  Bo Xilai (薄熙来)


Deeping Ties with the Bo Dynasty

It may be that the author was the first Canadian to realize the possible connection between Buttigieg and the domestic Bread Scandal. However, he didn't report it as he is not a reporter. Furthermore, it seems that Buttigieg had second thoughts because he may have felt queasy about the sleazy. Finally, the issue only dealt peripherally with Canada-China relations upon which the author's interest is focused. At any rate, isn't it much more utilitarian to see forwards than backwards?

Speaking of Canada-China relations, BO Xilai falls directly under that category. Bo Xilai was charged on July 25, 2013 with corruption, bribery and abuse of power. That's the same Bo Xilai (薄熙来) whom former Canadian liberal and conservative governments as well as business interests had such close ties. They viewed him as a reformer who fought corruption while they overlooked thuggish methods used which abused rule of law. It may be said that Bo Xilai wanted power above all else and Canadian politicians and businessmen held onto his coattails. They all made a massive miscalculation.

It is surprising therefore to hear in the news about Power Corporation's deepening ties with the Bo dynasty through the princely son--Bo Guagua. It becomes more poignant when one realizes that the Desmaris brothers have stepped down as co-Ceos and the first non-family member takes over as CEO. However, the bow-tie has not returned to fashion and may never. To maintain mutual loyalty of families over three generations is positively feudal. It suggests that power is an end unto itself.

The issue though is why mention and emphasize Bo Guagua now? He has been a business analyst for Power Corporation for thirty months. He has quietly been doing his job out of the political spotlight.

Bo Xilai is yesterday's news. He was charged and sentenced to prison. He remains in prison. He will remain there as he potentially poses a threat to one thought one leader. However, what if Bo Xilai could be useful to the Party? That circumstance is highly improbable but not impossible.

Meng Wanzhou is today's news. She's also in prison. One might speculate that Spavor and Kovrig were arrested in response to her arrest. Of course, it is officially denied. No one is supposed to be able to see the obvious. The Chinese government has hinted that a trial may be imminent. So, what is the possible relationship between yesterday's and today's news?

It is only this. What if someone were trying to facilitate a trade of prisoners? Bo Xilai could be portrayed as a person who challenged the authority of Xi Jinping as opposed to a person who sought power at any cost through a return to the Maoist era. If you haven't noticed there is a return to the Maoist era anyway. One could also propagate the myth that Bo is a reformed man through a re-education program pf torture which seems to be the Party's flavour of the month.

For whom might Bo Xilai be traded? Of course, it is not Meng Wanzhou. While the Chinese government wants Mdme Meng the Canadian minority government does not have even a nostalgic affinity to a former rising star of the ruling Communist Party. One might not say the same thing of either Chretien or Harper.

One could conceive that someone might want to trade Bo Xilai for Spavor and Kovrig. It would be a kind of perverse trade whose basis would be immoral. The crimes of Bo Xilai are well known whereas Spavor and Kovrig were two innocents in red China. However, if Spavor and Kovrig were returned (after so-called re-education) then it might be conceived that a major impediment to the return of Mdme Meng had been removed. This would achieve the Party's goal. From the perspective of Canadians, though, this kind of convoluted logic if it were employed would be a twisted kind of machination and miscalculation. It would only confirm that calcified, ossified business interests are controlling Canadian policy and strategy along with the Communist Party.

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